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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Famous people? by TERRY S on 10 May 2008 2:57am
Just curious: If you could meet any famous person, and that includes legendary people like Robin Hood or scientific people like George Stevenson who would you go for (your list can be as long as you like! However, it excludes Michael or any of the Pythons as it's pretty obvious we want to meet them!)? So here goes:


Peter Cetera
David Foster
Every member(and ex-member)of Chicago, who is still alive.

Jackie Chan
Patrick Stewart
Kate Mulgrew
Garret Wang
Matthew Waterhouse(Adric in Doctor Who).
The McGann Brothers


William Booth
George Stevenson
Isambard Kingdom Brunel


Sue Townsend
Jim Davis

Well here's my list. I would love to see yours.
Re: Famous people? by mrsthing on 10 May 2008 3:38am
JS Bach
Johannes Brahms
Victor Borge (he lived not 50 miles from me, and I never knew it until he died!)
George Harrison
Julie Andrews

Jamie Lee Curtis
Ellen Degeneres
Kevin Kline
Andrew Adamson (director)
Dick Van Dyke
The people at Aardman

Sojourner Truth
Thomas Jefferson
Leonardo da Vinci
St. Augustine
Jesus (man, do I have a few questions for HIM!)

Mark Twain
Mark Helprin
Charles Dickens
e e cummings

But I'd rather meet John Cleese more than any of the rest, followed closely by Eric, Michael, Graham, and the Terrys --in no particular order. And I'm sure I could think of many more, but I'm really tired right now.
Re: Famous people? by Lounge Trekker on 10 May 2008 3:42am
Genghis Khan, Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill, Leonardo Da Vinci, Amadeus Mozart, Tutankhamen, Ludwig van Beethoven, and these guys aren't famous to most people, but both my great-grandfathers. Great-grandparents to be PC about it.

Interesting to see my choices are all male. Nothing gender-conscious about my selections. And we're assuming I can speak the language in which these people are conversant. How long do I have in their presence? I'd need weeks...

Also interesting is that I named three of the five people I named on a previous thread, and three of the people Mrs. T named, within 4 minutes!:


Time Trekker
Re: Famous people? by Spursfan on 10 May 2008 8:08am
Judge George Jeffries (but NOT in the dock!!); John Lennon; (goes without saying) Johnny Depp; Bono; (Even more than Johnny Depp) Jim Morrison mmmmm; Mary Queen of Scots; King Arthur; Robin Hood; Cadfael; (what?!!)Lord Byron - think that'll do for now!
Re: Famous people? by kazzzz on 10 May 2008 8:29am
Anne, I was talking about Judge George Jeffries just a couple of weeks ago, my friend Stewart found out that the judge is one of his ancestors.
Re: Famous people? by Spursfan on 10 May 2008 8:58am
Oh! I finished my degree with a project on him (“Judge Jeffries – The Making of the Hanging Judge. Education and Progression in the Legal Profession during the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries”.) I became fascinated by him and even wrote to the BBC suggesting they did a dramatised series on him!!!
Re: Famous people? by kazzzz on 10 May 2008 10:40am
Oh good, maybe Stewart can play the role ;)
Re: Famous people? by Spursfan on 10 May 2008 11:19am
Well, this as about 3 yeasr ago and I didn't even get a reply!!!!! (I thought I can be 'adviser!!) Huh!

Re: Famous people? by mrsthing on 10 May 2008 3:37pm
I was actually thinking about listing some of the "famous" barbarians, like Attila the Hun, Alaric, Theodoric, etc. After watching Terry Jones' "The Barbarians", I think they sound like interesting folks. As long as they didn't rape me or cut my head off, at least.

I'd also like to add Marcel Marceau.

The list of musicians could have gone on and on. I forgot Bobby McFerrin, Yo-yo Ma (a friend of mine went to Harvard with him; said he was one of the nicest people she's ever known), Beethoven, Clara Schumann (7 kids, a demented husband, and a respected performing artist--now THAT'S a woman!), and many others.

And Rachel Carson, the woman who discovered that DDT was killing songbirds and other animals and whose work influenced the US government to outlaw DDT when I was a child. I remember when I was about 5 or 6, looking out the window of my house and seeing a bird and not knowing what it was. Now I've got over 20 species of birds as regulars at my bird feeders. GO RACHEL!
Re: Famous people? by Palin_Lover on 10 May 2008 7:37pm

KT Tunstall
Paul McCartney
Michael Buble
all members of Switchfoot

David Tennant
Lee Pace
Anna Friel
David Thewlis
James McAvoy


King Arthur
Abe Lincoln
Winston Churchill


Jane Austen
JK Rowling
Jasper Fforde
Katie Fforde
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