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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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To Georgiegirl by Katia on 16 June 2008 9:30am
Hello Linda love! Long time no hear. But I have got an excuse now to speak to you!

I strongly intend to come down from Leeds to London for a few days and get to see Michael at the RAA on the 4th July, but I won't be able to get a ticket beforehand. Have you got yours already (assuming that you are coming too)? Could you help me if I confirmed my attendance in a couple of days? Or maybe what do you hear - I need not worry and can buy a ticket the day before (that is, I can only come down to London on the 3rd July as we are going to a Marc Almond concert in Leeds on the Wednesday)?

Sorry for pestering you, I just realized that getting to the RAA might be tricky... knowing how popular our Man is!

Thanks a lot, looking forward to your response, and needless to say, to seeing you soon,
Love Katia
Re: To Georgiegirl by geordiegirl on 16 June 2008 1:57pm

Good news that you are coming to London again.

Oh gosh - this is complicated - Ihope to be at the talk - husband & I have tickets - but I will have to have a hospital test that week, don't yet know when & we're away for a few days until 29 June anyway so I'll have to leave sorting that one out until we have returned.

I'd strongly suggest you try booking a ticket from their website (royal academy of arts - google it, not exactly sure of web address) and if you get one & if you let me know I'll try to make an arrangement, hospital tests permitting.

Hope you're well - I was going to email anyway -
love, Linda
Re: To Georgiegirl by Katia on 16 June 2008 4:41pm
My dear, thanks a lot, right I'll try to book at the RAA then just in case I have someone in London who could help (he saw that Spamalot badge on my jacket in May and his reaction was "oh the dreadful Monty Python thing", the little git!) and I hope he would pop in the Waterstones for me:-) All right dear, hope you get through your medical tests all right, I'll keep you informed, see you XXX

UPDATE: it was easy to find the info on the internet but it did not encourage me at all:
Now that's a blow - I'm done(((((((
Re: To Georgiegirl by sighthound on 16 June 2008 7:31pm
Oh, Linda, I have very sad news to report.

I have a very large yard and I block off the areas where I want to grow my veggies to protect them from the dogs. The fencing I was using was ugly so, this year, I bought these pretty iron fence sections that can be pushed into the soil and linked together to create a nice fence line. They're 2 1/2 feet tall and proved totally adequate to protect the bare-root roses I planted early in the year so I used them to enclose all the peas I got from you. Unfortunately, a gopher got into the pea garden and Tajma, my very prey-driven puppy, jumped the fence and totally excavated the whole garden to get at the gopher. Only a couple of pea plants survived. (I'm not sure if the gopher survived but I've seen no evidence of him since so I think he might have become a Tajma lunch.)

I'm devastated. I was already tasting those peas. I still have peas left to plant but I think it may be too late as it's getting very hot here. Will the peas I have left be ok to save until next Spring? Or should I plant them now and hope for the best.

P.S. Your peas are doing very well so far in Mendocino and New Mexico.
Re: To Georgiegirl by geordiegirl on 16 June 2008 7:40pm
Hi Geraldine - how nice to hear from you!

VERY sorry to hear about the peas - yes, you could try some again next spring but probably no later than that- they won't survive beyond 2 years, I think.And you seem to have them so well protected! Our household (and allotment site) aren't quite animal-free but they don't do damage like that. And, tell me, what IS a gopher (I sound like the classic English judge (who ARE The Beatles?)- obviously a small vicious mammal of some sort! (I only think of the word in a probably-insulting way - as a lowly, disregarded bag-carrier)
(And if I find the meaning of Sod It All, I'll post it).

Well, as you know gardening is for the long haul. We have a lot of Robinson peas this year so i can probably send a few more to you in August/September, if you like.
So the whole veg plantings were destroyed? That IS devastating & I hope you can plant some more of some things.Maybe there's no answer to keeping dogs off plants?
Re: To Georgiegirl by geordiegirl on 16 June 2008 7:56pm
Katia, ducks -

No, it's never pestering to hear from you. I'm sorry MP is sold out at the RAA (no surprises ther, unfortunately) and I guess you won't be coming, now.

But - no worries, as the wartime song has it - We'll Meet Again Some Sunny Day! You'll be in London again & we will meet.
You always sound as if you're enjoying life, which is really good -
Re: To Georgiegirl by sighthound on 16 June 2008 7:59pm
Gophers are small burrowing rodents that are totally devasting to plants. At least the gopher didn't move on to my tomato, eggplant and squash plots which still survive.

I've brought out the old, ugly fencing to make sure that they will continue survive from dog attacks (and hoping that they are safe from burrowing rodent attacks, assuming that Tajma ate the gopher.)

I've got some left from all four pea varieties and will start them early next year. Hopefully, the people I sent them to can send me some more.
Re: To Georgiegirl by Katia on 16 June 2008 8:03pm
Gopher! You made me laugh ...I guess that's a kind of ground squirrel (suslik in Russian) - ? And also a nickname for people living in some certain states (Minnesota? Arkansas? Florida?) - though not a slightest idea why :-)))))))))

Linda - I am coming to London anyway, I have a free weekend and will have to go back OOP NORTH afterwards for another working week. So I will be trying my luck in any case - there may be returns, spare tickets etc, why not come over before it starts (I think I'll be with my Peter) and try! So i will be seeing you in any case, I believe!
Re: To Georgiegirl by geordiegirl on 16 June 2008 8:44pm
Katia - yes, that would be lovely. I will be with husband(if my test is not that day - thanks for good wishes). You still have my phone number.....? And you will get in touch if it looks likely we can meet....?

Geraldine - Glad to hear you can still take precautions. But, yes, pity about the good-looking new fencing. And I'm so glad some stuff survived. I don't think there are gophers in UK - we have moles, but they just like burrowing under immaculate grass lawns (tough s*** for them,in our garden, we got rid of our lawn 20 years ago).We have GREY SQUIRRELS, which are my particular bane.

DELIGHTED that the peas survive in New Mexico & Mendoncino - now that IS diversity in action. I think Pete's, which he has planted, are still hanging on in there in BC. So, yes,now you can write to MP & tell him how he's benefitting the planet... and I REALLY look forward to reports of tastings!
Re: To Georgiegirl by sighthound on 16 June 2008 9:38pm
We also have squirrels and they chew on wires and have even caused a fire here. They cost us a lot for the electricians who repair their damage which keeps us safe from fire. The dogs more than make up for their destroying the veggies by catching the squirrels.

I think that we're raising the intelligence level of the squirrel population here as the smart aquirrels learn not to come into our yard but, every summer, we have a new batch of dumb ones who just don't believe that salukis can jump that high and they become a hound lunch.

Does anyone know if it would be better to put the seeds I have left from Linda into the freezer or just keep them cool and dry. I really, really want to make sure they are as viable as possible for next Spring.
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