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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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ARIZONA CARDINALS?! Well I'll be... by canaveralgumby on 29 December 2008 1:24am

Miami Dolphins!
Miami Dolphins!
Miami Dolphins Number One!

Okay, I'll grant you it's not the best sports fight song, but the


Last year we finished 1-15, and THIS year we WON THE DIVISION!
Re: Miami Dolphins!... by kazzzz on 29 December 2008 11:05am
I know this is really ignorant but what sort of sport do they play?
Re: Miami Dolphins!... by tucsonmike on 29 December 2008 12:53pm
LOL! Cori. I had this discussion with a writer friend of mine in Miami, who writes football mysteries.
Karen, that should tell you the name of the sport.;-) Don't feel ignorant Karen. It is American Football that the Miami Dolphins play.
Re: Miami Dolphins!... by kazzzz on 29 December 2008 12:59pm
Ohh thankya!
Re: Miami Dolphins!... by peripatetically on 29 December 2008 2:24pm
The Ravens clinched a playoff spot.
Gooooooooooo, Ravens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For all you football fans out there, I guess you know yesterday was the 50th anniversary of The Greatest Game Ever Played. It all happened here in Baltimore and I was young but remember it well. There was a huge dinner party for whoever wished to go honoring the players and others who were part of that day. Many are gone now, of course, but many attended ed the party held at Ravens stadium. Also, many of the old Baltimore Colts who are still alive, were honored at yesterday's half time. A member of the Unitas family was in attendance too. It was a sad moment knowing Johnny U. wasn't present.

Oh, and for anyone who doesn't know, Baltimore won that game in the first overtime game EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the game that made football a game to reckon with, made broadcasting stations realize they had to televise the games from that time on and also put Baltimore "on the map"! That game changed the look of sport in America forever.

There were so many legendary players on both teams, the losing team being the NY Giants. But I think Baltimore had more future Hall of Fame players on the team of 1958 than any team has ever had since. Unbelievable. nearly every player was a legend in his own right.

It was fitting that the Ravens won yesterday because it was a day for thrills in Baltimore!
Re: Miami Dolphins!... by Lounge Trekker on 29 December 2008 3:39pm
If we were to compare it with Aussie Football...all the guys wear armour from the waist up and tackling below the waist is allowed. Plays are generally planned ahead (and practised the week before), although lateral passing is allowed, it is rarely used more than once per play. Never would a guy punch the ball ahead. A kick is always performed by a specialized kicker and teams are on field that are specialized in either kicking or receiving.

The armour protects these guys from injuries incurred while 'blocking', keeping an opposing player busy so the guy carrying the ball can make a gain in yardage.

It's an all right game, but there is more talking than action and very little of the action is spontaneous, rather pre-planned. Many of the best athletes in the US are attracted to the money and hype of this game so it can be exciting.


Re: Miami Dolphins!... by tucsonmike on 30 December 2008 12:34am
I was only two years old, when that famous game was played. No one in my family are football fans, so no one cared.

I am reading a book called The Ticket Out, Darryl Strawberry & the Boys of Crenshaw (high school in LA). The 1979 team was the greatest high school BASEBALL team of all time.

I bring it up here, because of what Pete said about people playing American Football. There are fewer African-American baseball players now than in the 1960's and '70's. Why? American Football and Basketball which are now overwhelmingly African-American. The book talked about how there was a pattern on who played baseball. The baseball players were mainly kids, whose parents grew up in the rural South. If the parent was born in LA, the kid was more likely to gravitate toward basketball (even though there are even fewer chances to make it big). Why? As with soccer, all you need is a ball and sneakers. For basketball, you do not even need a field.
For baseball, you need bats, balls, gloves, if you are a catcher (as I was) the chest protector, face mask and shin guards.

American football requires even more equipment. Therefore, you pretty much have to play it on an organized team with money raised, etc.
There are certain regions of the United States where football is THE sport. I remember reading a book about the Pittsburgh Steelers a friend loaned me. Football is God in Western Pennsylvania. Why? The comment was it was the only sport these big hulking Slavic kids from the mines could play.

In Tucson, it is big stuff to get on your high school team, and American Football is supposed to teach life lessons. Here, an employer sees it as a good thing if you were on your high school team. Better still if after high school, you did a stint in the military, but that is another story.

In U.S. Professional sports, the largest
average annual salaries are pro Basketball.
Re: Miami Dolphins!... by canaveralgumby on 30 December 2008 1:04am
I dunno. Some of the most impoverished nations produce the majority of our baseball players. Kids in American cities played stickball in the streets during the Depression. I have a feeling the Afro-American disconnect from baseball is something else, maybe cultural, and not the fact that you'd prefer to play with equipment. But I dunno!


Re: Miami Dolphins!... by Lounge Trekker on 30 December 2008 2:21am
The availability of gear and playing location is critical to a child. As is the unquestioning support of his family.

So is this a product of socio-economic progress in the Afro-American community, Mike, the overwhelming number of Afro-Americans in football?

Soccer is by far the most popular amongst kids here, for cost reasons. Hockey shows the most excellence. The commitment made by hockey parents is huge.

In three of the last four cities I've lived in, if a kid wanted to play hockey, the gear would be rounded up for him, his dues paid, and he's in. I coached a kid (14-15) from this segment of the playing population and I picked him up for every ice time. He was new at hockey, but he tried hard. I kept him on my team for two years and don't regret a moment of it.

I haven't heard of a famous football game. American TV wants them all to appear to be the beginning and end of life itself, so...what?

Re: Miami Dolphins!... by canaveralgumby on 30 December 2008 5:12am
Not to belabor the George Karlin routine, but baseball is passive and pastoral. Perhaps this just doesn't appeal to young American kids with no attention spans, be they poor or rich or inner-city or suburban or whatever race. I have a feeling that the proportion of white American players is waning in Major League Baseball along with African-American.
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