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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Phobias by kazzzz on 18 February 2009 11:44pm
Leading on from a comment I made on another thread I thought we should all admit to our phobias!

I am utterly terrified of bridges, piers and jetties, I will go out of my way (and it may take several times longer in travel time) to NOT cross a bridge.
Also, scared witless of snakes. This is NOT good , judging by where I live. As I have always taught my kids, "The only good snake is a dead snake!"
Re: Phobias by mrsthing on 19 February 2009 2:43am
Flying. I tremble, sweat, get bowel cramps, get dry heaves, and bona fide panic. Just thinking about it gets me going. I don't even know why--I've never had a bad experience on a plane. I think it's a control issue: I can't see where I'm going, I can't see who's driving, and I'm an awfully long way from the ground. And then there's that constant whining noise, which doesn't help things. I tried meditating and all sorts of psychological tricks, but they never worked very well. Now I just take tranquilizers.

I'm sort of the same about traveling on boats, but nowhere near as bad.
Re: Phobias by Lounge Trekker on 19 February 2009 3:27am
I'm deathly afraid of someone I don't know, and can't see...didn't even vote for...stimulating my package.

But seriously, having looked death in the face, it doesn't scare me. However, additional suffering is a terrifying thought.

Phobic Trekker
Re: Phobias by elina on 19 February 2009 5:13am
Dogs, bears and death.

My grandfather had a dog (they are both gone now) who never bit anyone except me, twice. Ever since that I have been scared of dogs. But, funnily enough, I was never really scared of the dog who bit me. But I don't like dogs and I keep myself away from them.
And bears I have always been scared of. I guess it's because I grew up in the forest. I was scared to go to sleep because I thought a bear might come through the window and kill me. It still frightens me when I sleep in my old room.
And death... well, I start to panic if I have to go somewhere I have never been before (less nowadays), death does the same thing for me.
Re: Phobias by kazzzz on 19 February 2009 9:48am
Vibhas are you a Virgo?
Re: Phobias by Spursfan on 19 February 2009 9:53am
Heights. I don't go all dizzy or come out in a sweat or whatever, and I love flying and enjoy views from high buildings etc. It's just that I won't climb anywhere or go up or (strangely) down, which is worse, hundreds of stairs/steps without a banister of some sort.

If there is a temple or something to see and it has loads of steps as described above I just wait at the bottom. I don't mind missing whatever it is, as it is easier than worrying about coming down again later.

Part of this stems from my illness, as going down stairs/steps/slopes is harder with it.

I have also, since my teens, been scared going down escalators. This stems from my first solo trip to London aged about 16 when I went from Euston Station down the escalator to the tube. Anyone who has done this will know it is huge. It was my first 'go' on an escalator and the first bit was easy, then it sort of goes over the edge and - eeeeeeeeeek! - it must be a hundred feet or more to the bottom! I looked at the ads on the walls to stop from looking down, but after that I used to go to Euston Square which didn't have escalators.

When we lived for a short time in North London, 'our' tube station didn't have an escalator but a lift, as I remember. Last time I had to use the tube at Euston I went down the stairs - I had no problem with them then.

I have no problem with going UP escalators, either. And I have been DOWN them since; when shopping in Harrods we went right to the top floor and then a friend got me to go on the escalators down again, which I found easy. I thought I had cured it, but next time I had a chance to try it out again, I backed out and used the lift.

Re: Phobias by perfectbitch on 19 February 2009 10:39am
For me it's spiders and enclosed spaces - especially if together. : ).

Re: Phobias by suzulu on 19 February 2009 12:59pm
Snakes and certain spiders.

Anne, I used to work with someone who had a phobia about going down escalators - she would never walk down them, always stood.
Re: Phobias by Spursfan on 19 February 2009 1:22pm
Sue it is connected with my fear of heights I reckon - as I said, looking down the one at Euston !

Nowadays I won't even go on the ones in department stores even though they are quite small. It's the getting on bit...!!

I don't really think it has ruined my life though and don't even know if I would class it as a 'phobia'. If I really, really, really had to, I would use them - though NOT for the tube!!

And I can walk UP them!!

Re: Phobias by peripatetically on 19 February 2009 1:35pm
Snakes and spiders. Yikes! Don't like them one bit. Kill them I say. Sorry but I am terrified of them if they are enar my home or worse, IN my home, which both ahve been. All dead now though.

I am terrified of heights where I can see through open staircases or they have no railings. I can look out over a high place but don't ask me to look down if there's nothing at least waist or chest height in front of me.

The other thing that frightens me is snorkeling in water that is much deeper than I am tall. That might coincide with height fears. I have occasionally ventured into deep waters, but I was scared stiff and held my boyfriend's hand. I loved what I saw, but I couldn't wait to get back to more shallow water.
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