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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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comfort food by mrsteabag on 24 November 2008 8:17pm
OK, I know some of you thought that I'd slipped the leash, gone 'round the bend, or just plain lost it with my Everybody Polka post last week. But, my dears, there's a method to my madness: the more we polka, the more comfort food we can enjoy. That way, we can take our minds off the economy, enjoy our favorite treats, and not have to fork it out on new clothes if we pork out. Try mashed potatoes with green onion and feta. Chocolate? Need I say more? If it gets really grim, may I suggest a peanut butter and potato chip/crisp sandwich? What do you guys like? And let's not forget consults with Dr. Ben and Dr. Jerry.
Re: comfort food by canaveralgumby on 24 November 2008 9:10pm
Here's the sign outside out local bike shop: "Start Bicycling/EAT that Pumpkin Pie!"

But since I thought this was a post just about comfort food, I'll start. Breakfast for dinner.
Re: comfort food by MMMmmm... on 24 November 2008 10:49pm
Chocolate, teas, hot chocolate, peanut butter, 70% cocoa Dark Chocolate, raspberry ice cream, chocolate, vanilla ice cream, chocolate, croissants, chocolate, muffins, chocolate, cookies, chocolate, coffee ice cream, chocolate - there's too much to write really! All sorts of gourmet or fresh bakery breads with butter, jam, and other creamy spreads. But luckily, I don't get fat :)
Re: comfort food by Lounge Trekker on 25 November 2008 12:25am
Thick slices of ham with mashed potatoes and gravy. Creamed yam. Fried chicken. Scalloped potatoes. Thick and creamy seafood chowder. Believe it or not...fried rice with hot chilies, peppers, onion, carrot and ham with soy and sesame oil.

Anti-inflammatory medication. Morphine. Pretty nurses and pretty anethstesiologists.

Hungry Trekker
Re: comfort food by mrsthing on 25 November 2008 2:14am
Cori, you read my mind! I LOOOOOOOOVE breakfast any time of day, but especially for dinner when I'm alone.

Mashed potatoes are practically a sacrament at my house. So is freshly baked bread.

If I want sweets to comfort me, chocolate usually does the trick, but birthday cake is great, too--plain vanilla cake with white buttercreme frosting with pink roses and trim around the edges. I eat the corners and the roses.

Pepsi is a good comfort food for me. It goes way back to when you could get soda in glass bottles from those coolers they used to have in gas stations: those big metal things into which you had to put a nickel or dime to unlock the door, then you just opened it and fished out an ice cold Coke or Pepsi in a glass bottle. It tasted so good--no metallic taste from the can, and it didn't instantly get warm like it does in plastic.
Re: comfort food by suzulu on 25 November 2008 11:59am
Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!
Re: comfort food by johnnythemonkey on 25 November 2008 2:44pm
Re: comfort food by bIG bLOGGER on 25 November 2008 4:19pm
I like piping hot Tomato Soup during the winter months. A local Health Food shop is advertising Ginger Wine as:"with the kick of two angry mules.." which amused me,so I tried a free sample,and it knocked me sideways..(!)

Elvis Presley was a big aficionado of comfort-eating,but eventually it did him in,plus all the drugs and other stuff; two of his personal favourites were :
Peanut Butter and Banana Bread
Peanut Butter smoothie

I think Americans go more for peanut concoctions than us Brits.

www.about.com/od/southernregionalfood/tp/Elvis Presley.
Re: comfort food by geordiegirl on 25 November 2008 4:34pm
Think you're right, Peter. Husband likes peanut butter with most things, and he's a born-and-bred Londoner.

I'm not so keen on it - it has to be well disguised in sauces. But I realise the fault s mine!!

Crumpets, I think. Bacon sandwiches, always, any time of year.Warm rice pudding with raisins & chocolate powder. And yes, Dr. Ben and Dr. Jerry- we make their ice-cream recipes from their book. Just love the usual ending: 'makes a generous quart'. What all-American good guys.
Re: comfort food by mrsthing on 25 November 2008 4:48pm
Oh, I love bacon! I almost never have it because of the fat (mine and the bacon's), but when I have breakfast out, which is once in a blue moon, I always order bacon.

I think what Elvis liked were peanut butter and banana sandwiches on white bread--slices of banana on top of peanut butter. I had a few friends who ate them when I was a kid. My opinion? YUCK!
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