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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Stafford Hospital by Spursfan on 17 March 2009 3:49pm
Many of you, especially in the UK, will have read or seen on the TV news today about Stafford Hospital.

For those who have not seen it:


As someone who regularly attends the hospital, I have always received fantastic treatment. I see my consultant - not his 'underlings' but the actual consultant - every 12 weeks unless I have a 'flare' when I see him even more frequently. I also have my bloods taken there every 6 weeks.

I have seen no evidence of uncleanliness and in fact you are greeted with a 'please wash your hands' and the no-water gel as soon as you go through the entrance doors and at every entrance to wards etc.

The report mainly deals with the A & E. I have little experience of this; I was rushed in with suspected appendicitis about 20 years ago and have no comlaints on my treatment as I was up on a ward very soon after my arrival. Then 10 years ago my husband had a mild myocardial infarction - he was told to drive into the hospital (not by the hospital I should add, but by an out-of-hours doctor on the telephone), and we DID spend quite a while waiting to be seen despite the fact that his symptoms were pointing to a MI (i.e. heart attack). In fact he had to ask twice when he would be seen (the A & E waiting room was empty by the way!) as he was in agony but once they saw him he as treated brilliantly.

My Mum also was treated in A & E when the tablets she was taking caused a lack of something. She was taken up to a ward and was recovering - and then caught MRSA! This was years before it became headline news and so we had not heard of it. She recovered but we had to go through all procedures before each visit.

Just really to say that as far as I am concerned, Stafford Hospital is a good one.
Re: Stafford Hospital by suzulu on 18 March 2009 10:57am
The media exaggerating as usual?
Re: Stafford Hospital by Spursfan on 18 March 2009 1:02pm
Well I noticed on the TV news later they were implying that all the heart monitors in the A & E were switched off because none of the nurses knew how to work them, but in the paper it said so many % were turned off (haven't got it to hand). Big difference!!

Yes it IS awful that a lot of patients needn't have died, but lets get facts straight!!
Re: Stafford Hospital by geordiegirl on 19 March 2009 2:21pm
I DO know how the media exaggerate these things, Anne. I heard it on R4 - and also that these horrors happened some time ago & things have improved drastically since then.

I too have had good experiences from named-and-shamed hospitals: events like this are the exception & you NEVER get a news story in national media 'Stafford Hospital cures thousands of patients each year' do you?
Mid-Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust. by bIG bLOGGER on 19 March 2009 3:44pm
geordiegirl: you are absolutely right.

These disgraces date to a specific period,March 2005 to March 2008,when there was a whole catalogue of failings at SDGH,the cumulative effect of which was to seriously undermine the service to the public.
These shortcomings related to understaffing,undertraining,poor management,poor standards of hygiene on wards,ruthless cost-cutting to attain 'Foundation' status,and so on. The Chief Executive Martin Yeates stood aside this Wednesday,but evidently he should have been removed from his post much earlier.

In the year since March 2008,things have ameliorated,and changes for the better have been put in place. There is now a new (acting) Chief Executive in Eric Morton,who has a good clean management record at Chesterfield Hospital (Derbys). But it may take awhile to get public confidence restored,and all these negative national headlines do nobody any favours.
Stafford District Hospital is a very caring hospital and the staff work long hours for less money than they deserve.
An example: last Sunday,when after completing the 13-mile Half-Marathon Run,a dedicated amateur runner collapsed just over the Finishing Line,a nurse was right behind him to give him emergency on-the-spot assistance. An ambulance was on the scene to attend to him. The 47 year-old was rushed to the District Hospital,the journey taking 4 minutes. He was then wheeled rapidly into A-and-E and staff attempted to resuscitate him,sadly without success.

No one should slag off a hospital because you never know when you might need their expertise and their specialised resources.
Community Hospitals do not generally receive enough PRAISE for all the vital life-saving dedicated work their doctors,nurses,technicians,consultants,etcetera,perform daily,round-the-clock,365 days per year,and 366 on Leap years.

...Now THAT'S not something so insignificant,to be written down as of little real value,--is it?
Re: Mid-Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust. by geordiegirl on 20 March 2009 2:24pm
No Peter that's a fine tribute to the NHS as it very often is- terrific.

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