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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Red Nose Day by Spursfan on 14 March 2009 9:21am
Anyone in the UK watch Comic Relief last night?

As usual it was brilliant; Robbie Williams excellent with Little Britain as was Catherine Tate; the French and Saunders 'Mamma Mia' take-off was hilarious; and loads more.

And, of course, the films from both home (e.g. child carers and alcoholic parents) and Africa (babies dying because of malaria (no mosquito nets) and Mums dying giving birth because of a lack of medical help) were unbearably moving.

I found one film particularly poignant personally - Davina was visiting a man who had lost his wife giving birth to their second child. She had had no choice but to give birth at home as she lived so far away from the nearest hospital. She was alone except her sister (I think) and all went well until after the birth when she had a retained placenta. There was nothing they could do and she died.

When I had our first baby, I also had a retained placenta - the difference being that I was in a well-equipped hospital and was operated on almost immediately. I am aware that I was lucky and that even in this country it can prove fatal.

In fact, I had been booked in to the small 'cottage hospital' where I had been born, but at a check-up at 8 months I was told that there could be a problem and I would have to go to the local maternity hospital instead. I was bitterly disappointed and upset at the time but I was so relieved when the problem arose!!
Re: Red Nose Day by mrsthing on 14 March 2009 1:41pm
The son of a friend of mine works with the poor in rural Nicaragua, and faces these sorts of problems every day. Their primitive life style and lack of knowledge result in a lot of heartache. My friend's son works to teach them basic hygiene and how to treat what we'd call simple health issues like diarrhea and minor wounds. He's also working to establish medical clinics, so a trip to the hospital doesn't take 3-5 days.

I hemorraged badly when I had my daughter. Even the docs here were worried enough to keep me in the hospital for 5 days total. I was well aware that had I lived in the 2nd or 3rd world, I'd be dead.

There are a good number of organizations that improve conditions for people all over the world, like Fabretto (my friend's son's group), Doctors Without Borders, Heifer International, Habitat for Humanity International, and other charities. And of course, we should care for our poor in our own countries, because everyone should have access to good medical care.
Re: Red Nose Day by geordiegirl on 15 March 2009 4:17pm
Yes, Anne, I don't usually bother, but I saw the England football team being given their talking-to (very funny) and then the malaria-nets film. WAGs can do some good things, then.I was even moved to donate - I never see events locally, don't even know if we have them, even street collections,do you have stuff, in Stafford?
Re: Red Nose Day by Spursfan on 15 March 2009 4:39pm
Well I saw, on the Midlands bit of Comic Relief (you know, when they switch to the various regions) some belly dancers going through Stafford !! I know it was because it said STAFFORD on the screen!!

Oh - and NO I was not one of them hahaha!

Re: Red Nose Day by geordiegirl on 17 March 2009 1:52pm
That sounds great, I'd love to have seen that. Belly dancing looks wonderful, very skilled, I've seen it locally with the Turkish-speaking residents (even been invited to join in but bottled out being a real physical coward)
Re: Red Nose Day by peripatetically on 17 March 2009 4:52pm
We used to have a belly dancing nightclub with real belly dancers and Greek food. It was a great place, dark and sordid where people went for birthday parties and nights of fun. It gave a lot of people the idea to take lessons and it became the rage for a while. A co-worker had a record, finger cymbals and an instruction booklet to follow so one could practice for their hubbies or lovers. I borrowed it for a while and had fun. Even rigged up a costume with colorful scarves, bikini undies and jewelry! HAHAHAHA.
Re: Red Nose Day by mrsthing on 18 March 2009 1:06am
I'd probably wind up back in physical therapy if I tried belly dancing. Damned arthritis. Too bad--I'm fat enough to be popular, if I was any good. LOL
Re: Red Nose Day by kazzzz on 18 March 2009 3:42am
My friend Lori had done belly dancing for several years now, she has all the veils and bells etc , I've been to a couple of her exhibitions. It looks great.
Re: Red Nose Day by suzulu on 18 March 2009 11:12am
I didn't see all of Comic Relief but what I saw was good, e.g. James Corden giving the England football squad a talking to was good, David Beckham couldn't keep a straight face.

Heartbreaking to see those poor kids in Africa with malaria. Fern Cotton, who was presenting one film, fainted.
Re: Red Nose Day by peripatetically on 18 March 2009 12:16pm
Yeah, those type gatherings are fun, Kaz. I dated a doctor and we were invited to another doctor's soiree. The guy had married a much younger woman (his 3rd wife) and she answered the door in a belly dancing outfit that she was falling out of, if you get the idea) lol. I nearly fell over and so did my date! It was quite unexpected. She and a professional belly dancer dancer showed us what they did best that night while the guests drank and nibbled on all sorts of finger foods. One of the best parties I ever attended.

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