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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Sample Audience by MMMmmm... on 11 November 2008 5:23pm
One of my friends wrote this. What do you guys think?

The Keys to Happiness

The gift of life is truly an abundance of riches. The magic is here in our existence - in the beauty and mysteries of the world, of being given the gift of life. We have seen it in the transformation of the recent election. And here we are all not unlike Barack Obama, transcendent. We straddle the ordinary mundane realm, while we ride and experience this wave of life aware of that there is more - the magic of existence, exquisite art, music, milky ways, galaxies, truffles, scents, tastes, movies, animals, love, passion and more... Why are we here? Perhaps our magic is a bit more earthly, yet we know also of the mysterious universe. Watch clouds pass... the sun as it sets... the moon as it rises...

But we often don't realize how good we have it until we lose what we take for granted. We take for granted loved ones, health, comfort, the world as we know it. It is in losing that we realize the precious beauties of existence; it is only in the poignance of loss that we feel them more absolutely and deeply, recognizing their true meaning to us, meaning that is often deeper than words.

I myself, have very serious health problems. I completely took my health for granted when I was in good health. No matter what people say, it is almost impossible to imagine how difficult life can become until it happens to you. It's the difference between knowing heartbreak exists, and experiencing it firsthand. It's the difference between one day being able to walk, and a later day, being in a wheelchair.

It is as different as night and day. Yet both night and day are beautiful in their own way. I have been given an additional gift of life through my experience with health problems: although life is harder than ever, I appreciate it more than ever. I am more grateful, and appreciative than ever, of everything. Existence seems to be a precious miracle, that I do not want to miss out on.

I am more content than ever with the simplest of things; simple pleasures and beauties of the moment. The freshness of the air is exquisite; the sky, and people - acting on their better angels - becoming earth angels - are extremely beautiful. Children are like whimsical cherubs. Favorite foods and tastes are divine. Eating is divine. Sleep is divine. Waking is divine. Life is divine.

Looking out the window, the world is a gem. Trees and grass glow emerald green. Sunlight is golden. Flowers are rubies and amethysts. Water sparkles like diamonds. The moon is opal.

Even my organs, which are currently in a state of imperfection, are more divine to me than ever before. I marvel at the miraculous universes within cells. I marvel at their synergy and orchestration, their inner music. I am amazed by and fully reverent of the miracles that are our bodies.

When people are in good health they spend a lot of time engaged in social, familial, personal constructs and issues that they learned growing up. These are the ideas about who they are - what their possibilities are... These constructs and issues can cause great suffering or limitation. But when you lose your good health, you realize just how much these constructs and issues - these ideas - are just learned barriers - not actual barriers - to possibility. As long as you have your health, you can improve and expand your life in almost any way you set your mind to, if you work towards your goals. You may not always get exactly what you want, but you will come closer to finding what you need, and your greatest strengths.

Taking good care of your health is essential to keeping more doors to possibility open. Research is finding that many illnesses today are caused or worsened by diet, stress, even lack of sleep. Health is vital: investing in your health is investing in your life.

Happiness is here now. Life gives us the keys. We only have to appreciate it to feel the gift. Life is a once in a lifetime experience. There is no doubt - if we recognize it, and choose accordingly, life is an immensely beautiful experience.

This is what I have learned that I wish I had known before - life is an abundance of riches, enjoy it thoroughly while you have it - never take it, or anyone, for granted - with no doubt.

Life is big. There is a lot of small stuff. Identify it, and don't waste your time, or your life...

Benjamin Franklin put it well:

"Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that's the stuff life is made of."

Re: Sample Audience by mrsteabag on 11 November 2008 11:24pm
MMM, your friend was very generous to share this hard-earned wisdom. Overall, I really liked it. There were a few nit-picky things: could some of the sentences involving "is" be rewritten to use more active verbs. I also would like, if your friend feels comfortable with adding it, some hint of what the challenge s/he's dealing with. I feel that this piece was a blessing, and may its author be blessed in turn.
Re: Sample Audience by MMMmmm... on 11 November 2008 11:32pm
That's very sweet, mrsteabag. I will pass your suggestions and well wishes along!
Re: Sample Audience by mrsthing on 12 November 2008 1:14am
It's wonderful that your friend has been able to receive these insights while experiencing serious health problems. I hope he/she continues to be blessed with an agile mind, even if the body is broken.

On a personal note: I started experiencing bouts of depression when I was in my teens. Medication only helps so much. I've had to learn to live with limitations to memory, physical energy, and concentration. So there are a lot of things I just know I can't do, like work at a hectic job or learn new things quickly.

I took it as a real bummer at first. Then I read an article in an "alternative" newspaper about eating disorders. It said that we have our priorities all wrong. We keep waiting for that ship to come in that's going to change everything and make everything right, and so we live in a constant state of disappointment and frustration, and develop obsessive and destructive behaviors to deal with it. The article said that focusing on little things was way more important.

So I thought about it. Do I like the food I'm eating? Do I like the smell of my shampoo? Do I like the colors of my clothes? If I love the sensation of sea water on my skin, why don't I go swimming more often? Why don't I fix that squeaky door that makes me cringe every time I open it? Then I acted on those things. I started buying better quality food, and spending less money on other things. I went swimming more often. I got out the WD40 and went at that screeching hinge.

Then I went a step further, and just started paying attention to what my senses were experiencing. It's amazing to me how often I go on auto-pilot, just thinking about what else I have on my to do list instead of focusing on what I'm doing now. Life became so much more satisfying when I had all the "little" things in place. "Little" things turned out to be the "big" things after all.
Re: Sample Audience by MMMmmm... on 12 November 2008 1:30am
As Einstein would say: It's all relative! Each person can figure out what their big and little things are :)
Re: Sample Audience by geordiegirl on 12 November 2008 1:49am
Very salutory for a relatively healthy person to be reminded of these things. Thanks.
Re: Sample Audience by johnnythemonkey on 12 November 2008 9:07am
Good post Judy.
Re: Sample Audience by kazzzz on 12 November 2008 10:34am
That's really nice! I'm gonna think of the moon as an opal now:)

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