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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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spursfan by RichardDavidson on 14 May 2008 8:42am
once every so often i feel compelled to post and put some miscreant straight on a few things
spursfan no on here likes you
most barely tolerate your selfish presence and wish you had never discovered this site
since you came to this site not a few people have left, quickly becomming tired of your bullying, aggressive and ill thought out posts
many people have commented to me privately how they wish youd just disapear and it comes as no suprise to me your own grandchildren didnt want your interfering busybody self present at the birth they even went so far as to instruct the staff not to give you any details
im tired of your tirade against humanity
im tired of you hating on everyone
is there anyone u do like spursfan you seem not too, even your own family seem to have insults and sarcasm heaped on them in posts created by you
in fact the one person who you think likes you and i can only describe your relationship with him as flirting with a married man.

im supremely happy you didnt get the chance to sign the card
now i have seen how you reacted and im sure mr palin if he does read these forums will be glad too

try and change your attitude spursfan before you drive more people from this site
you are as unwanted as morse if not more so here

good day
Re: spursfan by RichardDavidson on 14 May 2008 8:51am
as a side note
the people who created and implimented the pp did a fantastic job and it is unfortunate that not everyone could have participated
the main driving force behind the project did her best to make sure as many people as possible could participate in the time limit allowed
any critism implied or directed at anyone involved is wholly unwelcome and misplaced
while disapointment is understandable pointed comments, hurtfull phrasing of disapointment and negative or derogatory comments concerning the project have merely undermined the idea behind the project and upset people for issues clearly out of there control
so do me a favour spursfan shut up
Re: spursfan by Wheelrim on 14 May 2008 9:41am
Well, Well. Richard, please take time to make a well known phrase from this:-
(Un)Fortunately I know you as well as I know Spursfan, a little like how much I know Paris Hilton I suppose, only what I see or read or hear, as much as I know what Paris looks like and from what I read or have seen of her I know she is not someone I would want to get stuck in a lift with (are you with me so far?) but, in saying that I could not judge her a s a person or cast dispersions on her without spending a fair bit of time with her, likewise with yourself and Spursfan. How totally remiss of you to publicly slate someone that you only have an inkling of, from the safety of your home, knowing that you will never meet or share REAL time with them. You should be ashamed, as a person, in what you have done. If anyone on this Forum agrees with your derogatory post I will eat my leg.
Re: spursfan by RichardDavidson on 14 May 2008 9:47am
ive had enough of spursfan shes been given far too much leniancy i have sat back and watched her attack numerous people on numerous occasions with absolutely no repercussions i am allowed my opinion hardly anybody likes her here and because of her aggressive and bullying posts most people feel unable to confront her on things she has said and done that have hurt them

its not nice being attacked and hurt is it spursfan
Re: spursfan by johnnythemonkey on 14 May 2008 10:03am
Welcome back 'little Michael' !
You did'nt listen to me did you ? I told you to try something different in your posts,as you are shit at what you set out to do. Now sit up and listen to your elders and betters!

Re: spursfan by johnnythemonkey on 14 May 2008 10:47am
Methinks I called that one wrong. Sorry 'little Michael', I forgot that there are more than you using multiple ID's.
Can I join 'the force' Wheelnut ? I think I've solved this one !
Re: spursfan by Wheelrim on 14 May 2008 11:57am
I have said all I have to say, If I continued, it might come across as aggressive or bullying, and I would not wish to come over as that and suffer your wrath, so you do what you gotta do.
JTM, You can Join `The Force`, but only if you are un-circumcised, why? well, everyone knows you have to be a complete Dick to be a Police Officer.
(No offence meant Richard)
Re: spursfan by johnnythemonkey on 14 May 2008 12:12pm
You need more 'diversity training' Wheelnut. I'm Jewish.
Re: spursfan by Wheelrim on 14 May 2008 1:16pm
Yeah, I heard your uncle dressed as Santa saying to the kids "wanna buy a present".
Re: spursfan by johnnythemonkey on 14 May 2008 1:17pm
Damn ! I fell for it every year !
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