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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Circumnavigation by Scots Rider on 23 April 2003 7:45pm
So here I am writing a letter to what outcome. I have no Idea!!
But writing seems to make sense.

The Sept 11th Has Gone. War in Iraq in it’s final phase. War against terrorism is goes on.
What can I do as an individual to help I ask myself… Been playing on my mind since the start of the conflict.

So now got my new motorbike

Had it for a 5 days now. It’s got that usual familiar feel of my old bike. Perhaps with slightly more torque. Then again that might just be my imagination. So I’m doing the usual travelling back and forth to work, some 60 miles there then back again at whatever time of the day or night. I ask myself once again. Is this anybody really wants in life?
I guess not. But then again it pays for those mundane things in life like food or a mortgage.
So while ambling along the very congested M8. My thought’s turn back once more to the Iraq Conflict. How can we make the world a better place for the children of tomorrow, and life one’s life’s to the full.

Then that old idea, the one I thought of many years ago. But being cemented with work and bringing up a family made it virtually impossible at the time.
But now my life has moved on, taking me on a different path.
And I find myself once more asking, what would it really be like to circumnavigate the world on a motorcycle, taking in as many countries as possible?

First there’s my house to sell, pay off all the bills etc.
All my requirements, which one builds up through the ages, would have to go into suitable storage. Then there would be months of planning. Writing to all the various people, government’s and embassy’s. Wouldn’t want to be shot while taking a pee on some foreign country in the middle of nowhere. Then there is the technical planning of what could go wrong and what equipment should I carry.
Both my daughters have grown up and have left the roost so that’s not a problem.

Question is I’m I crazy to be thinking those things. Should I ride around the world, fulfilling a dream and writing a daily journal of witticism of prose. While taking that hand of friendship, to bring to attention the plight and problems of today’s children in whatever country and society they are born.
I have just purchased the only bike in the world capable of actually doing what you want it to do. Or I’m I just crazy with the boredom of work. While longing for a real life adventure?

Anyway thought I would throw out a few feelers, see what other people crazy people think? Perhaps a Sponsor, or assistance would be nice. I Know with yourselves your always doing good work along those lines. Whatever the case. I know it’s in my blood and it’s a must do before I pop my clogs thing!

[email protected]
Re: Circumnavigation by Louise on 23 April 2003 9:15pm
Scots Rider - Just thinking you might get more feedback by posting this in the "Travel" section ... Best of luck with the plans!
Re: Circumnavigation by emartin on 24 April 2003 2:53am
I say go for it if it is a dream of yours. too many people don't get to live their dreams that if you could seriously pull this off, i say go for it and join a minority who do! Besides, as long as you don't run up a lot of bills during your trip, your life will be simplified when you get home!!
Sounds like an amazing adventure! Good luck!
ps as for sponsors, try contacting different companies (adventure clothing, bike companies, and such) one of my friends got teva to sponsor his appalachian trail hike. It' worth a try!

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