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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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*Thanks Michael for the message!* by MMMmmm... on 17 January 2009 8:39pm

I know the other thread has thank-yous too, but also so much about the plane, etc.

I loved Michael's message so much - brought tears to my eyes - showed once again he has such a big heart and mind!

*Thank you Michael!*

*Best & Love!*
Re: *Thanks Michael for the message!* by suzulu on 17 January 2009 9:42pm
Yes, thank you, Michael!
Re: *Thanks Michael for the message!* by mrsthing on 17 January 2009 11:25pm
Yes, thank you, Michael. So far, I only dream of traveling one day. Mr. Thing is a homebody.

Mrs. Thing
Re: *Thanks Michael for the message!* by tucsonmike on 17 January 2009 11:56pm
Appreciate it, Mr. P.
Re: *Thanks Michael for the message!* by peripatetically on 18 January 2009 12:41am
Judy, you must kick Mr. Thing in the butt and introduce him to the world! He might like it more than he realizes.
Re: *Thanks Michael for the message!* by sighthound on 18 January 2009 3:25am
Yes, many thanks, Michael, for the inspiration.

(Mrsthing, if Patty's suggestion doesn't work, what are Mr. Thing's enthusiasms? If you could find an event in whatever he is really interested in in some place you want to visit, you might be able to lure him into travel. I've found that men who have no interest in travel for the adventure of it often will go to a specific event. It's worked for me in the past and leaves me free to explore the local territory.)
Re: *Thanks Michael for the message!* by peripatetically on 18 January 2009 10:34am
That's a good idea, Geraldine.

Does Mr. Thing like sports of any kind? Maybe a trip to have a tour of a certain teams's stadium or something like that, or a game your home team is playing elsewhere, baseball for instance. Or how about spring training in Florida? You could go to the beach and some islands down south while he watches games throughout Florida. I know people who have spent a few weeks during spring training and went to different camps to see teams practice and play. If he likes to get autographs, that's the time to get them. The players are much more accessible to the public and willing to accommodate.

Or fishing-- lots of that down there too , or elsewhere a national park??? Or visit a place through which birdsstop during migration. Delaware bay region is one such place. You could visit Cape May via ferry.

These ideas are more like vacations, I know, but it's a start.

Maybe a photography workshop in an interesting venue would work. If he likes animals, take a photographic safari or visit a fabulous zoo. San Diego's is wonderful.

And here's a good idea----if he likes his beer, head for places that have lots of breweries and microbreweries and let him fill up the tank! LOL. The same goes for wine--- a trip to Napa or Sonoma would be great and combine it with the missions. There's a lot more to do and see out that way too and could be combined with Yosemite, the coast and S.F. too. Depends on your time.

Does he ski, how about a trip overseas or out west instead of NE? These aren't journeys, but if you start small, maybe other bigger ideas will spring to mind. Good luck. It's really hard when one longs to travel and one doesn't.

Maybe he feels uncomfortable away from familiar surroundings. I wouldn't begin with an overseas trip if you think that's the case. Some people just aren't meant to be transplanted like that. I know a lot of people who I can't fathom traveling outside the US. Sad, but true.
Re: *Thanks Michael for the message!* by kazzzz on 18 January 2009 11:06am
Thankya for the message Mrt Palin!

Stumps me how people don't wnt to travel either but we're all different:) There are a LOT of people in Australia who take the point of view that Australia as the best country in the world and why go anywhere else? How embarassing.
Re: *Thanks Michael for the message!* by peripatetically on 18 January 2009 5:27pm
it's great being patriotic and all that and one would hope their own country is the best for THEM. But there's so much to see and also learn from different places and people. If we can borrow from each other, it makes more of the best for everybody!
Re: *Thanks Michael for the message!* by peripatetically on 18 January 2009 5:31pm
Judy, if your husband likes history, he has the world at his doorstep. For instance, if he likes Civil War history, a nice trek southward from Pennsylvania through to the Gulf of Mexico and at least as far as the Mississippi River, has more than any person could dream of. Battlefields, monuments, mansions, slave quarters, and plantations, hospitals in private homes during battle, churches, etc. Museums too of course. Switch that to any other period of history and there's a plethora of sites to visit.
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