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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
King Arthur. ( Scargill ) by johnnythemonkey on 23 December 2008 6:49am

One of my all-time heroes and one of the most villified men in 20th century Britain.
The strike of 1984-85 remains controversial to this day but it was about Thatcher setting out to destroy the mining industry and therefore the Trade Union movement in this country and crushing the working classes. She succeeded and we still reap the consequences. As well as using British troops in the Falklands, she used them dressed as police in the picket lines against working people fighting to save their jobs and communities.
The degeneration of Britain and the beginnings of the greed ridden society that we now have was sown in those days. Arthur knew what the fight was about and so did Thatcher and her American/Scots henchman Ian McGregor.
As Arthur approaches his 70th birthday, I would like to see him remembered as the man who put up the last-ditch effort to save British trade unionism...and lost.
We now have a 'Labour' government led mostly by Scots, who are a stain on everything that my forefathers fought for and who now wage war around the world and on the poor in their own country.
History will show that the brave miners who were starved, jailed and humiliated, were fighting for a way of life in this country that has now been lost.
Re: King Arthur. ( Scargill ) by Spursfan on 23 December 2008 9:39am
I agree with you on this one Johnny.

As a staunch believer in unions (though perhaps too shy to be a rep?!) I supported the miners in their fight. Stafford itself is not a mining cmmunity but we are not far from the Black Country and the pits of Stoke-on-Trent (Littleton and Florence colleries are two that spring to mind, now closed).

As I said I am a strong believer in unions and made sure that I remained a member of UNISON when I left local government.

Contrary to some people's belief, they are not there just to money-grab or take take take.

I have had the backing of my union (at time, before it merged with NUPE, it was NALGO) when applying for a higher payscale and my husband (a UNISON rep for a time) had their backing when he went through a 'grievance procedure' against management.

I only have experience of public sector unions, but in the private sector they are perhaps even more important, to ensure that workers get fair pay and reasonable hours.

Arthur Scargill should be knighted or at the very least given an O.B.E. - though he probably would not accept it!

The only annoying thing to me at the time about him was his hair!!

[The fabulous portrayal of a union boss by Peter Sellers in "I'm Alright Jack" just popped into my head!!).
Re: King Arthur. ( Scargill ) by johnnythemonkey on 23 December 2008 10:21am
Well said Annie. I've been a trade unionist all my working life and, yes, mistakes were made by unions but the way Thatcher used the entire power of the state to crush the miners and hence the entire working class of this country was an act that should never be forgotten. They are planning a state funeral for the old bastard when she dies. ( yes, the present 'Labour' government. ) I shall be in the vanguard that tries to prevent that ever happening. When she dies, she should be thrown on a dung heap.
Re: King Arthur. ( Scargill ) by Spursfan on 23 December 2008 11:20am
Well, I suppose she's a human being and deserves more than that but I echo your sentiments !!

When people moan about the Labour government I remind them about the Thatcher years. We should never forget!! But they don't always listen.

My husband and siblings were brought up in Grantham (famous for being the most boring town in Britain at one time and birthplace of MT) and his bro Rob still lives in a village nearby. At the time Thatcher came to power (a black day) Rob worked for a removal company (he now has his own electrical company and often works abroad - Siberia and Brazil amongst countries he has worked in). HE MOVED THATCHER INTO NUMBER 10!!! We often tease him and say it was all his fault!! LOL.

Incidentally he also moved one of Princess Di's sisters and she gave him a carpet she no longer wanted - it was beautiful!!

Re: King Arthur. ( Scargill ) by perfectbitch on 23 December 2008 11:50am
My grandfather was blacklisted from every mine in South Wales because he helped to create a miners union. He worked with Nai Bevan within the Labour Party. There is a photo of my grandfather, my mother (as a small child) and Nai Bevan. I think Scargill was much maligned and has been proved to have been largely correct in his "predictions".

Re: King Arthur. ( Scargill ) by geordiegirl on 23 December 2008 2:23pm
Your brother-in-law should be a footnote in history Anne (well, I guess he is in your family).

I know Grantham quite well, it being a handy stop-off from the A1 north and south. Fortunately, there seem not to be any memorials of her there now: Isaac Newton's the main-man.

You're right (in my opinion, anyway) abous Scargill being maligned, Linz: but in some ways the guy's seriouslt barmy - in the media he'll only talk about himself in the third person 'Arthur Scargill thinks here' and his Socialist Labour Party has very few supporters, Ricky Tomlinson used to bankroll it, don't know if he still does.
I come from a trade-union background myself & identify totally with your Welsh ancestors, Linz. Bevan will always be one of my heroes (and I'd LOVE to do the Nye Bevan Bus Tour - starts & ends in Tredeager! Have you done it?)
Re: King Arthur. ( Scargill ) by johnnythemonkey on 24 December 2008 12:32pm
If Arthur had compromised his beliefs like so many others, he could've achieved high office in government. Even his detractors would admit that he is one of the great orators of our time.
Re: King Arthur. ( Scargill ) by Ginnyp on 24 December 2008 6:12pm
Despite what you say,
We still have coal in reserve.
Thank you God!

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