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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Favourite Movie Moments by notquitenglish on 1 May 2003 11:26pm
Of course there's many... but here's a few standouts off the top of my head...

The "Announcement" scene in "Jabberwocky" where Neil Innes keeps banging his drum and then gets it over the head.
The "Ticket to Ride" sequence in "Help!"
The part in "The Two Towers" where Merry and Pippin are on Treebeard and Treebeard says, "Hmm... that doesn't make sense to me... but then, you are very small." I can really identify with that. I'm legally a dwarf. (yes, dwarves are legal)
The scene in the bar in "Harvey."
The scene in the bar in "Bringing Up Baby." The scene in the bar in "Fellowship of the Ring." Any scenes in bars, really... people are funny when they get alchohol in them... the part in "A Fish Called Wanda" when Archie finds Ken with the pear in his mouth and stuttering all over the place and all... the opening credits of "Edward Scissorhands" This may sound funny, but really that's my favourite part. Terrif music...
Re: Favourite Movie Moments by Eloise on 2 May 2003 12:09am
I like the part in Help! where they sing ticket to ride- it's funny. Ringo and his little snow friend, great!
Re: Favourite Movie Moments by Tracy on 2 May 2003 3:20am
the Can't Buy Me Love sequence in Help!, every little bit of a Beautiful Mind and in Bridget Jones' Diary when Colin Firth goes to kiss her on the neck and she ducks out of the way! GAAAH! HAHAHAHA and definately "Oh fishy fishy fishy oooh" Find The Fish in The Meaning Of Life
Re: Favourite Movie Moments by MissTrixiB on 2 May 2003 3:24am
'Life sucks losers dry, if you want to &*#$ with the Eagles, you have to learn to fly'
'So, I suppose you teach people how to spread their wings and fly?'
She said 'yes'
and I said 'yoooooou're beautiful'
...sorry, I just really like that little bit.
There are way too many favorite movie moments that I like and can't even begin to list them (well, I guess I just did, but I won't list any more >;-) SO THERE!)
Re: Favourite Movie Moments by canaveralgumby on 3 May 2003 5:32am
WHEW!! SO MANY!! Can't think of them all...

* "Pee Wee's Big Adv." when the truck driver tells him the story of Large Marge
* "Life of Brian" the Latin lesson; the crucifixion musical number
* "Roman Holiday" the closing scene
* "Psycho" the end, Norman (or his mother) looks at the camera as it pans out
* "Blues Brothers" Carrie Fisher's speech about Jake leaving her at the altar; the whole car chase; Jake & Elwood calmly riding the elevator while "Girl from Epanema" plays on the Muzak and 10,000 SWAT team members descend on the bldg.
* "Godfather II" Kay tells Michael she's leaving him & that she'd had an abortion; the VERY last shot of Michael, sitting on the bench staring - makes me cry though I've seen it a thousand times.

favorite Michael Palin movie moment:
Dennis the Peasant. The first time I saw it, I laughed so hard I missed the next four min. of the movie.

That's it for now. - C
Re: Favourite Movie Moments by Rusted on 6 May 2003 9:02am
Tracy...do you mean the "Can't Buy Me Love" sequence from A Hard Day's Night? ;O)

I'll get back to this thread when I have more time - it's midnight at the moment!

Re: Favourite Movie Moments by Dreamchild on 6 May 2003 6:15pm
I will start with

American Friends, the end confession of love,
When she says I remeber the first time I saw you, You where so carefree, and he says i remeber excatly what you said, but reliazes she saw him bathing in the nude, the look on his face is priceless, and its so sweet.

The movie Music From another Room,
Where Jude Laws Charter explains Love,
Its like when you hear a favorite song playing in another room and you sing along , but a bus goes by or a plane and you can't hear it anymore but you singalong anyway and no matter how much time passes, when you hear the music again you are still in tune with it, thats what loves like..

The Count of Monte Cristo
Where at the end he contronts the Count Mondago, and learns of his son..

A Hard days Night
were John says Give US Kiss, he is so cute there.

MAny many more but I will only list one more.

Harry Potter and the C of S
The part at the end were he learns Riddle is really Voldemont.Danail, does such a great job there.
Danail Radcliffe has become a very big actor for me, he's marvolus for one so young.

Re: Favourite Movie Moments by MissTrixiB on 7 May 2003 7:11am
I think DR is fab as well. He's about as close to my vision of HP as one could get.

I cannot beleive that I didn't mention either of these before(now that I got to think about it).
In funny face, when Audrey is coming down the stairs in the red gown and trailing the long red chiffon behind her "I don't want to stop"
"take the picture, take the picture!" WONDERFUL!!!

And, what I think is one of the most romantic movie moments of all time (mind you, this film is a favorite, but not in my top 10....that tells you how romantic I find this one moment)
John Cusack....'In Your Eyes'.....portable player. Need I 'Say Anything' more? **sigh** Pure romance (or stalking....it treads a thin line).
Re: Favourite Movie Moments by Tracy on 7 May 2003 7:50am
Oh yeah, thanks rusted! LOL I don't know what I was thinking!
Re: Favourite Movie Moments by notquitenglish on 8 May 2003 8:04am
Destry Rides Again!
Destry Rides Again!
With Marlene Dietrich throwing things at Jimmy Stewart after he dumped a bucket of water on her, and then jumping on his back and pulling his hair. (he's got terrible hair, anyway, not like Palin)

And my best friend, who is pregnant, is seriously thinking of the name "Michael" as her kid's middle name...
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