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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Monday Mystery by mrsteabag on 16 February 2009 4:32pm
So Mr. Teabag, Orion and I are all cozy and comfy and go to sleep. At 12:40 AM our time, the phone rang, but the caller hung up before we could answer. I checked the caller ID box this morning. The number that came up started with an 8, then 523, then 051, then four more digits. Any ideas on where this is from? I Googled it in and it might be from Australia. Any ideas? I'm intrigued.
Re: Monday Mystery by Ken Dunn on 16 February 2009 6:24pm
We have been informed on the news recently about telesales companys autodialling random numbers and the first 20 or so are picked up by the operators when the line is answered. This leaves some ringing after the 20 are intercepted so that those over the 20 do not get picked up by the operator and get cut off.
Re: Monday Mystery by kazzzz on 17 February 2009 1:27am
It was me!!!!!!!!!!
Re: Monday Mystery by mrsthing on 17 February 2009 2:32am
I *HATE* being woken up once I'm asleep! Always have. I'm such a nasty bitch when I'm woken up. I'm even rude to Mr. and Miss Thing if they wake me up without a good reason. There are only three reasons I should be awakened once I'm asleep:

1. It's time to get up for work.
2. Someone has died.
3. The house is on fire.

One night years ago some kid came onto my property walking his dog, letting him do his business on my front lawn. His jingling tags woke me up, and I stormed to the window and hollered, "Get that effing dog out of here and don't EVER come back!" The poor kid (teenager) said, "Oh s*it!" and dragged the dog, mid-poop, back to the street.

I meant to apologize to the kid, who was a neighbor, but I never saw him again after that.
Re: Monday Mystery by Miss-M on 17 February 2009 3:22am
No, it was me, mrsteabag. I'm dreadfully sorry to have disturbed your slumber.

Re: Monday Mystery by kazzzz on 17 February 2009 6:15am
Jess wakes me up frequently at times like 3am to tell me she's having fun at a party or something hmmmmm great stuff.
Ray's sister texts me in the middle of the night because for some reason she can't grasp the fact that day there is NIGHT HERE!!!!!

Re: Monday Mystery by Spursfan on 17 February 2009 9:58am
We are just 2 digits different from the local hospital, and to make matters worse, the diffrerent numbers are '11' and '77' so we get a lot of wrong numbers, usually asking for the maternity unit! The number is also similar to a GP's surgery and a garage! [We don't want to change the number and are ex-dir].

Mostly it isn't a problem and I usually give them the number of the hospital as often they have read the '7's as '1's. As people are often in distress it doesn't cost me anything to help them. It IS a problem when people seem to think it is somehow OUR fault that they have the wrong number!! Amd why, when I just answer 'Hello?' do they STILL often think it is the hospital or whatever?!!

One time was funny though (at least to me). It was when my nephew Chris was over from NZ and living with us for 5 years. He was out on a date and the phone went. I answered and a woman said 'Is Chris there?' I replied no and she said 'Oh, because I'm waiting for my potatoes!'. I realised that it was a coincidence, and that she thought she had rung up a shop, but I couldn't stop laughing.

I suppose you had to BE there.....!

Re: Monday Mystery by kazzzz on 17 February 2009 10:04am
Anne can I please have a bag of onions, a service on my car oh and fetch some blankets and hot water I'm in labour ;)
Re: Monday Mystery by Spursfan on 17 February 2009 10:14am

Re: Monday Mystery by tucsonmike on 17 February 2009 12:44pm
I'm waiting for Karen to call me, but then again, I have to give her the new phone number.
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