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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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John McCain by geordiegirl on 5 November 2008 6:42pm
Husband & I very impressed with the sheer DECENCY of this man - what an extremely gracious conceding speech he made.

Mike, you must be proud of your Senator - was he -re-elected? It was mentioned on our news his seat was at risk.

(Lots of pictures from Arizone last night, but alas none from Tucson! Mind you, if there had been, ut would have been parks, crowds, TV studios, etc. & probably looked like anywhere)
Re: John McCain by sighthound on 5 November 2008 7:31pm
McCain will remain a Senator and I am very glad that he will still be in the Senate. He IS a very good man. I was living in Arizona the last time he had to stand for election and I voted for him. Earlier than that in 2000, I changed my party affiliation to Republican and worked hard for him in the primaries when he was running against George Bush. The world would be a much better place now if he had defeated Bush in the primaries.

I have been very sad for him throughout this campaign. He had to sell his soul to vested interests in the Republican Party and was a shadow of the man I had voted for before. I hope he recovers his real "maverick" status and becomes again the man he used to be. The country will be much the better for it.
Re: John McCain by peripatetically on 5 November 2008 10:47pm
I agree. His concession speech was very very gracious and I think he really had to dig down to hide his emotions when giving it. He is a good person and a real hero to the American people. He's worked hard for years. Had he run his campaign like he gave his speech, who knows what might have happened. But that's neither here nor there at this point.

Both candidates deserve a lot of credit. Obama by now has felt the impact of his new future role. Hope he gets some sleep now, because once he's sworn in, he won't get any. Have to hand it to him too, in accepting his speech without rubbing salt in the wound.

Proud the nation is tonight. A huge step for the USA's image. Biggest step since I was born.
Re: John McCain by mrsthing on 5 November 2008 11:26pm
Did anyone else notice that when Obama mentioned McCain in his speech, a weak cheer rose up, but when McCain mentioned Obama in his concession speech, a LOUD boo rose up? Those are the people who will be hardest to convince to work together, despite McCain's plea to drop the divisiveness and unify for the common good. But they were bred in part by the campaign he ran.
Re: John McCain by geordiegirl on 6 November 2008 11:54pm
McCain on vacation now, I understand_ Presdident-elect lucky if he gets a short time at his gym.

(oh, Klein, author of 'Primary Colors' popped up on TV the other day to say Michelle Obama had asked if he was going to write a book about them! Klein said he couldn't find any angle at all, perhaps an excess of going to the gym?!)

Yes, J.McC would have been a decent President, I'm sure.But the war might have still happened! Glad he continues - though maybe not after 2010? - as Senator.
Re: John McCain by tucsonmike on 7 November 2008 12:07am
Linda, no he will just serve out his Senate term and retire.
Senator McCain held his concession party at the Arizona Biltmore, a s.... hotel in Phoenix. Sarah Palin was not allowed to speak at it, and it turns out McCain's and Palin's staffers fought constantly.

I feel bad for Senator McCain going out like this.
Re: John McCain by sighthound on 7 November 2008 12:38am
You really think he won't want to continue in the Senate, Mike? He wouldn't even have to campaign very hard to get re-elected.
Re: John McCain by mrsthing on 7 November 2008 1:58am
The VP doesn't usually speak at the concession speech or the acceptance speech. She got to give a speech when she got home to Alaska--to chants of "2012! 2012!"

God help us if she becomes president!
Re: John McCain by geordiegirl on 7 November 2008 2:23pm
Interesting point on TV the other night. One pundit, asked if she's influential among younger Republicans, sn'ffed 'well SHE thinks she is.'

Cold-shouldered already, by the sound of it, Mike. Oh dear, and fighting among the ranks doesn't ever do any good. We had with with Tony Blair & Gordon Brown's people, somewhat.
Re: John McCain by sighthound on 7 November 2008 6:57pm
Things are now coming out about Sarah P. that reporters had been told by McCain staffers but had to keep off the record until after the election, things like she thought Africa is a country, not a continent. She also couldn't name the countries in North America and, when she was presented with a file about the press reports on her each morning, she'd throw tantrums. Nothing about that surprises me at all.
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