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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Sod It All by geordiegirl on 16 June 2008 8:51pm
(Mainly for Geraldine.)

Looked this up in my Chambers Dictionary. Seems to go back to a short form of Sodomite - dic. says 'vulg.' meaning it's a vulgarity I think, and so is used as a swear word. (Marquess of Queensberry, to Oscar Wilde in 1895 -sent written card 'To Oscar Wilde, posing as a sodomite')

-So Sodomite must be blblical, cities of the plain and all that, but in UK the expression 'sod off' while not quite used on TV is widely accepted and not half as shocking as saying f*** it, in public. 'Sod it all' (or more usually, just Sod It)) is like saying 'damn it all' and as mild, really.
Re: Sod It All by sighthound on 16 June 2008 9:58pm
You're totally erudite as usual, Linda. Thank you. (What is the Chambers Dictionary? Must get one to supplement my OED.)

In my innocent American way, I'd always assumed that "sod" was some kind of reference to earth and not to Sodom. But then I'm totally pagan and Biblical references are not always the first that spring to mind.
Re: Sod It All by canaveralgumby on 16 June 2008 10:42pm
I wasn't even involved in that discussion but that's very interesting. Thanks for the info. I learned something today!
Re: Sod It All by mrsthing on 16 June 2008 11:56pm
Well, while a lot of older American people are still shocked by the "f" word, most young people use it fairly casually and don't mean anything really awful by it. To young people, it's no more shocking than saying "Damn it".

Church tradition has it that Sodom was destroyed by God because the Sodomites were b*tt-effing one another, hence the origin of the meaning of the term "sodomy".
Re: Sod It All by johnnythemonkey on 17 June 2008 12:56am
Sodomy is anal intercourse mainly practiced by homosexuals. By it's nature, it's a transmitter of disease. It's unnatural, ergo destructive to society.
Re: Sod It All by canaveralgumby on 17 June 2008 1:15am
YOU'RE destructive to society!

Also, isnt' "bloody" a reference to something biblical? Because here in the States we've never quite understood why the Brits consider that a swear-word.
Re: Sod It All by kazzzz on 17 June 2008 7:59am
Oh yes, "bloody" is a swear word here too, if we said that as kids Dad would whip our hides!
Re: Sod It All by Ellerd on 17 June 2008 12:12pm
Mrsthing - isn't there some debate as to why God supposedly destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah? Aren't there some versions of the story that completely omit the sexual aspect of it - that the cities were destroyed because the people were cruel and inhospitable?
Re: Sod It All by peripatetically on 17 June 2008 12:43pm
I always thought both were reasons for their destruction, Ellerd, not one or the other....
Re: Sod It All by Lounge Trekker on 17 June 2008 4:52pm
I believe 'to sodomize' is a legal definition in Canada meaning anal penetration.

It seems TV in Canada now allows the use of any profanity and most nudity, at all hours of the day...if it has artistic merit or is needed for political correctness.

Lounge Sociologist
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