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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Stupid politicians! by Ellerd on 23 June 2008 11:41am
The price of fuel is so expensive today, partly because we're running out of oil, correct?

So what do our elected representatives do to combat high fuel prices?

"Let's increase oil production! Yay, problem solved!!"

Re: Stupid politicians! by peripatetically on 23 June 2008 12:23pm
Or use nuclear power to produce energy... What do others think about that? Isn't that what France is doing, or am I wrong?
Re: Stupid politicians! by kisch on 23 June 2008 12:32pm
don't buy more private cars, dammit... :(
Re: Stupid politicians! by tucsonmike on 23 June 2008 1:50pm
Ah yes, politicians. I am glad to see we feel that way across the globe.
Re: Stupid politicians! by kazzzz on 23 June 2008 2:52pm
or make electric cars unaffordable...pathetic!
Re: Stupid politicians! by mrsthing on 23 June 2008 3:55pm
"don't buy more private cars, dammit... :("

That would require a HUGE shift in the American culture and economy. Our public transit system is a joke. Around here, we have a commuter train, but you can't do anything but commute on it: it goes into the city in the morning, and out in the afternoon. I occasionally see a bus--as in one--picking people up, but I wouldn't have a clue where to find a bus schedule if I needed one.

In the little paranoid corner of my mind, I've been wondering if the Bush administration was deliberately inflating the cost of gas to garner support for drilling in Alaska. But maybe that's me being a self-centered American--it's not like we're the only ones paying through the nose for gas and oil. (Sheesh--heating oil more than doubled in price since last year!)
Re: Stupid politicians! by kisch on 23 June 2008 5:14pm
Judy, I didn't mean it for the places with no public transport infrastructure of course. But in the big cities it's painful to see kilometers of cars stuck in the traffic jams. Our public transport is awful, but I still use it and do not buy a car.
Of course there are places where the car is absolutely necessary. But not in the big cities.
Re: Stupid politicians! by sighthound on 23 June 2008 10:02pm
I'd be all for nuclear power, Patty, if there could be reliable controls for safety and, the BIGGEST if, if the nuclear industry could come up with a way to deal with the radioactive waste; a solution for that seems to be decades or maybe much longer away. The nuclear industry in the U.S. (don't know about France) has profited enormously but they have mostly left it to the government to deal with their waste which taxpayers will be paying for for a very long time - costs that should have come out of industry profits.

If we increase our use of nuclear power without coming up with a solution for the waste, we will be saddling untold generations with cleaning up the mess we made because we wanted cheap power which I find totally immoral.

There have been tremendous advances with solar lately. It's now financially feasible for public power (although still pricey for individuals.) And there's always wind and tidal power which are getting to the point of being financially viable. Of course, corporations cannot own the sun, wind or tides so the infrastructure will have to be paid for out of public funds.
Re: Stupid politicians! by peripatetically on 24 June 2008 12:40am
My concern with off shore drilling is spillage. That would be devastating as well. There's no easy solution or quick fix..
Re: Stupid politicians! by Ellerd on 24 June 2008 12:34pm
What about other means of propelling our vehicles? Hydrogen, ethanol, even electricity. Are these more environmentally responsible? Why aren't our governments making more of an effort to promote them?
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