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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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New Labour Risks A 'Glasgow Kiss'... by bIG bLOGGER on 20 July 2008 3:49pm
From:DAILY TELEGRAPH,Sat.July 19,2008.(Neil Tweedie)
The 'safe Labour seat' of GLASGOW EAST is up for grabs following the sudden resignation of its MP, David Marshall, who had a majority of 13,507 at the 2005 General Election. Losing it to the SNP (Scottish National Party) would represent a 1st-class disaster for New Labour (even greater than the recent shock-result at Crewe-and-Nantwich),and ,if it happened,might deal a terminal blow to the Prime Minister's already weakened authority.But the SNP is making good ground towards closing the gap:a latest poll shows a swing toward it of 14%..with 22per cent required for victory. The Labour candidate, Margaret Curran,may have been handed a 'poisoned chalice'..She is a Labour veteran,and as a serving MSP,party rules ban her from standing for Westminster,but as is becoming usual with 'New Labour',they simply tore up the rules.
The message for Gordon could well be:"Aye,Laddie,Ya' better win THIS ONE,aye..!!See Ya Next Thursday....!!"
Re: New Labour Risks A 'Glasgow Kiss'... by geordiegirl on 21 July 2008 4:54pm
Well, bB, I hear what you say, but as my grandmother used to say 'you're up but you've not gone to bed yet' (pithy Northern wisdom, or something. Probably the or something.)
Another cliche: 'it ain't over till it's over'.

Buy me a (virtual)drink on Friday if Labour win??

Re: New Labour Risks A 'Glasgow Kiss'... by bIG bLOGGER on 22 July 2008 4:49pm
Geordielass:hiya(again)! Got any more 'pithy' quaint Northern expressions? I wish the voters would put New Labour to bed and tuck 'em up so tight they don't wake up... Yes, sure enough, "It ain't over till it's over"..(a great LENNY KRAVITZ choon,btw)..I love clishays,try this:-- "It ain't over till the fat lady sings"..(that's why most folks exit before the end and miss the result)..Labour SHOULD retain GLASGOW EAST this Thursday,(perhaps with a much-dented majority),but given the Crewe result,and the dour mood in the country at the moment, and the economy plunging into recession,etc.,anything is possible; but if the SNP can trounce GORDON in this long-held Labour seat,not only will I chew up my hat,--but I'll buy you,geordielass,a(REAL) pint of(REAL)ale!!How's that for a (REAL) offer?? bIG. XX .p.s. I've never been a great one for 'virtual drinking',sorry.
Re: New Labour Risks A 'Glasgow Kiss'... by geordiegirl on 23 July 2008 4:55pm
Ah, bB, I'm a big fan of Real Ale, so you can buy me that drink anytime- clearly you & I are NOT political soulmates, but I forgive you for that & May The Best Party Win - gosh, tomorrow

PS: I'll spare you the taking-the-pith Northern sayings!
Re: New Labour Risks A 'Glasgow Kiss'... by bIG bLOGGER on 23 July 2008 5:09pm
geordielass:you're a FUNNY girl!!!OK,maybe you(and probably your parents,coming from North Shields) are staunch Labour voters..I concede that is well possible... My own political leanings are more complicated...I don't really approve of ANY of the present political parties,with the exception of the MONSTER RAVING PALINITE PARTY!!
However,as you say, I hope this doesn't get in the way(whatever the Result,tomorrow) of us becoming 'soulmates',because I can assure you I've got a lotta 'soul' !!LOL
p.s. take the 'pith' any time you want.
Re: New Labour Risks A 'Glasgow Kiss'... by geordiegirl on 24 July 2008 7:28pm
You're dead right about voting patterns of the North Shields People, bB: I think I imbibed it all from my shipyard-worker-coppersmith dad (long time ago).

I sympathise with your confusion over political parties: quite a few of my friends are like that.

It's easier for me, being basically uncritical Labour, though I do have to turn quite a few somersaults sometimes and then there's the war...no, here we're (mostly) all Palinite Silly Party & why not.

PS: as I write, Labour expected to win Glasgow East, narrowly. Will I have to eat my words about winning?
Re: New Labour Risks A 'Glasgow Kiss'... by johnnythemonkey on 25 July 2008 10:27am
I don't know about giving Labour a Glasgow kiss but they sure got a kick up the arse. They lost their 3rd safest seat in Scotland to the S.N.P ( political nonentity tartan Tories ).
Re: New Labour Risks A 'Glasgow Kiss'... by bIG bLOGGER on 25 July 2008 3:02pm
July 25,2008...2:25AM....BBC NEWS 24....
...Breaking News...
New Labour have LOST Glasgow East, by a margin of 365 votes....The votes cast were as follows::
MARGARET CURRAN (Labour)...10,912
JOHN MASON(SNP)............11,277
IAN ROBERTSON (Lib-Democrat)..915
DAVENA RANKIN(Scots Conservative)

Total Votes cast:26,219
Turnout(%)..42% of Electorate in Glasgow East.
Swing from Labour to SNP: 22.5per cent.(For comparison,the swing to Tories away from Labour in Crewe and Nantwich was 17per cent.)
Comment from TIMES cartoonist,Peter Brookes:New Labour are cast adrift up the River Clyde in a red canoe,without so much as a paddle...
p.s.geordiegirl:looks indeed like you'll be obliged to chew up your words,sorry.I happened to read it right ,RIGHT??,but it was more luck than judgement,I think.However, it also means you've got ya'self a free pinta of REAL ALE,so:WELL DONE<girl>!!BRAVO...bIG.XX.
Re: New Labour Risks A 'Glasgow Kiss'... by Ken Dunn on 26 July 2008 4:03pm
It just shows that the SNP have policies which the electorate like and the sooner we have a general election in the UK the better.
Re: New Labour Risks A 'Glasgow Kiss'... by geordiegirl on 28 July 2008 3:46pm
Groan. Yes, bB: I'm eating Words like anything (chomp). I was a bit surprised-to say the least, opinion On The Grouynd had been telling me Labour might pull this one off, narrowly.

Well - we lost, narrowly. I expect the voter-turnout was reduced (usually is at by-elections), that won't have helped.

I don't want to predict the result of the next general election, here & now, but I still wouldn't mind betting Labour regain this seat.

bB: At the moment, I'm drinking a pint of iced water- just the job for a temp. of 30 degrees in London, but yes, let's have that pint sometime!
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