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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Pet parents of the world, unite! by mrsteabag on 8 March 2009 2:34am
After the discussion on the book thread the other day, I wanted to say it again and be more inclusive. :)
Re: Pet parents of the world, unite! by Lounge Trekker on 8 March 2009 7:53am
I am between pets yet suffer no ills. I still consider myself a dog man. Another person's dog is treated by me nearly as well as his master. Better; a guy can get down on his knees and say in a loving tone, "What a beautiful guy you are!", reach down and cuddle him a bit, "what a sweet guy." Do that to a person you just met and you could get into trouble.

Yes! Lucky dogs we have.

Canine Trekker
Re: Pet parents of the world, unite! by Spursfan on 8 March 2009 10:28am
I often remind Tosun (yes ok, I know I'm nuts!!) about his fellow dogs and fellow Staffies in particular who are badly treated and un-loved. It always brings a tear to my eye when I'm telling him, because he is SOOOOOOO loved and they suffer so much. Does that make sense?

Tosun came from an excellent breeder where he was cared for and loved, to us where he is spoilt. So he is one of the lucky ones.

If any of you UK Palinites are considering a dog and have time to spend time with one and don't mind getting an adult dog, can I ask that you consider adopting a Staffie from Northern SBT Rescue, or a similar organisation? Some of the dogs they have come from good homes but the owners can no longer keep them through no fault of their own, but most of the dogs they rescue have been very badly treated.

Here is a link; I defy anyone with a heart to look at the 'Case Histories' and 'Rainbow Bridge' without tears.

Re: Pet parents of the world, unite! by canaveralgumby on 8 March 2009 6:04pm
It's a bit of a commute but I'll consider it. (smartass c-gumby)

And also, remember every day to tell your dogs that you're going to throw them down the sewer when no one's looking, and that you're going to beat them about the head and shoulders. It gives them a good laugh.

Re: Pet parents of the world, unite! by mrsteabag on 8 March 2009 6:12pm
Oh, you know of the Rainbow Bridge, too? Orion and I volunteer for American Brittany Rescue--pr types of stuff. Back in October, our state chapter rescued Britts from a hoarder. We've also had several come in because their families lost their homes due to the economy.
http://americanbrittanyrescue.org has the whole story. Personally, I think animal abusers have no souls.
Re: Pet parents of the world, unite! by Spursfan on 8 March 2009 6:26pm
I have to admit that we 'shopped' - but are also supporters (for want of a better word) of this cause.

We are stuck with supporting them money-wise as Tosun wouldn't let another dog on the premises (he thinks the whole village belongs to him in fact) and after *gulp* he is no longer with us we couldn't bear to have another one. He is the only dog we have had in our (now) 37 year marriage [though we were both brought up with dogs] and he will be the last; the one and only.

Cori - please note I said 'UK Palinites' but you are welcome to commute!

Re: Pet parents of the world, unite! by elina on 8 March 2009 8:18pm
I had a dream the other night about my grandfather's dog. He died two-three years before my grandfather, he was very old. He bit me twice (and never bit anyone else) and I've been scared of dogs ever since. However, I wasn't as scared of him as other dogs. Maybe because I learned to respect it - and stay away from it if possible, though it was a lovely dog. Still, it was a bit scary but also lovely to see it in my dream, seeing him and my grandfather's house brought back lot of childhood memories.

But, to put that aside, I'm a cat person myself, and our beautiful cat Pörri will be 15 next Monday! She's an old little cat :)
Re: Pet parents of the world, unite! by peripatetically on 8 March 2009 11:35pm
Make sense, Anne? All the sense in the world to me. I always tell Willy how lucky he is, too and also how lucky WE are to have HIM, and that we'd pick him again in a second. We always celebrate his birthday but also his "adoption" day too and say to him that we rescued him from his foster home and hope his brothers and sisters are as lucky as he is.

Like you, Anne, my Dad was the one who said we'd never have another dog after our 2nd Dachsie died. It was so unbearable for all of us. But after several years, I talked my mom into another so she'd have companionship when we weren't there. (We live on the same street, but you know how doggies are? Always right there with a friendly greeting and ready to listen to your every thought). She says she doesn't know what she'd do without Willy now. She had been thinking about another dachsie for a while after my dad died. IN fact, almost 10 years passed and it was at least 6 years before that since little Doc died. We always think how much my dad would have loved Willy. Doc, though,was practically attached to my dad's hip and they carried on long conversations. Such pals. He was loved so much and gave back just as much. That's how Willy is with us. Our first Dachsie was named Max and he was a loving, sweet little guy dog too, but a little more independant, also a standard size, whereas the last two are smaller.

We have all of our dogs's photos framed nicely and sitting with the family photos where they rightly belong. Oh and I have to tell you one more thing--- for a very special big birthday surprise, my mom's neighbor had Willy's portrait sketched and framed by her nephew who is very talented. The neighbor had a darling picture of Willy from which her nephew worked. It captured Willy's personality perfectly. It's framed and hanging on the wall in the family room. When I get my "new" (Christmas gift) camera up and running, I'll have to take a picture of that sketch and post it. Willy was still just a little puppy then. Mom, needless to say, was overwhelmed with the gift.

Pete, even ladies get down on hands and knees and coo over other peoples's dogs. I'm a perfect example.

Re: Pet parents of the world, unite! by Lounge Trekker on 9 March 2009 3:37am
Awww...Elina, don't let that memory haunt you. The dog will have a better understanding of your relationship with your grandfather now that he is not constrained by the mortal encumbrances imposed on us. Gender, financial, biological, religious or cultural restraints experienced by us mortals are easily ignored by the soul of a being.

Lounge Philosopher
Re: Pet parents of the world, unite! by Spursfan on 9 March 2009 9:27am
What a wonderful, thoughtful, birthday gift, Pats!

I have to tell you that our apartment in Turkey has about 6 framed photos; 4 are of Tosun, 1 is of our cats and parrot, and 1 is of me graduating (which the husband smuggled in without me knowing hahaha) - NONE of the children, grandchildren or Great-grandchild hahahaha! There are also 2 oil paintings of Tosun there, and 2 oil paintings here, done by a brilliant Turkish artist who also did a portrait of our son and his bride that we commissioned for an Xmas pressie.

Before Tosun, we had always had cats. We'd been lucky with the cats we had (we have 2 at the moment and have been blessed with 6 others in the past) in that they have been loving and 'cuddly'- not that 'aloof'. However, much as I've loved them, there has not been the pull on the heart strings there has been with Tosun and when that time has come for them I have, although obviously sad, not been THAT upset.

In fact my husband (who is always broken hearted and in pieces when a pet dies) thinks I am hard-hearted when it comes to animals - or rather he DID until Tosun arrived!! He was SHOCKED at how smitten I was!!

[I sometimes call him 'St Zak of Assisi' because he loves animals so much - feeding the birds etc and he can't watch the TV Vet type programme becauase it upsets him to see animals in distress].

When I was growing up we always had a dog, and as each one passed away, yes it was upsetting but not like I am dreading with Tosun. The husband reckons it is because although I played with them, and let them sleep in my bed etc I did not have the responsibility for them - that was my parents' 'job'.

This is a long post, but to end - when I was born, my parents and sister had a dog (think he was some sort of welsh collie mongrel) and as I grew up we were inseparable. Sometimes Mom would think 'Where's our Anne' (she told me later) and she would look and see Jimmy sitting patiently somewhere and there I'd be. I think I was about 6 when he was put down - my sister who was then about 20 told me, put her arms round me and we sobbed our hearts out. I still think about him.

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