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  The Chatter Box : The Series
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NEW EUROPE - WHAT A LET DOWN!!! by caribonum on 16 October 2008 9:10pm
Ok, ok, I would be the first to admit it.
This series was dire, dreary and a complete waste of time!
I doubt MP & Co would be interested but there was no heart & soul in any of these episodes. What on earth went wrong!!!

In fairness,I was(and still am) a big ...HUGE fan of the whole series from 80days through to Himalaya.

But NEW EUROPE is a dead duck! I have dvd's of every journey and have watched them all faithfully several times, but you can guarantee that my NEW EUROPE dvd will be assigned to the back of the dvd cupboard ...for good!

In the extras part on disc 1 MP stated that he wanted to bring colour to the somewhat monochrome stereotypical images of old Russia. Well, without hardly any truly interesting interviews, dry humour, challenging situations or laugh-out-loud moments of madness, this series died a sad death at the first hurdle!
I'm convinced that even some of the fish in my aquarium died of sheer boredom! Bloody murderer!!! ;-o

Sorry MP but in the famous words of Queen Vic,

*****"WE ARE NOT AMUSED"*****

Re: NEW EUROPE - WHAT A LET DOWN!!! by Ken Dunn on 19 October 2008 8:14pm
It is rather difficult doing a programme through countries where there are about 10 different languages, cultures and different histories to contend with.

What would you have put in the programmes caribonum? If you have any good suggestions for the next Palin exploit there are threads on which you can put your ideas.
Re: NEW EUROPE - WHAT A LET DOWN!!! by caribonum on 20 October 2008 12:57pm
Ken Dunn

Well, funnily enough, Palin and crew have done it before with many more countries, languages, cultures and so on and so forth...

It seems that this latest series had a complete lack any enthusiasm.

As a fairly loyal Palin fan, I feel I am entitled to make my opinions heard! With or without your permission!


Re: NEW EUROPE - WHAT A LET DOWN!!! by Ken Dunn on 20 October 2008 1:39pm
I disagree and you disagree so we have a difference of opinion.

Can't find you on a quick search of the vitals/welcomes caribonum. Where are you from?
Re: NEW EUROPE - WHAT A LET DOWN!!! by Brian Hart on 22 October 2008 7:09pm
I have decided to take the trouble to find this website, register an account and now comment on how extremely disappointed my wife and I are in this series.

We have watched most of the programs run here in Canada (last episode Latvia etc.) and are reluctant to sit through the rest. Mr. Palin is still wonderful and is the only reson we have continued to view the series this far but the production values are bordering on amateur. Terrible sound, timid camera work and a producer with a short, unfocused attention span.

Thinking back on last night's program, I felt there were many segments left hanging. Leech therapy ended with no discussion, resolution or comment from Palin. If the sand dunes were so ecologially fragile, what is being done and how did Palin leave the boat? The overnight stay on the ship was......pointless.

Pole to Pole, Full Circle and 80 days were beautifully done. They should have been the starting point for the production crew's vision and creation for this new series.
Re: NEW EUROPE - WHAT A LET DOWN!!! by slom on 23 October 2008 11:33am
Just to add my few penny's worth, I think anyone who watches MP's travel series always expects each one to be as good, if not better, than the others. Personally I have never been disappointed, including New Europe, although it certainly has a different slant to it. Obviously, much has changed in most countries since the days of Eighty Days, Pole to Pole, etc., and I would imagine it's difficult to replicate the refreshing style that the earlier series brought each and every time.
I'm not saying MP has had his day by any means, but for me it's a bit like the Fawlty Towers series - brilliant, and you wish there was more, but you know that it could never be the same. Odd analogy I know.
I still look forward to whatever (hopefully) MP brings to us in the future, including 80 Days Revisited!

Re: NEW EUROPE - WHAT A LET DOWN!!! by suzulu on 23 October 2008 3:30pm
Terrible sound, Brian? I don't think so. Have you read the Home page?

"New Europe wins award
Michael's latest travel series, New Europe, has won a Conch award for Best Audio on a TV/Film Documentary at the 2008 UK Screen Sound Awards."

Re: NEW EUROPE - WHAT A LET DOWN!!! by Brian Hart on 23 October 2008 8:10pm
Well what's being broadcast here in Canada SUCKS. Levels are inconsistent, half of some interviews are off-axis. Maybe we got an NTSC version with an incomplete audio mix.

Doesn't change the fact that many of the segement are left hanging and the camera work misses the action at times.....
Re: NEW EUROPE - WHAT A LET DOWN!!! by johnnythemonkey on 24 October 2008 3:51am
Canada ? Now why has no-one thought of doing a travel series about Canada ?
All sorts of interesting things happen in Canada.
Timber !!!!!!
Re: NEW EUROPE - WHAT A LET DOWN!!! by christophertravels on 26 October 2008 1:37am
The audio I got was good. A travel series about Canada eh? Would you suggest Michael puts on a lumberjack outfit and sings. Oh wait that's been done before.

Honestly though, I've been here 30 years, I haven't seen many interesting programs about travelling to Canada. But I assume they don't show them here, because we're already here.
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