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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Culimony by geordiegirl on 8 March 2009 1:55pm
Lounge No. 1 Foodie, it's a GREAT word, Pete. Inform all the dictionaries immediately!

Anyone else practice this? I try to.No waste, good ingredients,local produce etc. etc.
Re: Culimony by mrsteabag on 8 March 2009 6:16pm
OOOH! I love it, too. How about localvores? They eat as much locally grown food as possible.
Re: Culimony by Lounge Trekker on 9 March 2009 3:45am
I'd love to try to be a locavore. Perhaps one could say that I do. I grow as many vegetables and fruits as I can. I try to buy locally grown foods but the climate precludes natural culture of many things and even greenhouses must be heated and artificially lit here because of the northern latitude.

I'm thinking of rabbits in my yard. Chickens might be too conspicuous and call attention to my contravention of municipal by-laws.

I'm a little concerned my soft head might ensure that all the rabbits...could be 30-50 a month, die a natural death and be buried with a namplacque.

We are engaged in culimony as we speak. Refer to the original definition: culimony: (noun) 1)The reverential use some of God's creations to assemble excitingly palatable foods; 2)The ceremony during which said food is consumed through oral ingestion in a grateful and polite manner with suitable beverages and ambience; 3)The talk, discussion, market preparations, social acts made to announce the gathering of celebrants, and the travel between domiciles and the place of culimonial culmination.

Lounge Softie
Re: Culimony by geordiegirl on 9 March 2009 4:06pm
Yes, Fran and Pete too, I'll sign up to being a Localvore...I avoid supermarkets wherever possible & always hunt out Farmers Markets, Farm Shops, Womens Institute Markets, local producers & sellers all. It's just BETTER all round, eh?
Re: Culimony by mrsthing on 11 March 2009 1:00am
I'd have to learn to can stuff and buy a huge freezer to store it in. It's a goal, but a long-term one. I do buy local stuff in season.
Re: Culimony by Lounge Trekker on 11 March 2009 1:22am
Hey you're never too old to learn...oh yeah, Happy Birthday Judy!

Get a pressure canner and it's easy. Get the food hot, heat the seals in boiling water, wipe the rim before putting the seals on, don't tighten the rings, give it the recommended (from the manual) time at pressure, let it cool on its own, keep children and pets away, never open the canner hot.
*stops for a breath*
Let jars cool until you hear them 'pop' sealed.

If one doesn't seal use it immediately or start from the top.

Best things for me to can: fish, chile, beans, peaches, pears, carrots. The manual will give you ideas on what to can. It's not a lot after doing it a few times. Start with a clean kitchen, have a few towels, maybe a lot if you're messy, be ready to handle hot, wet jars. Place a few cutting boards for use as hotpads out.I use my biggest board for this. So I put the hot pot of food on one side, get a hot, wet, clean, cloth. Put the hot wet jars on the board. Mine has a drippings groove around it so I can towel it before I get wet feet.

Start with a few jars so you can keep them as hot as possible when you fill them with hot food leaving a 1 inch headspace. Use a clean butter knife to remove bubbles of air by running it full depth around the outside of each jar. Wipe the rim carefully with the cleanest part of the cloth. Transfer the seals from the boil using tongs. Place them on hot jars. Do not tighten rings.

Be careful. It's a pressure cooker that could kill you if you try to take the lid off while hot or under pressure.

Lounge Preserver
Re: Culimony by Lounge Trekker on 11 March 2009 3:43am
To advance my behaviours to be more like those of the locavore, I'd need a heated and lighted grow room. In the legit world they call these greenhouses.

I was exploring the use of chatmarks in my own Numptyesque way and thought I'd come home for something to eat and this thread was where the search engine took me!

So I found a thread to Mike and posted on it. I look at the date of the previous message and it is September 2008...my head is still spinning.

Flashback Trekker
Re: Culimony by mrsthing on 11 March 2009 12:01pm
I don't have the time to do it right now, that's my problem. And even if I could afford a new huge freezer, I'd have no place to put it.

Long range goal...
Re: Culimony by geordiegirl on 11 March 2009 3:34pm
Yes, Judy, you'd need huge freezing capacity - we have 3, and a fridge-freezer, though none of these are for vegetables.

And, yes, you need the time. I couldn'thave pickled, preserved, frozen, jelled, etc. my way through lord knows how many vegetables/fruit over the years if I'd worked full-time. (It helps having a husband as keen on it all as I am. Even I get fed up when it's apple-pureeing season (guess who has to clean up the little drips of apple)

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