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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Ever felt like a stalker? by yoyogo on 29 June 2008 6:50pm
I had one of those embarrasing moments yesterday and I felt like a real nutter.

I went to get my book signed by Michael Palin. First time ever that I had been to one of these things but for a while I have been thinking that since travelling is the thing I like the most then nothing would be better than to make a living out of my passion.

Working as part of the team that makes possible the Palin's series would be my dream but I really have no idea how to get into that world. So I thought I could get the information directly from him, Michael Palin.

Well, let me tell you something: in the mere 3 seconds allocated per book dedication you cannot get too deep in conversation. How can you ask so many questions in just a few seconds? How can you sound coherent when the person queueing behind you doesn't want to miss their 3 seconds in front of him?

So, I came out of there with my book signed by him, someone who I really respect and admire because he has managed to do what I would love to do: make a living while doing what he likes the most. But I had the feeling that I came across as a real weirdo. Especially when I handed over my business card. What, like he would contact me?

Anyway, since I have already managed to embarrass myself once this weekend, I thought I had nothing to loose by sharing this with all of you.

Someone out there might have an idea of how to make my dream come true. The problem is that many of the tv programms about travelling are mainly about holidays, hotel reviews, etc. I find fascinating to learn about other cultures, history, traditions, people. But my CV has nothing to show this so my chances of directing my career in that direction are slim to say the least. Any ideas are welcome.

Anyway, I am not the type who gives up easily so... somehow I will get there. But no more following poor Palin around trying to steal 3 seconds of his time. I might have looked like one, but no, I am not a stalker.
Re: Ever felt like a stalker? by peripatetically on 29 June 2008 11:00pm
Yoyogo, I think a lot of us have thought we made Michael think we are weirdos. Or at least we felt like we were ourselves, in his presence. I doubt he even notices in those pressured instanes. He knows everybody wants a bit of time with him personally and that it's impossible. And I'm sure he realizes how that might press us to do things the ordinary folk might not do. I wouldn't sorry about it too much. From what most people say about meeting him, including myself, you have so much to discuss and when you come face to face, most of it escapes the mind. By the time I reached him for his autograph and a few words, I was so excited that all I could do was wish not to shake in my shoes. I spoke to him a little bit but felt absolutely silly when I couldn't find him in my camera viewfinder (before the digital era). Talk about embarrassed!!!!!!!!!! He made a joke though and said he didn't realize he was so far away. He wasn't of course,. Only about 6 feet , tops.

Anyway, good luck with your aspirations. You just have to try if it's really your passion in life.
Re: Ever felt like a stalker? by Lounge Trekker on 29 June 2008 11:47pm
Hey yoyogo! I wouldn't worry about feeling foolish before him. As for trying to get onto his crew, why not approach it as one would when considering a new career, which you are. Write his office requesting some information concerning the duties and capabilities required of the travelling personnel. Be tactful and try not to request work with them. Your qualifications and experience are the main criteria they would evaluate before considering hiring you.

You could research the TV field and get into training to be a cameraman, sound man, gaffer, whatever could be used in a travelling production.

Go for it. Be realistic; he has a good crew and your chances of getting on with them are small, but you might find something within your training that captures you.

Re: Ever felt like a stalker? by kazzzz on 29 June 2008 11:48pm
Oh can sympathise, I was a blithering idiot when I went to a couple of booksignings! The first time I was so overawed,I asked about Helen, as that was when she was ill. The second time I thought I would be more composed but I was worse if anything!!!I can't really remember WHAT I said!Oh well ;)
Re: Ever felt like a stalker? by mrsthing on 30 June 2008 12:14am
I've never even had the opportunity to get Michael to think I'm a stalker, weirdo, or blithering idiot, so you're still one up on me, yoyogo. Unless he reads this part of the site more than I think he does....

I'm sure he's used to flustered fans, and probably wishes you could relax because you all seem like such interesting, intelligent people. If he thinks ill of people at all, he probably reserves those thoughts for politicians. And John Cleese. ;-)
Re: Ever felt like a stalker? by geordiegirl on 30 June 2008 3:59pm
Good advice from everybody, which I heartily endorse. And PLEASE stop feeling bad!
Re: Ever felt like a stalker? by johnnythemonkey on 30 June 2008 4:22pm

"I had one of those embarrasing moments yesterday and I felt like a real nutter."

Rightly so.

Re: Ever felt like a stalker? by bIG bLOGGER on 30 June 2008 5:04pm
Don't worry,Johnny..you ARE a real nutter!
mrsthing:Why would Michael Palin "think ill" of JOHN CLEESE?? Do you know something I don't? p.s. And,why would he think ill of politicians? We all need them and I get on famously with my MP (I don't mean Mr. Palin..I mean my Member of Parliament) XXX bIG

Re: Ever felt like a stalker? by johnnythemonkey on 30 June 2008 5:12pm
My name is John and only old friends and one of my brothers call me Johnny.

I used to be known as Johnnny, yes 3 n's ( long story ).
Re: Ever felt like a stalker? by Spursfan on 30 June 2008 6:44pm
I had an embarrassing moment years ago when I was about 15 I think - maybe younger.

I was absolutely M A D on the Radio 1 DJ Emperor Rosko - even typing his name now gives me goosebumps!! I was a Rosko Ranger and had been mentioned on the radio and was going to be in the studio one Saturday (long story but I didnt make it) with him as he always had a couple of 'Rangers' with him.

Anyway, this particular evening, my friend and I went to a Tamla Motown concert in Stoke-on-Trent. Headlining it was Stevie Wonder and there were also other big names but, and this is why I went, the 'compere' was ROSKO!!

Afterwards we hung around so I could meet the man himself - Stevie hung his head out the window - not interested; we even ran bang into the Foundations who hung around expecting us to ask for their autograph - no way.

Eventually Rosko was there and I was the only one waiting for him so I asked him for his autograph and then we just stood there for ages (it seemed) beofre I (here comes the cringeworthiness of this tale) said 'you can keep it [the pen]' and ran off'!!! :(

For all I know he could've asked me out.... ;)

And I have another tale about him too but it is worse if anything...
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