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  The Chatter Box : Travel
Train journey through Italy by commodus on 28 July 2008 5:51pm
Tomorrow i am flying into Milan and then taking the train to Siena, then on to Rome and then onto Naples and the Amalfi coast staying just outside Sorrento and then onto Tropea and finally onto Palermo, which after ten days i will fly back to England.
The Trains seem pretty reliable over in Italy i have travelled quite a bit on them but nothing like this. The weather looks hot so it should be fun. I will let you know how i get on in ten days time.
Re: Train journey through Italy by outbasket on 28 July 2008 6:15pm
The trip sounds like fun! Enjoy!
Re: Train journey through Italy by tucsonmike on 29 July 2008 3:42am
Re: Train journey through Italy by peripatetically on 29 July 2008 12:20pm
Oh you lucky devil. Sounds like a lot of fun. I really need to see more of italy. Only saw the northern regions when I skiied the Dolomites. Breathtaking there!
Re: Train journey through Italy by geordiegirl on 2 August 2008 3:31pm
Should be great, do let us know how it's been!

I've been on several short train journeys in Italy - the scenery tends to be spectacular - but never a long schedule like yours. How nicefor you!
Re: Train journey through Italy by commodus on 8 August 2008 4:27pm
ok i am back and what a trip, unbelievable. The trains are fantastic some a little hot and sticky but on the whole i always got a seat and the air con just about makes it some of the toilets are good some not so good.
The trains run on time and are easy to understand and everyone is very helpful.
I purchased a one country 6 day in one month pass. This was probably uneccesary to be honest as i worked out it would be cheaper to have just bought the tickets at the station and for the quicker trains you have to pay a supplement anyway and or make a reservation. But hey ho thats the learning curve. we only used five days worth and if we had used the sixth it wouldnt have been miles out.
Now for the trip. Bergamo, bus to Milan.
Great, then train to Siena, not been to Siena before and it is fantastic the square is breathtaking ant the little streets around it are quaint and very pretty. i would higly reccomend it.
Onwards by train to Rome, about my 5th visit so, hit my and everyones elses favourite places, Trevi, Spanish Stephs, Forum, collosem and finally dinner outside the Pantheon.
Off to Naples to get the circumvesuvia to Sorrento, Hotel was magical the place beautiful as ever as it was my second visit, went over to Capri took the chair lift up the mountain, next day hairy bus journey around the sorrento penninsula to positano, which is unbeliebable a long walk down and a nice bus trip up then bus again to Amalfi, after Sorrento and Positano Amalfi is a little of a disappointment if that is possible but the bus trip alone made it worth it careering around steep clifftops etc.
after four lovely nights in Sorretno or just outside in a quiet little place called San Agnello we then got the train to Tropea in the south, the train trip was long though the scenery is lovely Tropea is a beautiful medieval norman clifftop town with beautiful beaches but i thinki it is a little bit like yarmouth here in the uk where the locals go for their beach holiday a little tacky and most restaurants selling food on paper plates and or in napkins as opposed to Sorreto where we were looking for economic restaurants here we tried to find the more solubrious ones that served food on a plate and it was still half the price of the ones in sorrento. only one night here then a long train trip to Palermo
which i must say was a little bit of a let down, the hotel we stayed in was lovely and was an oasis that we spent quite a bit of the two days in. Palermo was very untidy with lots of litter and they havent really taken full advantage of their big selling points the twoo teatros massimo and the other one the cathedaral and the port, there is no one real nice piazza wher you can sit and drink or eat, we meandered a bit of course one day near the station and pizza indepenza and my god how we came out of there without being mugged i have no idea. but it all adds to the flavour of the trip we then flew home out of palermo airport which was a bit disorganized but ok
The whole trip was a huge adventure but in future i will probably stay close to the places i know and love which are mostly in the north, Venice, florence, rome, the lakes, siena, milan verona etc. thanks for showing an interest.
Re: Train journey through Italy by geordiegirl on 11 August 2008 1:33pm
Gosh I admire your energy & unflagging enthusiasm for such a long trip on so many trains/buses!

You got a real flavour of Italy, though - it's great to see where the locals go (even if a bit naff/disappointing at times.

Isn't it a wonderful country! I think we'd try Naples next time - have you been there?
Re: Train journey through Italy by commodus on 13 August 2008 4:55pm
Yes, i think you will find most people only use Naples as a base for visits to Pompeii, Herculaneum, Vesuvius, Ischia, Porocida, Capri and Sorrento and the Amalfi coast. I dont want to bad mouth Naples but i think you will find it a little rougher than say the northern cities there is 30% unemployment in Naples and most of them seem to be trying to rip people off in and around the station. The museum is very good and it does have some nice parts but on the whole it is a little deprived, dirty and traffic is a national sport.
At the train station you get people offering th carry your bags and help you find your trains all for a smal fee of course. This last trip we heard a few Aussies moaining that they had just paid 50 bucks to be shown how to go from A to B but it was literaly 10 meters. You pretty much have to fly in or train in to Naples to go see the places listed above so for that and that alone it is worth going to. In old town though sometimes your hotel maybe in one of the narrow streets and certain taxis cannot get down there.
It is the only place in Italy that i have been to that i don not feel partiularly safe and need to make sure i do not look like a tourist and try to blend in as much as i can. The north of Italy is where most of the money is and therefore most the cities up there are by far the more picturesque and enjoyable ones to visit. Turin, Milan, Venice, Siena, Pisa, Verona, Rome and Florence all lovely places to visit.
Any more questions please ask i love Italy and we have been about 12 times, 3 times this year alone. So i will offer what assistance i can.
Re: Train journey through Italy by geordiegirl on 15 August 2008 6:15pm
Well, thanks for that, Commodus. certainly food for thought there but it is likely now that our next visit to Italy will be a few years off.

So stick around & I'll ask you again! (And I can always come back to this post.) But, thanks for taking the trouble to reply in detail, appreciated.

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