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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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message to my dear . by irishmanufan on 24 April 2003 1:50am
seeing as you complain a lot that there are more women on here then men why not go and read the post pattys vitals and new rules . this is a list of most of the memebers who often post here . amoung other things ! there are a few men here infact i have spoken to more men the women any time i have been in the chat room . you mioght be a little surprised !
Re: message to my dear . by Diamond on 24 April 2003 2:37am
try going to the Beach Boy Britain message Board - they have more men than women!!

Re: message to my dear . by my dear on 24 April 2003 1:03pm
No way. That 'Patty's Vitals' is just a bunch of propoganda.

Those so-called males aren't males at all. They're really just females pretending to be males. The thing is, it's not very difficult to create a fake profile. In fact, I created one.

That's right, ladies and gentelmen (mostly ladies), yours truly has, for the past couple of weeks, been posting under a different user-name. My other name is a female one - that's right, I've infiltrated you lot, and what's absolutely amazing is that hitherto you haven't even noticed! In fact, some of you have really taken a shine to me.

I merely changed my writing style by writing a lot of run-on sentences, and by purposefully creating spelling errors. Man, nobody even noticed.

Well, I'm one of the girls now!

Excuse me, I meant to say, I'm one of the sisters now. Heh, heh, heh.

Re: message to my dear . by Miss-M on 24 April 2003 1:32pm
Oh, don't keep us in suspense, my dear! What is your other non de plume?
Re: message to my dear . by Eloise on 24 April 2003 3:27pm
How about we refer to you as "IT" since you're so interested in stringing us along?
Re: message to my dear . by gwen on 24 April 2003 8:26pm
Hard to decide, really, which is the less sad, you or your alter ego? "She" misspells, and no doubt suffers from PMS. But ...propoganda? ... gentelmen? Frankly, my dear...
Re: message to my dear . by irishmanufan on 24 April 2003 11:34pm
well well well i did'nt expect my little post to have such an effect . i thought my dear would give me a mouthfull of abuse and then dissapere instead i got s big confession .so is my dear a guy or a woman ? . if he is male , web master what say you to this idea . remove the i.d my dear from the message board and leave him posting as a woman that should really agrivate him . also my dear so seem to be quite the know it all . do you know everyone who posts here . i am curious to know what makes you think all the men who post here are women .
Re: message to my dear . by sleepydumpling on 25 April 2003 9:13am
Well, I have heard of ..... envy, but this takes the cake! Uterus envy?


P.S. It edited out the word there, but we'll be cute and call it "willy" envy.
Re: message to my dear . by Dianne on 25 April 2003 9:47am
My dear - did you wear a dress when you were pretending to be a female? How about make-up?

Another thing, you claim Michael Palin is your hero, what do you think he would think of the way you behave on his site?

One more thing . . . you have it all wrong, we are not all women . . . we are all men in our mid thirties with nothing better to do.

Re: message to my dear . by my dear on 25 April 2003 10:14am
I walk amongst you.

I can even insult myself better than other people can!

The strange thing is that when I post using my female user name, everyone responds in a congenial fashion.

What's even stranger is that I've written the nastiest things that a person could write about another person - but I said it to myself, so that seemed to be acceptable.

This is such a weird forum.

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