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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Extra expenses when flying Ryan Air by perfectbitch on 27 February 2009 1:01pm
I just heard that Ryan Air are going to charge passengers for using on board lavatories!!!

Nappies anyone?

Re: Extra expenses when flying Ryan Air by kazzzz on 27 February 2009 1:32pm
I'd LOVE to see them enforce that!
Re: Extra expenses when flying Ryan Air by Spursfan on 27 February 2009 1:56pm
Yes I heard that too. The chap from Ryanair said they were thinking of putting coin slots on the doors!! And it would be £1!

The journalist said that there would be all sorts of problems, such as lack of change - especially for foreigners flying to the UK, etc.

Ryanair had said that people have to pay for the loo in staions etc (though notably NOT in airports, Mr Ryanair spokesman!!) but the difference is that you are not thousands of feet up in the air!! You are able if necessary to leave the station - if you need the loo on a flight you have no choice - ahem, well there is a choice *cough* but not pleasant hee hee - you HAVE to use their toilets, especially long-haul!!

Crikey what next. 'Pay-per-view' on each window?!

Re: Extra expenses when flying Ryan Air by suzulu on 27 February 2009 1:59pm
Hahahaaaa! But how ridiculous. They don't charge for using the loo on trains!
Re: Extra expenses when flying Ryan Air by mrsthing on 27 February 2009 3:51pm
Ryan Air is a discount carrier. They have to figure out a way to increase revenue without upping their famously low fares. There's not much to cut, so they have to add something. Do they already charge for luggage?

I like the pay-per-view for the windows. The flight attendants could walk the aisles asking if anyone wanted to look out the window, then collect the money and give the passengers a tiny remote to operate the window shade, like they do with the headphones for movies.

I flew Continental from Hartford to Newark, then from Newark to San Francisco last summer. I got real food for lunch and snacks, TWO movies, and they let me keep my $2 headphones. Except for the fact that the Newark to SF flight was very cramped, it was a great trip.
Re: Extra expenses when flying Ryan Air by Spursfan on 27 February 2009 5:05pm
I have flown Continental before, Judy, I think it was UK to Newark and then on to LA.

The husband says he can understand it to a point - like you say they are a budget airline. He suggests that you could pay a £1 or maybe £2 at check-in and receive a swipe card and then when you used the loo you would just swipe the card. Basically you could put on it however much you wanted, minimum £1. It would allow you to have, say, 2 visits to the loo. It would be non-refundable so if you didn't need to go but your neighbour had delhi belly or a weak bladder you could sell or give it to them.

And he says too, what about people who have medical conditions that make them go to the loo a lot? Will they get a special 'pass'? And how far in advance would you need to tell them about it?
Re: Extra expenses when flying Ryan Air by mrsteabag on 27 February 2009 8:38pm
Who was the sicko who thought that up?!? After flying Air France, I am officially spoiled rotten (save for the seat mate with sleep apnea...)That's not nice!!
Re: Extra expenses when flying Ryan Air by Spursfan on 27 February 2009 8:49pm
If I had a choice I would only fly with Emirates - unfortunately they don't fly where I want to go.

They are fabulous - I had the pleasure of travelling business class with them from Dubai to Delhi (we still have the beautiful china salt and pepper pots - shhhhh!). And even flying 'cattle class' on other flights with them there was perfume and aftershave in the toilet for you to use - free - which was a nice touch.

Anne *Dreaming of the day Emirates fly Manchester or Birmingham to Izmir or Bodrum* !!

Re: Extra expenses when flying Ryan Air by kazzzz on 28 February 2009 3:23am
Yes Emirates are wonderful, they far surpass the other airlines, but you pay for it!
I found Japan Airlines really good also.

Yes, on the airsich train of thought. imagine if you're ill, you'd hardly have to to be rabbiting around for a pound coin. And what about if you're flying with small children? They go to the toilet 5 times per hour!
Re: Extra expenses when flying Ryan Air by johnnythemonkey on 28 February 2009 5:21am
The proposal from Ryanair is so outrageous,I'm surprised that some of you are even discussing it's merits. I've flown with them twice but it was only to Dublin ( barely 40 minutes ). I flew from Prestwick airport, which they describe as Glasgow Prestwick. It's almost an hour drive to Glasgow.......depending on the traffic...two hours !
If I fly to Dublin again ( since it's such a short flight ), I will make sure that my hand luggage consists of a well packaged 'jobby', that I will unpack and leave on my seat before leaving the aircraft.
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