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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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My (Small) Python Tribute by robertchao on 29 April 2003 10:30pm
My Life With Python
By Gentle Robert Chao

I liked Monty Python way back in junior high, but my classmate Tim hated it, even calling it “Monty
Python’s Flying F****t.” Some teacher liked to videotape shows like “Happy Days” and then played them to us during lunch. Imagine my shock and surprise one day when they showed Python and confused the hell out
of the local yokels. I audio recorded every single episode and memorized them, and at school I’d say things like “Silence, naughty lady of the night” ....

Re: My (Small) Python Tribute by Helen on 29 April 2003 11:02pm
Welcome to the madness!
I would blurt out Python quotes as a young 'un, too. I would get strange looks...Especially when I burst into a room and announced "nobody expects the spanish inquisition!!!!!!"
Re: My (Small) Python Tribute by pandk2 on 30 April 2003 6:59am
Oh Helen...you beat me to my favourite line! CURSES!
Oh well..let's see then..

Skate with just a hint of prawn???

Re: My (Small) Python Tribute by MissFruitcake on 1 May 2003 7:09am
Hehehe my friend and I used to listen to taped cassettes of sketches in class on my walkman (using a microphone on my tv hehe). Then we'd be loudly giggling for the rest of the lesson. "So Mrs Harris said, so she said, so she said, the dead crab?!?, she said, she said"
Re: My (Small) Python Tribute by notquitenglish on 1 May 2003 7:10am
... and nice red uniforms.
A perfect thing to add to anything: letters to friends, speeches to the UN, all sorts of things.
Re: My (Small) Python Tribute by Rusted on 1 May 2003 7:11am

Speaking of the Spanish Inquisition and nobody expecting it...

I was in Spanish class today. (As I am every Monday-Wednesday-Friday!) My mind was, I must confess, really wandering. Somehow the professor had lost my attention and I was rather out-of-it. And then suddenly I hear:

"Has anyone hear seen Monty Python?"

It took me a few minutes register, but suddenly I realized what he said and my hand was up in a flash. He had my attention now. ;O)

"Oh...only three of you. Well, it's like they say: 'Nobody'...uh...'Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!'"

He seemed really proud of himself for remembering the line. LOL. We were talking about the subjunctive and how it turns up in weird places...like in the present perfect. We were all a little confused, but I was rather excited about the Python reference and thinking of how silly Michael looked in that red uniform. LOL.

Re: My (Small) Python Tribute by Tracy on 1 May 2003 7:58am
Who HASN'T burst into a room yelling "NOBODY EXPECTS THE SPANISH ENQUISITION!!!!"???
Re: My (Small) Python Tribute by pandk2 on 1 May 2003 10:49am
Mary, thats such a good story!
Just goes to show..you never know where a potential Palinite may pop up!

By the way, welcome back Erica!!

Re: My (Small) Python Tribute by Mac on 1 May 2003 5:21pm
But the real question, remains, what is the solution if any to this problem?

I have such a busy life I just spent four hours burying the cat.!

I can,t do a small Python Tribute, its to huge there are so many scetches that I just love to bits, How on earth can you take life seriously when Python comes on the TV screen so I will just put my 2 cents in

"SPLUNGE"!!!!! So I,d like to conclude by putting my finger up my nose.

Well we,ll be continuing with Monty Python Flying Circus in just a moment

Hmm fancy a bit of cheese right now !

MAC xxx
Re: My (Small) Python Tribute by Eloise on 1 May 2003 9:40pm
I was in physics, and we did satilites. They circle earth 2 ways- one crosses both poles. My friend said "pole to pole, then" giggles from me. Then, we watched a vidio, and they mentioned the sahara......oh, t'was a good lesson
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