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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Inauguration, Thinking About. by tucsonmike on 18 December 2008 8:22pm
I am reading a lot of stuff about Lincoln (much of what is on Obama's reading list). I am reading a book about the period between Lincoln's election and inauguration and all the craziness leading up to the Civil War.

I had a bizarre thought. (Another for my silly stories). Jan. 20, 2009. Obama is about to give his address and some [email protected]*& high school band starts playing...Dixie!
There is a warped thought for you.
Re: Inauguration, Thinking About. by sighthound on 18 December 2008 9:10pm
Aretha Franklin is going to sing at the Obama inauguration. Don't think anyone will break into "Dixie" with her around.
Re: Inauguration, Thinking About. by geordiegirl on 18 December 2008 10:18pm
Take your points, but too many tears will be pouring down for much else to register, in our house at least!
Re: Inauguration, Thinking About. by bIG bLOGGER on 19 December 2008 2:54pm
I heard that the geordie rock god STING has been contracted to play at Obama's bIG dAY!...have you lot in the USA heard this news too? If so,I dunno what he'll play...probably not "Roxanne"....lol
Re: Inauguration, Thinking About. by Lounge Trekker on 19 December 2008 6:58pm
As much as I like seeing Mr. Obama's sensible logic, I'm thinking he will only be wagged by the big money that controls the country. I do hope I am wrong. And let's not forget the boost to the American economy of the manufacturing and use of war machinery.

Lounge Cynic
Re: Inauguration, Thinking About. by mrsthing on 19 December 2008 11:17pm
He's pretty resistant to big money, Pete, but I'm not holding my breath. He's got an impressive crew, though.

I had not heard about Sting, but I did hear that Rick Warren is giving the invocation, which shocked me--he's extremely right-wing. It's just an invocation, but I was surprised Obama chose him--must be trying to appease the evangelicals who think Obama is the antichrist. Maybe he hopes they'll think that if Rick Warren would agree to give the invocation, Obama can't be all that bad.
Re: Inauguration, Thinking About. by mrsteabag on 20 December 2008 2:51am
what? WHAT? A President who's trying to bring together diverse groups and Sting might be performing? Pass the Ghiradelli and pitch me in a cold shower!
Re: Inauguration, Thinking About. by johnnythemonkey on 20 December 2008 3:15am
Sting is just like your president-elect. A phony.
Re: Inauguration, Thinking About. by tucsonmike on 20 December 2008 3:38am
I was thinking about the Inauguration, because of a book I read by Harold Holzer (Co Chairman of the Lincoln Bicentennial Committee). For Lincoln's first Inauguration, 30,000 people were there, and that was the largest crowd up to that time. Only politicians observed Thomas Jefferson's first, then Jefferson returned to the Pennsylvania Avenue boarding house he was living in and had a celebratory dinner with the boarders.
Lincoln's first Inauguration was held with the tensions of the upcoming Civil War, in a city that owned slaves and was at least somewhat sympathetic to the Confederacy.

There is another irony. Obama reads about and tries to emulate Lincoln. February 12, 2009 will be the bicentennial of Lincoln's birth. Where would we have been as a nation without him?

Obama a phony? We keep speaking about him and he has not even been inaugurated yet! It used to be worse. Until FDR, the Inauguration was March 4th. That is what this book I just read about Lincoln is about. The four months between his election and his Inauguration.
I do not remember this country being this excited about an incoming President. If I could stand the weather and afford it, I would have gone to Washington. Just to be in on history LOL!
Re: Inauguration, Thinking About. by bIG bLOGGER on 20 December 2008 3:43pm
Thomas Jefferson was the US's 3rd President and served 2 terms in office, between 1801 and 1809. His most impressive achievement was the Louisiana Purchase---for a mere $15million---which doubled the size of the (then) United States.He enlisted explorers Lewis and Clark to map the new territory.

He was keen to end the drain on the economy by paying ransom sums to Barbary pirates,and managed to partially end it by refusing to pay,although this led to war.

Jefferson,like Obama,studied law and became a law professor.His father was a slave-owner and plantation owner in Virginia.
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