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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Inauguration Ceremony Music by mrsthing on 23 January 2009 1:46pm

It wasn't live--it was a recording. I thought it had to be--I couldn't imagine Perlman or Ma taking million-dollar instruments out into the cold, and wooden instruments with metal strings couldn't have held their tune in that weather no matter how well made they were. Not to mention that at 25F, I'm sure they couldn't even feel their hands. I don't even know how you keep a reed in proper condition in that kind of cold. The clarinetist's lips must have been frozen to it!
Re: Inauguration Ceremony Music by geordiegirl on 23 January 2009 5:31pm
Well, now, I didn't realise that. I did spot the pianist had half-gloves on hber hand for the cold, so I thoiught it was live, there & then. But of course instrumenmts would be badly affected by cold like that. And they'd presumably have to be in place some while before it began, lengthening the
time in the cold.

Later: Yes!" It's just been on BBC radio news! About Yo-Yo Ma etc. recording the piece a few days befoehand for just such an eventuality: but they DID play as well, even tho' the recording went out to the crowds.
And, i must say, how impressive are the military bands playing. I went to an upmarket garden-party myself last year, and our m. bs looked very good in uniform but played dreadfully. Hou know Widor's 'Toccata & Fugue'? (In Fantasia, come to think of it). Well, they did it to a disco beat! We couldn't believe our ears. But the Band of the US Marines - well, they were just wonderful & inspired me to play my own Sousa marches CD, but the band there didn't compare either!

So, on Tuesday, you had it all....
Re: Inauguration Ceremony Music by Lounge Trekker on 23 January 2009 7:09pm
That's interesting to hear. At the time I marvelled at the quality of performance and the sound we were getting. I also saw the musicians, both eyes closed revelling in their recording, and exchanging blissful half-smiles with the other musicians.

This guaranteed a beautiful performance in spite of the cold. Thanks for that bit of news.

Audio Trekker
Re: Inauguration Ceremony Music by peripatetically on 23 January 2009 8:38pm
Intereting. Thanks for filling us in.

Did anyone think Aretha Franklin stunk? I sure did. Why can't people sing that song like it was meant to be sung. She was so over the top it made me sick. I'm not her biggest fan , but she's ok sometimes. Seems the more people play with those notes ,though, the more people think it's great. it makes me shudder.I thought she was in need of a pain poill, to be honest! lol.
Re: Inauguration Ceremony Music by mrsthing on 24 January 2009 6:41pm
Oh, I was hoping she'd jazz it up a bit. It's a dreadfully boring song! (Sorry, Brits; I know we stole it from you. I'm sure you play it MUCH better.) I liked her version, and I like her. And how about that HAT?! LOL!
Re: Inauguration Ceremony Music by peripatetically on 24 January 2009 10:45pm
Re: Inauguration Ceremony Music by geordiegirl on 25 January 2009 2:50pm
Sorry to disagree, Patty and Judy!! I thought Aretha was MARVELLOUS. Well, she's Aretha Franklin, I thought she looked terrific & sang better. I like your words to that tune. Ours are so SERVILE. It was part of the whole America-democracy-in-action feel of the Inauguration. It's all about the COUNTRY, not some blinking almost-retard (we've had them) born to privilege.

No, we will agree to disagree here! (And LOL, come to think of it.)

What did you think of the poem? That's been panned in my newspaper.

I also loved the quote from someone connected with the Band of the US Marines: 'US Marines are not allowed to be cold'
Re: Inauguration Ceremony Music by mrsthing on 25 January 2009 7:52pm
Geordiegirl--I liked Aretha, her singing, and her hat, too! It looked perfect on her.

I didn't think much of the poem, to be honest. But coming right after Obama's stirring inaugural address, anyone would have been a letdown. They really should have had her read earlier in the ceremony.
Re: Inauguration Ceremony Music by peripatetically on 25 January 2009 11:56pm
I strongly disagree with you about Aretha. But like you say. she's Aretha. I never thought show was much to rave abut to begin with. And that hat has been made fun of all around the country. I thought it ridiculous. Just trying for some attention, I suppose. it really doesn't make any difference when you get down to brass tacks.
Re: Inauguration Ceremony Music by mrsthing on 26 January 2009 1:03am
Finally--something we don't agree on, Patty. LOL. I commented to my husband, and I suppose this is racist, that that's the sort of hat only big black women can get away with.

I like flamboyant people. They give me courage.
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