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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Spursfan supporter by geordiegirl on 14 May 2008 7:44pm
Anne, you're great & one of the most popular & well-established site members. We all know it.
Re: Spursfan supporter by Spursfan on 14 May 2008 10:32pm
Awww thank you Linda xx
Re: Spursfan supporter by googlebot on 14 May 2008 10:58pm
Not to mention one of the most arrogant, bitchy and self-obsessed.
This is my first post on this site, and because of all the nastiness I've seen from you on no less than four separate threads, aimed at a dying girl who DID HER BEST, it will be my last.

Shame on you.
Re: Spursfan supporter by tucsonmike on 15 May 2008 5:49am
We cannot be liked by everyone, but Anne has always been a good friend to me. Anyone who has difficulties with her should speak with her directly.

Linda, I am glad you put this up. We do not agree with each other on all things, but some of us have been here for a while. Certain things were said that were uncalled for, let's move on.

It is like watching TV, if you do not like the channel, turn it. Not everyone on here is going to get along, even with the common element being Monty Python in general and Mr. Palin in particular.
Re: Spursfan supporter by googlebot on 15 May 2008 9:29am
Great Mike. Let's all commend the slagging off of a dying girl.
I'm seeing this site for what it is now.
Why did Spursfan not speak to the user involved rather than criticising her in public - something that you are now asking others not to do?
One rule for the PT clique, and another for the proles.
Re: Spursfan supporter by mrsthing on 15 May 2008 1:18pm
Is Sally really dying? I didn't know that.
Re: Spursfan supporter by tucsonmike on 15 May 2008 1:55pm
Read post carefully, I made it clear certain things said were uncalled for. Anne and I spoke about it offline. Nothing was condoned.
Re: Spursfan supporter by perfectbitch on 15 May 2008 2:43pm
So here we are again with another negative thread - slagging people off and creating factions within the community.

I can quite understand how Anne felt disappointed - I too missed the boat and did post here asking for information about the project but there was no response until Sally's last post. Of course the delay was not her fault and I'm sure she did her very best but some info would have been useful - maybe the project could have been chased up by one of us.

I always thought this blathering on section provided us with an outlet for many things.
I dont't know Sally very well and wish her all the best - please ask her to give us another chance?
Anne may have expressed her disappointment a little harshly but she has always been a stalwart Palinite and a good friend to me. None of us are perfectt.
Lets put all this nastiness to bed, eh?

Re: Spursfan supporter by Rox on 15 May 2008 4:24pm
I was sorry to read such vehement words towards Anne :( I hope you are OK Anne. Just wanted to say that last year on another forum, there was a "lurker/s" who used to drop in from "no where" to deliberatly stir things up - known as a "gremlin" ? Anyway what we used to do was say, the Gremlin is back and we'd just ignore it ! As hard as it maybe as they deliberately set out to stir our emotions up and things get REALLY nasty, the only solution is total firewall - ignore and eventually the TWAT will disappear....something like this: "sorry to have blown your game mate" :) :) :)
Re: Spursfan supporter by Lounge Trekker on 15 May 2008 5:53pm
Thing is with being left out. I couldn't e-mail anyone but Sally and I never did hear directly from her. Until a few replied to my offer of information (about something whose level of secrecy was unknown to me) I didn't realize how few people were actually involved. The time was short, Sally may not have immediate access to a computer, and everyone else could have replied to her offer of participating the same as I.

This was (I assume) a young lady with a good idea. She did very well getting the card to Michael Palin on time for his birthday. Nobody should be upset about anything!

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