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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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For Believers ::Does God Exist? by bIG bLOGGER on 6 November 2008 4:27pm
A leading bookmakers--Paddy Power--have slashed back the odds that God exists after heavy betting on the probability that He does.
In the wake of Barack Obama's fine victory on Tuesday,minority groups everywhere are exclaiming:"I KNOW there is a God,and this PROVES He exists!!"..
however this betting predates the US Elections climax,and refers back to the launch of the Large Hadron Collider,because physicists were hoping it could prove the existence of the 'God particle'.
A Paddy Power spokesman said that when the Collider was shut down prematurely,the odds lengthened to 33-1; but in response to silly ads on London buses proclaiming :"There is probably no God" (paid for by secularists and would-be atheists),they report a spate of 'protest betting' by Believers,forcing them to dramatically slash their odds down to 4-1.
It is not obvious how they will obtain incontrovertible proof,but then belief is largely based on faith,and you've either got faith or you ain't.

Re: For Believers Only::Does God Exist? by mrsteabag on 6 November 2008 4:45pm
No one's ever been able to prove that S/he doesn't to my satisfaction. Just my 2 cents.
Re: For Believers Only::Does God Exist? by vlad all over on 6 November 2008 4:55pm
I'm agnostic. Which, given that nothing can be proved either way, is surely the only sensible stance on religion.

I mean Richard Dawkins talks a lot of sense but sometimes he can be just as extreme and annoying as the Jehovas Witness' who keep knocking on my door.
Re: For Believers Only::Does God Exist? by mrsteabag on 6 November 2008 5:02pm
Q. What do you get when you cross a Jehovah's Witness with a Unitarian?
A.Someone who goes door to door for no apparent reason.

bIG, forgive me for interrupting your thread...:)I had to.
Re: For Believers Only::Does God Exist? by TERRY S on 6 November 2008 6:58pm
I'm a believer (Salvation Army). Though how Obama winning the election proves he exists I am not entirely sure.
Re: For Believers Only::Does God Exist? by sighthound on 6 November 2008 9:02pm
Absolutely great joke, mrsteabag!

I'm with you, Vlad.

Just what kind of "believers" are you restricting this thread to, bIG bLOGGER?

Those who believe that there is a sense of justice encoded in our genes or those who believe in a God with a white beard who gives us tablets of stone and dictates books to men or those who exist somewhere in the middle of that spectrum?
Re: For Believers Only::Does God Exist? by mrsthing on 6 November 2008 9:05pm
I'm a believer, but my faith is based on subjective evidence that makes perfect sense to me but probably wouldn't to anyone else. There's absolutely no way to prove God exists. That's not a problem for me.
Re: For Believers Only::Does God Exist? by Spursfan on 6 November 2008 9:09pm
I doubt if this is relevant, but I have just thought of it so...

When I was a very small child I imagined 'God' lying on his side above the clouds. I imagined Father Christmas (for he was called that then, not Santa) lying near him, as they both watched what we were doing.

I suppose Mum and/or Dad must've said at one point 'Father Christmas can see if you're being good or bad' and the image stuck with me. [Also, to me he never came from Lapland or the North Pole (or even Turkey !!) but from the sky (heaven?)]

I wish I could draw or paint as I think it would be a great image to put onto canvas.

I am atheist by the way.

Re: For Believers Only::Does God Exist? by perfectbitch on 6 November 2008 9:16pm
Loved the joke. I'm with sighthound on this.I actually support what you describe as "silly ads' on buses. You missed the rest of the ad. It says, "There is probably no God so stop worrying and enjoy your life."
I come across so many people from a variety of religions who worry about things written in their holy texts and rules laid down by religious leaders.
Thought you may be interested in David Attenborough's views:-

Andrew Denton: When you see this sort of stuff, do you ever get a sense of God's pattern?

Sir David Attenborough: Well, if you ask…about that, then you see remarkable things like that earwig and you also see all very beautiful things like hummingbirds, orchids, and so on. But you also ought to think of the other, less attractive things. You ought to think of tapeworms. You ought to think of…well, think of a parasitic worm that lives only in the eyeballs of human beings, boring its way through them, in West Africa, for example, where it's common, turning people blind. So if you say, "I believe that God designed and created and brought into existence every single species that exists," then you've also got to say, "Well, he, at some stage, decided to bring into existence a worm that's going to turn people blind." Now, I find that very difficult to reconcile with notions about a merciful God. And I certainly find it difficult to believe that a God — superhuman, supreme power — would actually do that.

Re: For Believers Only::Does God Exist? by sighthound on 6 November 2008 10:15pm
Amen, Linz.
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