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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Eric Braeden by kazzzz on 17 November 2008 10:51am
No he's not dead or anything he's alive and kickin'. I just wanted to post a thread about him for Missy as she's been in love with him for the last squillion years. He's best known as the sexy Vistor Newman from the Young and the Restless ( or the Young and the Gormless as my mother calls it).

Anyway for those of you who need a Victorfix here ya go

Re: Eric Braeden by Spursfan on 17 November 2008 3:35pm
D'oh!! For some reason I thought you meant the chap off 'Braden Beat' in the 60s - then I remembered his name was Bernard...I'll go now shall I? ;)
Re: Eric Braeden by bIG bLOGGER on 17 November 2008 5:03pm
Don't worry,Tottenham Hotspur,I'd never heard of him either,perhaps because he's a German. Apparently he had a small role in the 1997 blockbuster movie 'Titanic',playing John Jacob Astor IV:it was probably a 'walk-on' role,or rather a 'walk-on-jump-like hell-into-the-briny-and hope-you-don't drown' role..... lol
Re: Eric Braeden by Miss-M on 18 November 2008 12:41am
Awww, thanks Clagster! Eric, mmmmmmm!!

"Damn you, Jack Abbott!"
Re: Eric Braeden by kazzzz on 18 November 2008 11:13am
Missy...question...how many times has Victor married Nikki? And what is their current matrimonial status?
Re: Eric Braeden by ev on 18 November 2008 11:37am
I have to admit (there's another cliche - I don't really have to admit it..) feeling quite out of place sometimes on this forum, with most people on it being about 15-20 years older.. and mostly women.. then again what else should one expect in a Michael Palin forum?

Ah, forget it, let's go to Stoning.. :)
Re: Eric Braeden by bIG bLOGGER on 18 November 2008 4:46pm
ev: you have quite a large bag of jokes,but do you have any 'Saudi' or 'Sheikh' jokes that are tellable?
(RESPECT!) I recall,in Ray Stevens's song:"Ahab,The Arab"--a comedy song--he had a camel called Clyde; in Clint Eastwood's movie:"Every Which Way But Loose",he had an orangutan friend called Clyde;mmmm...where do they get these names from?
Re: Eric Braeden by ev on 18 November 2008 8:39pm
Yeah sure, I've got a couple right here:

Q: What do you call Saudi second-hand car salesman?
A: Aziz

Q: What do you call a Saudi Roman Catholic priest?
A: Azif

Re: Eric Braeden by Miss-M on 19 November 2008 10:30am
To answer your question, Clagster:

Victor has been married a total of 9 times, and 3 of those marriages were to Nikki. Victor and Nikki are currently divorced, although I'm sure a remarriage isn't too far around the corner! ;)

Here is Victor's marital history for those of you who are interested (probably not many, hahaha!):

Julia Newman Martin (divorced, 1977-1981)
Nicole "Nikki" Reed Newman (divorced; first time, 1984-1988)
Leanna Randolph (invalid, 1988)
Ashley Abbott (divorced, 1990-1993)
Hope Adams Wilson (divorced, 1994-1995)
Diane Jenkins (divorced, 1997-1999)
Nicole "Nikki" Reed Newman (invalid; second time, 1998-1999)
Nicole "Nikki" Reed Newman (divorced; third time, 2002-2008)
Sabrina Costelana (widowed; June 2008-Aug 2008)
Re: Eric Braeden by kazzzz on 19 November 2008 10:39am
Well I know I am...splendid effort my youngish restless little friend.
Leanna ooh she was a fruitcake. And as for Nikki she cries too much and has a pointy nose. My fave is deffo Ashley (the original one not the replacement) why he ever dumped her is beyond me , the woman is a biological chemist for goodness sake.
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