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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Blears in Tears... by bIG bLOGGER on 3 June 2009 1:01pm
Hazel Blears, prominent and outspoken Cabinet minister in Gordon Brown's government and Communities and Local Government Secretary,has this morning announced her resignation from the Cabinet.
This follows resignations this week of Beverley Hughes (Children's minister),Tom Watson (Cabinet Office minister) and Jacqui Smith (Home Secretary). All this is immediately ahead of important Elections on Thursday in which Labour is widely expected to do badly.
Besides that,if 20% (or 72 MP's) of Members put their names to a Vote-Of-No-Confidence in Gordon Brown's leadership,this could put pressure on him to stand down as Leader,or even trigger an early General Election.

They do say that rats are the first to desert a sinking ship. Other high profile ministers in trouble over their expense claims are Transport minister Geoff Hoon,and Chancellor of the Exchequer,Alistair Darling. It's no secret in Westminster that Gordon Brown would like to replace his old friend Darling with Ed Balls,the current Education Secretary.

I'm just waiting for those clever SUN headline-writers to come up with something good,such as:


Re: Blears in Tears... by kazzzz on 3 June 2009 1:20pm
Ed Balls? Are you SERIOUS???
Does he have a vewy gweat friend in Wome called Biggus Dickus?
Re: Blears in Tears... by peripatetically on 3 June 2009 1:31pm
: o )
Re: Blears in Tears... by Spursfan on 3 June 2009 2:28pm
Though a long-term Labour supporter, I have never been able to take Alastair Darling seriously.

First of all because of the white hair with black eyebrows.

But most of all because of Blackadder Goes Forth references (Captain Darling)!!

I keep imagining the PM saying 'Are you ok Darling?' and 'Pull yourself together, Darling'.

Re: Blears in Tears... by kazzzz on 3 June 2009 2:35pm
You guys sure do have funny names for your pollies!
Re: Blears in Tears... by geordiegirl on 3 June 2009 9:39pm
Ed Balls: yes, I'm afraid so, Kazzzz. It doesn't get a lot of laughs here, somehow, don't quite know why.

I think G.Brown usually refers to him as 'The Chancellor' or 'Alastair' if it's a more relaxed thing, Anne (sorry if sounding po-faced.)They're very old friends, but he may have to resign.

OHHHH - what are they all DOING. If all MPs had agreed to tighten up on their expenses years ago - and they've had several opportunities - this wouldn't have happened.

I'm not surprised at Cameron's lot claiming for moats, paddocks, 'you're just jealpous' etc. etc. I do think my lot, and LDs, should have had the morality not to do things like the flipping of homes for avoiding capital gains tax purposes.

I have a friend who's an MP.Not one anyone's ever hears of, but his expenses (low) were published in the local paper. He told me he was cheered up a lot by an anonymous letter which said simply:

Dear *********,
You're f***ed.

he'd love to have replied!
Re: Blears in Tears... by bIG bLOGGER on 4 June 2009 3:40pm

It's a pity that even the honest MP's,or at least those who have been modest or cautious with their expense claims,have somehow got wrapped into this mess,and possibly smeared into the bargain.

If your MP HAD replied to that letter-- (it takes a coward to write anonymously)--what do you think he could have said??
Re: Blears in Tears... by bIG bLOGGER on 5 June 2009 2:05pm
Gord' Blimey--now Labour's Defence Secretary John Hutton has resigned from his ministerial post,hot on the heels of Work and Pensions Secretary James Purnell,who resigned at 10pm last night.
They are falling on their swords like ninepins!! ..Anyone else fancy quitting today??

Other Labour MP's who have offered to stand down (or been barred,or both) at the next General Election in the wake of the expense claims row are:

Shahid Malik(Dewsbury),Margaret Moran (Luton South),David Chaytor(Bury North),Patricia Hewitt(Leicester West),Elliot Morley(S-c-u-n-t-horpe,Lincolnshire),Ben Chapman(Wirral South),Ian Gibson (Norwich North)....

and there have been further Cabinet resignations: Caroline Flint(Don Valley)-Europe minister; Geoff Hoon(Ashfield Derbyshire)-Transport Secretary; Tony McNulty (Harrow East)-mininster for Employment and Welfare Reform; Paul Murphy (Torfaen)-Welsh Secretary;Jane Kennedy (Liverpool Wavertree)-Environment minister; Kitty Ussher(Burnley and Padiham)-Treasury minister.
Re: Blears in Tears... by geordiegirl on 7 June 2009 3:47pm
Just caught up with this, Peter - he'd have given a long & kindly explanation of why MPs were entitled to SOME expenses. He might have replied to the humour in it, too - but he'll never know!!

I used to know Shahid Malik, and had better not post my opinion of him here.

Oh, I KNOW (as Sybil always says) - what next? Euro-elections counting today: who knows what's in store there, BNP gains?
And, BTW, as they say, Peter, you're a good bloke & are appreciated as such.

Many thanks for nice & intriguing email - I'll reply in due course.

I went to the opera Thursday night. Left at half-time as it wasn;t very good. Came home, switched on TV to find all of this carnage going on. Opera-second-half FAST disappeared from me.
Trying to find consolation somewhere! Going on holiday 7 days from tomorrow, that might do it.
Re: Blears in Tears... by johnnythemonkey on 7 June 2009 11:51pm
Aah, the opera, that well known haunt of New Labourites. See any miners there ?
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