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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Dreams by Spursfan on 5 August 2008 9:32am
[Can't be bothered to trawl in the depths for the original thread!!]

I had a weird dream last night. My husband and I were going to drive somewhere (don't know where but it was a long drive) and he said he wouldn't have breakfast before we left, we'd get some when we got there.

When we arrived, and booked into a hotel, they had run out of food and as he is a diabetic (true) and it was some hours since we'd left, he was going into hypo. The woman who owned the place said she would whisk him two raw eggs together as that would be good for him (thought they'd run out of food, eh? lol!!!). I said 'well, he won't have THAT!!' and added 'make sure you put plenty of salt and pepper in it' (this would be true!!). The husband was lying down, half unconscious, and she dribbled the yellowy mixture into his mouth. He had it and recovered.

I wonder if this is from a deep-seated subconscious fear of him going into hypo? He has had diabetes for 11 years and has never had an episode yet despite being on insulin.
Re: Dreams by johnnythemonkey on 5 August 2008 10:39am
I'm sure there's a thread entitled ' Let's post a loada crap ' but I can't be bothered trawling the depths for it. :)
Re: Dreams by Spursfan on 5 August 2008 4:20pm
Want a smack in the mouth?

Re: Dreams by mrsthing on 5 August 2008 6:09pm
Me first, Anne!

You probably are a little worried about what might happen if you were away from home and your husband went hypo. Do you keep sugar tablets or whatever diabetics use nowadays handy, or take them with you on trips?

Maybe you're worried that you can't handle something else that's going on in your life, and it's manifesting itself as this kind of dream?

Or maybe you ate too much cheese before bedtime. ;-)
Re: Dreams by MMMmmm... on 5 August 2008 7:12pm
Yes, I think Anne, usually dreams are a combination of image and emotional associations, ones that happen during the day, and some deeper ones. I heard recent research says it's the brain's way of sorting through what it's been exposed to during the day, and degrees of meaning to us emotionally - what makes impressions, why - and a kind of daily filing and clean-up process. From reading some of the imagery in your dream, it may be that parts of the thread about Ava and her scan, including my mistaking it at first for an "EGG" scan (then the eggs in your dream), and talk about seizures (then your husband on the floor being hypo) may have influenced some of your concerns in regard to your husband and possible fears about his health situation. (But it sounds like he's in very good shape.)

Re: Dreams by Spursfan on 5 August 2008 7:46pm
Be my guest Judy! Anyone else? Roll up roll up - form an orderly queue (no queue jumping Kazzzz!!).

Back to the dreams - I'm not really worried about that, Judy; he controls it well and yes he always makes sure he has everything with him.

I have been annoyed for years that he's on insulin at all. He first went onto it about a year after he was diagnosed -they put him on it in hospital after he had a very very minor MI (1998). He was supposed to only be on it until everything settled down, but he found he was able to eat pretty normally whilst on the insulin.

My argument is that he should try cutting back on the sweet things and chocs and hopefully wean himself off the insulin. He told me the other week that at his check-up he'd said (when they took his BP) 'do I have to give up liquorice allsorts now?' as a joke [my doctor told me that new research has found that liquorice makes your BP rise]. The nurse says 'what are YOU doing eating liquorice allsorts?!' and he said 'oh I don't, I was just joking because research etc etc'. Lies!!!

Dont get me wrong, he's not a fat slob or anything (and we both have very low cholesterol) but in my opinion (and I know I'm a chocaholic lol) he would be better off eating sensibly and losing the insulin (under med supervision of course).

The med staff are extremely pleased with his results; they say he is keeping it under control extremely well but I feel I want to scream at them NO HE ISN'T!!! HE'S USING INSULIN AS A PROP!

Of course if I tell him this I am nagging.

And don't start me off on his smoking (which is a no no for diabetics)!!!!

So maybe all this went towards the dream? I dont know.

Re: Dreams by mrsthing on 5 August 2008 11:34pm
As someone who has tried and failed miserably to cut sugar out of her diet, I sympathize with diabetics who can't stop eating sweets. I do think a diagnosis would stop me in my tracks, but it's so hard when everyone around you can eat sweets and you can't. And it's all over TV, the internet, and in the US, it's in all the gas stations and pharmacies, and when you go to social events (even AA!), somebody usually brings dessert. So you feel like you're alienating yourself from others--depriving yourself not only of the pleasure of eating sweets but of the comaraderie of the people you're with.

I'm sure he knows what diabetes can lead to, even treated. But it's easier to say, "Oh, just this once..." than "No thanks." And I suppose if his blood sugar is good, there's not much you can do about his eating habits. Refuse to keep sweets in the house? Or would that make you even crazier?
Re: Dreams by Spursfan on 6 August 2008 8:56am
Having just read your message in another string I don't suppose you're here to read this ! But I will answer anyway.

His blood sugar is good, yes, but only because of the insulin!!

We do eat plenty of fresh fruit and veggies, and only eat chips (french fries!) once a week - but we could both give up the deserts and the choc!

I can remember we used to go every sunday to a pub about half an hour's drive away for Sunday lunch (we stopped going when it changed hands). We were very friendly with the owners. Anyway, it was a carvery but with a served starter and sweet. I can remember the husband protesting because all the starters were 'sweet' and as a diabetic he couldn't eat them, and there were no savouries (there used to be pate but they had taken it off). They gave him pate (sorry no accent)!! I told him that was stupid because he was still going to eat a sugary dessert and wasn't going to say no to the choc with the coffee!! AND at the time he was still taking sugar in his coffee!

Obviously his 'medical team' assume that he has given all of this up (at least mostly).

I know it would be difficult for him, but if he could only do that he would I am sure manage to get off the insulin and on to the tablets again - and maybe even control it with diet!!

It is such a pain (literally!) for him I am surprised he doesn't want out as soon as possible!! Not only does he have to inject 3 times a day (he uses the pens) which means taking all the paraphenalia with us on holiday or out to a meal, he also has to renew his driving licence every 5 years (it's free, but even so). We even wrote to them saying his diabetes is not DEPENDENT on but CONTROLLED by diabetes but he still has to renew.

I know which I would prefer to do....
Re: Dreams by tucsonmike on 6 August 2008 1:48pm
Oh those dreams, pretty women, the Red Sox losing another one, they are all jumbled...

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