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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Drug contraindications by Lounge Trekker on 19 December 2008 7:16am
Researching possible causes of my original injury, trying to prevent asynchronous bilateral Achilles rupture, I found this, a list of FDA comments on a few drugs.

I found this:

Lounge Victim
Re: Drug counterindications by suzulu on 19 December 2008 12:37pm
OMG! Take natural remedies!

How are you getting on, Pete?
Re: Drug counterindications by Ken Dunn on 19 December 2008 5:30pm
When I did my back in I was taking a drug called diclofenac sodium which is very good for muscle strains and diazepam as a muscle relaxant but the side effects of both can be dangerous. Most drugs are dangerous in the wrong quantities, it's just a case of ensuring that their good effects outweigh the side effects.
Re: Drug counterindications by Lounge Trekker on 19 December 2008 6:39pm
Thanks for asking about me, Sue. I'm doing alright thanks to some help from dear friends. I do as much as I can, even shovelling a path to the street - can't drive with this no-load cast, so I only cleared a place for me to be picked up at the street. The cast comes off in three weeks...then the work starts.

I'm doing a turkey today. I made the dressing and brined the fresh bird. We'll roast it at a neighbour's.

I have some Diclofenac, Ken, and found it a wonder drug! I haven't researched the health implications because after taking it ONCE, the symptoms diminished so much as to be easily managed with stretching and muscle balancing. I've heard it is hard on the liver. I wouldn't take it unless the muscle pain is unbearable.

Re: Drug counterindications by mrsthing on 19 December 2008 11:23pm
Skelaxin is a better muscle relaxant than Valium, and it doesn't even make me sleepy. Just makes the muscles relax. And I've never had a bad interaction with anything else I take.
Re: Drug counterindications by mrsteabag on 20 December 2008 2:48am
Pete, you're making great progress. YAY!
I've been using herbs and homeopathy for ages. Anything with a remote chance of making me stupid will--OTC cold and allergy meds,pain pills...once after I had minor surgery, Mr. Teabag was kind enough to leave the room before giggling about my inability to change channels with the remote. I kept pointing it at myself, not the tv.
Re: Drug counterindications by mrsthing on 20 December 2008 4:59pm
After a 3 hour operation, for which I was given a general anesthetic, I was mentally a mess for three weeks! I was supposed to be off my feet for 2 of them anyway, and I was looking forward to doing crossword puzzles and reading a stack of books I had waiting. But I couldn't make head nor tail of any of it! So I watched movies on TV for the most part. But I dread having to have surgery again. My brain is already addled enough.
Re: Drug counterindications by mrsthing on 20 December 2008 5:02pm
Bear in mind, too, that drug manufacturers have to list every side effect that ever occurred, even if it couldn't definitively be traced to the drug, because they'll get sued if they don't and someone has a severe reaction. Most of those severe reactions are extremely rare. That said, you don't want to be the rare exception.
Re: Drug counterindications by canaveralgumby on 20 December 2008 6:16pm
It is also imperative that you check all vitamins, minerals, herbals and any other supplements against your meds. If you are taking a medication for a "ailment X" then the Society for Ailment X Website is a good source of this information. Sometimes a supplement which is good for the general population might make YOUR ailment worse.
Re: Drug counterindications by Spursfan on 20 December 2008 6:26pm
Whilst taking cyclosporin (an immunosuppressant drug - I had to come off it fairly quickly as it was affecting my liver) I was told to avoid grapefruit which was contraindicated.

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