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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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President Elect Obama, the Transition. by tucsonmike on 12 November 2008 12:29am
I will start with his transition website:


Because the audience on Palin's is Int'l, I will concentrate on that.

People all over the world are hailing his victory. Please do not be disappointed if he concentrates on the U.S. economy first, which is what the vast majority of us want.

Then he can take care of the rest of the world.

Re: President Elect Obama, the Transition. by mrsthing on 12 November 2008 12:56am
Is it his job to take care of the rest of the world?

I ran into some British friends, and they were every bit as excited as Obama's American supporters were. They live here part time, so they have a vested interest in our politics, but still--they told me they rang up their friends and family in England to share the good news, and they all were very happy for us.
Re: President Elect Obama, the Transition. by Lounge Trekker on 12 November 2008 1:11am
He should let the rest of the world happen on its own, and we'd all be better off. It is not his job to attempt to change the world. That approach to foreign affairs is the root cause of negative attitudes towards American foreign policy.

I expect a more reasonable approach than Dubya used. President Elect Obama seems a reasonable man, and bombing people that look different than he, simply doesn't seem like something he would advocate.

Hopeful Trekker
Re: President Elect Obama, the Transition. by MMMmmm... on 12 November 2008 1:23am
I have heard people from other countries say they wish they could "borrow" President-Elect Obama. That is a nice feeling to hear about, compared to the way people felt about Bush. Obama brings good, bright ideals and principles to governing and decision making.
Re: President Elect Obama, the Transition. by geordiegirl on 12 November 2008 1:53am
I agree with hands-off re foreign affairs, Pete: he'll have to (and all will want him to) work with other nations re the economy.

And for a while everyone will bask in his glow. I remember the German elections in 1997, Schroeder, would-be slogan, 'Ich Bin Tony Blair'(who had just been overwhelmingly elected here)

Obama won't always be so popular, he knows that. But yes, let's bask in the glow for a while!

Re: President Elect Obama, the Transition. by sighthound on 12 November 2008 2:08am
Don't expect the transition to go smoothly. I already see signs that the Obama haters will do everything they can to hamstring his administration like the Clinton-haters did to Clinton's. And the Obama-haters are even more rabid.

Already, a Republican Congressman from Georgia got a lot of press yesterday by issuing a warning that he fears that Obama has planned to establish a dictatorship and compared Obama to Hitler. http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5iRxZox4GFoIweckPDP1oRhKBlHOwD94CCDU00

The depth of the Obama hatred is already affecting my life. I co-own a Yahoo list that deals with animal legislation. It is totally bi-partisan with as many Democrats on it as Republicans and quite a few Libertarians. We've been extremely effective in working together; it took 18 months of hard work but we stopped a horrible law in California that no one thought we had any chance of defeating.

But during the election, the Obama-haters keep posting outrageous lies like the one above. Unfortunately, my co-listowner is one of them. She is absolutely convinced that Obama will end capitalism, isn't a U.S. citizen and will end all pet-ownership. (Now this is a woman who successfully operates several businesses and is a "pillar of the community".)

Since she was also a list-owner, no matter how hard I tried to keep the list focused on animal matters, I couldn't keep the Obama lies off the list. She and her friends even posted what was a very obvious April Fool's joke from a vegan website and continued to insist that Obama had publicly declared himself to be a vegan and was going to work to outlaw the eating of meat. They hate him so much that they are willing to believe anything.

The hatred has destroyed a good list that took two years of very hard work to build. Our credibility is gone. Pointing out to them that taking the list off topic was destroying it, made no difference. Trying to destroy Obama takes precedence for them.

So, fasten your seat belts; it's going to be a very bumpy ride for the next 4 or 8 years.
Re: President Elect Obama, the Transition. by tucsonmike on 12 November 2008 4:12am
That was some article Geraldine. Good grief!
The New York Times had an article about very angry white Southerners because of the election. It is a little scary.
I just want to get to work and fix the country.
Re: President Elect Obama, the Transition. by mrsthing on 12 November 2008 11:03am
I think I posted elsewhere that my otherwise intelligent, loving in-laws believe with all their hearts that Obama is a skilled manipulator who will usher in the end times by leading the country into moral degradation (because he supports gay marriage and abortion). The Christian right has been purveying this bullsh*t to their followers for months, and the followers, who are discouraged from thinking for themselves, believe it.

BTW, here's a site that refutes the "Obama's not a US citizen" claim:


Of course, people who don't want to believe this will come up with some way to debunk the site, but it's worth having an answer when the subject comes up. Aside from the idea that the government would never have let this go by.
Re: President Elect Obama, the Transition. by bIG bLOGGER on 12 November 2008 4:53pm
sighthound: yes,I looked at that post,and the fact it was posted on 01 April seemed a bit suspicious.It claimed Obama declared himself vegan during a speech in Altoona,Pennsylvania.
A pity,it would be rather nice if Obama DID opt for veganism. Now he's been elected,he wouldn't lose any votes by saying so.The link also claims that Dennis Kucinich is a vegan,although I cannot get that confirmed either.
Conversely,there's been a rumour going the rounds for years that Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian,but it turns out that that wasn't true,either:Hitler liked to eat trout.
Re: President Elect Obama, the Transition. by canaveralgumby on 12 November 2008 5:01pm
SH, you are correct ~ this won't be a bed of roses, BUT, unlike Clinton's administration, the make-up of Congress is a firmer Democratic majority. It OUGHT not be as hostile to the president- elect. That is not to say that certain factions won't be, but maybe this time it will be easier to slap them upside the head and tell them to sit down and shut up. Metaphorically speaking.
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