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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Cause of death! by canaveralgumby on 1 November 2008 3:15am
The famous American author Studs Terkel passed away today at age


The last sentence in the news story read: "A spokesman did not give the cause of death."

WTF! Every time a really ancient relic of a person dies, they do this. "Cause of death was pneumonia." Whatever! Why isn't it acceptable that old people die of old age? I mean, isn't that the GOAL?
Re: Cause of death! by kazzzz on 1 November 2008 7:01am
My friend's grandmother wanted to live to get a telegram from the Queen at the age of 100. She did. She considered it one of the highlights of her life and died within a few months!
Re: Cause of death! by Spursfan on 1 November 2008 10:17am
My aunt, who lived in Canada from 1920, was a real tough cookie who was as bright as a button and still visiting England in her mid-nineties. (She said to me once - 'do you remember we were talking about (whatever it was) last time I came over?'. I hadn't a clue and she was 95 to my 42!).

Unfortunately she had to go into a home aged 98 and for someone as independent as she was it came as a blow.

She still played cards - for money!! - but had to be fed etc.

When it came to her 99th birthday in 1999 people said 'not long until you're 100!!' and she said 'not if I can help it!'.

Within a couple of weeks she had died (and is sadly missed). She just didn't want to go on being dependent on people and so, as far as I am concerned, WILLED herself dead.

Living to 100 is great if you have a good life - quality AND quantity should be what we aim for.

Oh and Cori - on your point about causes of death, I read the 'hatches, matches and dispatches' columns in our local paper every week and sometimes you'll get "Bloggs, Freda 94 Died suddenly at home'. SUDDENLY??? ! I guess I'll change my mind when (and if) I get to that age - it is all relevant isn't it!!
Re: Cause of death! by mrsthing on 1 November 2008 2:52pm
I had a great aunt who lived to be 108! Well, she died 4 days short of her 108th birthday, but I say she was 108, because when you're that old, a few days doesn't make any difference.

You can be an otherwise healthy 94 year old person and just croak. That's sudden, though not entirely unexpected. It's just that even at that age, you usually get some warning.
Re: Cause of death! by canaveralgumby on 1 November 2008 3:42pm
May the gods bless all those wonderful souls you've all written about!

The point I'm trying to make, which maybe I didn't make so well, is, it has become unacceptable to age and unacceptable to die. We've got messages coming at us like "50's the new 30." Um, bulls**t? Fifty is fifty - can't we enjoy it for what it is?

We call 55 - 65 "middle aged." Only if the average human life expectancy is 110 - 130.

To my thinking, the only time the cause of death for a person over, say, 82 1/2, would be relevant, is if the cause of death is NOT natural.

We are a linear species living in a universe in which time goes in one direction. There may be other universes with different sets of physical laws, but we exist in THIS one. When one gets to a certain age, one can expect that one is not going to heal or rebound from illness and disease anymore. So to say that an extremely old person's passing from ANY natural causes is "tragic" or "a shame" or "unexpected" is just ignorant. IMHO
Re: Cause of death! by Spursfan on 1 November 2008 4:08pm
No Cori - with respect I believe that 50 IS the new 40 (rather than the new 30)!

People of our generation (I'm 55 as it happens) are much 'younger' than people in the generation or two before us were. Whether it is healthier eating, more exercise or a different mindset I don't know.

And nowadays a sign that such a lot of people live to be 100 is that there is a good choice of '100' cards in the shops. Perhaps by the time we get to that sort of age it will be normal to live to 105 or 110 - which would make me middle-aged now.

Re: Cause of death! by johnnythemonkey on 1 November 2008 6:00pm
I agree with Cori, 50 is 50. I'm 50 and don't pretend to be otherwise.
I suppose the fact that I started out good looking and still am helps.
Oh, and still the same sized jeans ( just ) that I was in my 20's.

I'm a modest man, with much to be modest about. :)

Preferred cause of death ? Shot by jealous husband at aged 90. ( me...not him. )

Re: Cause of death! by Spursfan on 1 November 2008 7:55pm
I don't hide the fact I am 55 (though many say I don't look it) - all I'm saying is that our OUTLOOK etc is much younger than the previous generations'.

So, as far as I am concerned 50 is the new 40 (except in JTM's case where 50 is the new 90).

Re: Cause of death! by mrsthing on 1 November 2008 8:32pm
I think what they mean by "50 is the new 40" is that this generation is healthier and less aged than the generation preceding it was at age 50. I'm in better shape at 50 than my mother or father were. My parents had arthritis in their 30s; I at least made it to 50.

There's a difference between calling a death "tragic" and calling it "unexpected". My best friend's mother died "suddenly and unexpectedly" at age 79--meaning that she was in excellent health, not frail, with no known lethal or terminal health conditions. Her doctor said he hoped to be in as good condition when he was 79. Calling it sudden and unexpected isn't the same as being in denial about death. It's just in *her* case, it was *not* expected.
Re: Cause of death! by johnnythemonkey on 1 November 2008 10:09pm
Harold Shipman ( a so called doctor ) got away with killing hundreds of old people over decades because no one questioned the sudden death of, in many cases, healthy individuals. Just their age, was'nt it ?
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