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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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The Librarian's Club by sleepydumpling on 3 May 2003 7:48am
Ok then Dianne - I'll start it!

Any librarians out there? Or those like me, that work in libraries, but aren't qualified librarians? What about people who would like to be librarians?

But definitely no people who think all librarians are frumpy women with sensible shoes, hair in a bun, horn-rimmed glasses and the word "shhh!!" on their pursed lips all the time!!

Re: The Librarian's Club by BB-Scala on 3 May 2003 8:20am
Ok, Dianne and Kath -- I'm here! Finally, I am an official person of "Librarian Spirit!" -- Cool! Yeah, we aren't the "shush -- type librarians" -- I need quiet in order to really concentrate -- can't read while playing loud music -- BUT, I have a couple of different speeds. I have that low gear for "Planet library!" I don't think I own one pair of sensible shoes! My favorite pair are made by a riding boot company called Ariat -- these are clogs that look like riding boots but have super charged suspension so you can actually run in them! I got them in Woodstock -- where else? ;-)
I promise not to clomp around in our library, though -- I'll wear my moccasins!

Re: The Librarian's Club by Dianne on 3 May 2003 11:43am
I don't go shhh, but I do say, "walk, don't run", or "lower your voice please". I tend to say this about 5 times in 30 minutes to the say child! Oh, children, aren't they lovely?

I just love working in the library at school and I love the chance to work with children. The staff aren't half bad either.

I'm definitely not frumpy, nor wear boring sensible shoes, my hair is never in a bun and I don't wear glasses.

Shall we name our Librarian club after Michael? The Palin Librarian club or the Michael Palin Librarian club or is that too silly?

First there was the IDSL, then wingtips then there was creme eggs, now it's the Librarian's Club! What will the Palinites come up with next?
Re: The Librarian's Club by jake_h_uk on 3 May 2003 12:04pm
i used to be a librarian at my school's library but had to give it up becuase i didnt have enough time with exams coming up etc
Re: The Librarian's Club by Diamond on 3 May 2003 12:17pm
I never was a librarian - boo hoo I cant join!!

you could have

Im a librarian and I Im alright - as your theme tune??

well you have to cut down trees to make books dont you so you must have some affinity with the lumberjacks !

Peace and a good book

Lyn (who has a bookshelf full of good books at home - can I be an associate member please??)
Re: The Librarian's Club by sleepydumpling on 4 May 2003 10:16am
Heya! Well I work for public libraries, so that's kind of different than school libraries. We tolerate a certain amount of noise because we've got this whole "community hub" philosophy going on. But yes, I have to say, when I am reading I do need a bit of quiet. Mind you, I do read on the train to and from work every day!

Lyn - of course you can join! So long as you have a love of libraries, you can be part of the Michael Palin Librarian's Circle!

Anyone else want to weigh in?
Re: The Librarian's Club by peripatetically on 4 May 2003 2:44pm
I used to work in a library, at the checkout counter. I guess I'm a candidate!!! Sign me on, please!!


PS. And it's not like it used be. Now the patrons are much louder. We DARE not tell anyone to lower their voices. That would impede on their "rights". Makes me livid.....Grrrrrrrrr...
Re: The Librarian's Club by BB-Scala on 4 May 2003 11:59pm
Awesome! It seems we have a library stocked with librarians! Thanks!!
Re: The Librarian's Club by Dianne on 5 May 2003 7:43am
And not one of us are frumpy!!! Especially not Jake.
Re: The Librarian's Club by sleepydumpling on 5 May 2003 8:34am
That's one of the best things about the evolution of libraries these days - more boy librarians! We have quite a few at BCCLS now, and they're great - they bring a whole new perspective into the game.

In fact where my team (systems) was once all women bar one little webmaster, we now have THREE boys in our team, plus a couple of linked lads from Archives! How cool is that?

Can anyone think of other positive things from the evolution of libraries over the years?

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