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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Pet Rescue Turkish Style?? Part One by Spursfan on 20 June 2008 9:10am
As everyone probably knows, life for animals in Turkey is not good. There are, in the town we 'live' alone, hundreds and hundreds of street dogs and cats, all thin and hungry most of the time. Turks are beginning to own dogs and walk them on leads etc but these are the more well-to-do Turks. After all, you have to make sure you and your family are well fed etc first before even thinking of having a pet.

Sometimes a dog or cat will be 'owned' by a street (we have a dog and a cat we specifically feed when we are there) but mostly cats survive by stealing from bins and dogs survive however they can.

There are rescue schemes and the ex-pats catch the dogs and cats and neuter them - the ears of cats are snipped at the same time and the dogs are tagged, thus you can tell if they have been 'done'. It is still a big problem though although of course the animals cope better in the summer when there are tourists to feed them. Turks tend to think it is Allah's will if they survive or not.

Anyway, our friends from Sheffield (we bought our properties together) were on their balcony one evening and they spotted a teeny-tiny kitten come out onto the grass across from our apartment block. Just as he did so, some children started throwing stones at it, and one hit it on the head, it did a somersault and lay still. Steve shouted at the kids who ran off, and then he went down to see what he could do, expecting the worse. The kitten was still alive, so he fetched it up and they bottle fed it some milk. Later, Steve went to investigate where its Mum was, and found 2 more kittens in a box so he fetched them up too. They had obviously been abandoned by someone, probably about 2-3 weeks old. For the next week they bottle fed the kittens and generally looked after them, whilst trying to find homes. On their last day they took the kittens in to a petshop, run by a lady who's husband is a vet and who takes in animals (she is German/Turkish). We checked on the kittens yesterday before we left and they are well, and have now got 2 more kittens with them, bless.

Part Two in a minute!!

Re: Pet Rescue Turkish Style?? Part Two by Spursfan on 20 June 2008 9:19am
Part Two!

We were seeing our friends off at 3 a.m. outside our apartment block when a small puppy came over to us and collapsed. I had seen it in the street in the afternoon on its own but had assumed that it was older than it was (being a couple of storeys up I couldnt tell). We reckoned he was about 4 weeks old, certainly too young to be without his mum.

We gave him some water as he was badly dehydrated (it was very hot) and then took him up to our apartment where we gave him more water and then some milk. He was (luckily) able to 'lap' and also could eat a little chicken.

He slept on our bed and we thought things could go either way, but thank goodness in the morning he was much better, though still extremely wobbly.

We bought special shampoo and a flea comb and gave him a bath. He was too young to bark or whatever.

We started to look for a home for him straight away, asking the ex-pat community, etc etc. Luckily our friend Osman had a friend who was looking for a puppy and who had a big garden, so he went there.

We were emotional handing him over as in the less than 24 hours we had the pup we had grown terribly attached. We console oursleves with the fact that he had gone to a (hopefully) good home and will survive. There was nothing else we could've done - but oh how we wanted to bring him back with us!! Poor little thing - I am so glad we said goodbye to our firends outside the block and not inside or we might not have seen him and without a doubt he would've died.

Re: Pet Rescue Turkish Style?? Part One by kazzzz on 20 June 2008 10:16am
Ohh poor little thing did you give him a name?

Welcome back by the way Anne, hope you had a nice hol :)
Re: Pet Rescue Turkish Style?? Part One by suzulu on 20 June 2008 1:14pm
The poor little pup! Thank God you found him - he now has a chance of a good home. Without you, he might not have survived. Glad the kittens found a good home too. If I had caught those kids throwing stones at the kitten, I don't know what I would have done (to the kids, I mean!). They need educating about animals.

Apart from that, I hope you had a good holiday.
Re: Pet Rescue Turkish Style?? Part One by tucsonmike on 20 June 2008 1:48pm
Sue, I reckon if you caught those kids, they would not understand your sense of horror and anger.
Re: Pet Rescue Turkish Style?? Part One by johnnythemonkey on 20 June 2008 1:55pm
Well done on your efforts Anne but I think the rescue and neuter schemes you described, are probably the best solution.
Btw, welcome back, hope you had a good hoilday.
Re: Pet Rescue Turkish Style?? Part One by Spursfan on 20 June 2008 3:34pm
Thanx Kazzzz, we had a good holiday.

Well we did name him, but couldnt agree! Zak called him Tinker and I called him Hakan after a friend of ours!

Osman called him Simon (after our son) and also Ralph, after a guest he had years ago. Osman would say to his Dad, where's Ralph, and he'd say 'still in bed, the lazy git' so Osman would go up, knock on the door and say 'get up you lazy git!'. It became a bit of a catch phrase!!

However, I don't know what his new owners have called him.

Sue we later spotted a girl of about 4 throwing stones at adult cats opposite our apartment. I was just about to shout something when she went.

By the way our friend Hakan said that things were much better in the Ottoman days, centuries ago. Apparently people got together in an area, and, for example, 3 people would be responsible for feeding the dogs, 3 people cats, 3 people pigeons etc etc. You still saw dogs and cats etc on the street, but they were not hungry. He said that they (Turks) today didnt think like us and were too cruel. He was sad about that...
Re: Pet Rescue Turkish Style?? Part One by Spursfan on 20 June 2008 3:54pm
Btw we have loads of photos of 'Hakan' - will probably put them on the computer over the w/e and then I can show you our adopted baby!! :)
Re: Pet Rescue Turkish Style?? Part One by mrsthing on 20 June 2008 5:23pm
If food is scarce, people probably see inedible animals as competition. But it's still sad to see people hurting animals just out of spite. You did a very good thing saving the kitten and puppy, Anne. I don't understand kids throwing rocks at animals, but they do it in the US, too, if no one stops them. I watched a boy at a lake in Maine pegging rocks at a mother duck and her babies. Luckily his aim was bad, but I figured odds were he'd hit them eventually. I walked over and said nicely but firmly, "Please stop doing that now." I expected trouble from him or his mother, but the boy put down his rock and walked away, and didn't bother the ducks again--that day, at least.
Re: Pet Rescue Turkish Style?? Part One by Spursfan on 20 June 2008 5:47pm
Well done Judy.

We are not hopeful about the future - if they are so cruel to animals now when they are, we think, under 8 what are they going to be like when they are teenagers or even adults?

I was no goody two-shoes as a kid but I NEVER hurt animals like that so it is no excuse that 'they dont know what's right from wrong' as people say. I knew what was wrong even at that age.

The kids throwing stones were doing it near their own apartments, with parents not far away. Ok they were playing on the street which is normal there and noone supervising them. The parents were not bothered.

Actually two different Turkish friends told us that they were 'Gypsy people' as they put it - although the area we have our apartment is a good one.
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