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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Q: Who is really running IRAN? by bIG bLOGGER on 15 June 2009 3:44pm
Topical question: Who is really running IRAN? Is it Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,or the Ayatollahs?

Q: Were the Elections last weekend rigged,or honestly and justly conducted? Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has reluctantly ordered an "investigation" into claims of vote-rigging and fraud in some districts.

Q: Should we (in the West) be concerned at the unrest among the student population in Tehran's universities,which risks spilling into turmoil on the streets with The Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Ahmadinejad's paramilitary police force now getting involved?

Q: Could there even be a new "Tiananmen Square" disaster in Tehran,if anger at the Election results is not somehow dealt with?
Re: Q: Who is really running IRAN? by mrsteabag on 15 June 2009 8:27pm
I just checked the BBC website's story--not pretty. Yes, I think the elections were rigged--based on the polls, no way would that many people decide to vote for incumbants. There is, I think, a significant risk of Tianamen Square reenactment. It's been bubbling for sometime. For now,I don't think we in the West are threatened. Ahmadinejad is they type of leader who gives other Middle Easterners a bad name. Thank God George W. is back in Texas, otherwise it would be really not pretty. :P
Re: Q: Who is really running IRAN? by ev on 15 June 2009 8:31pm
Yeah but there's a bunch of shitheads currently at the helm in Israel. That's more worrying, IMO.
Re: Q: Who is really running IRAN? by bIG bLOGGER on 16 June 2009 4:02pm
mrsteabag: Fran,thank you for your intelligent response. Yes the BBC is very proud of its News website,which we are constantly being told is updated every 25 seconds....

The democratic protests in Beijing (China People's Republic) in 1989 lasted 7 weeks,from 15th April until the culminating savage military response on 4th June,when an undetermined number of students and protesters were either shot or run over by heavy tanks.

So far in IRAN today,there are reports of 7 or 8 people having been killed by live rounds of ammunition,and scores of people rounded up and arrested--so the world holds its collective breath to see if there will be any more atrocities before all this is finished.

ev: yes,I concur with your assessment.
The newly-elected right-wing zionist Israeli PM,Binyamin Netanyahu,used the occasion to once again pontificate and warn upon what he called the ever-present danger from Iran and its nuclear state ambitions. Ahmadinejad responded caustically by saying no country could possibly be so stupid as to attack Iran's nuclear installations.
..in other words,the usual bellicose rhetoric from 2 leaders who hate each other's guts.
Re: Q: Who is really running IRAN? by MMMmmm... on 16 June 2009 6:42pm
Gee, I thought everyone knew I was... :D
Re: Q: Who is really running IRAN? by ev on 18 June 2009 12:23pm
bb: It's always a few belligerent personalities bringing devastation down upon millions of innocent people. Every war that has ever been demonstrates that.

Not wanting to sound too negative though, I should say that individuals also have enormous power to deliver wholesome benefits to their fellow human beings. We take for granted most of the positive contributions and tend to focus on the negative ones (see Mainstream Media), but that's probably because our brains are highly tuned to detect and respond to danger.
Re: Q: Who is really running IRAN? by tucsonmike on 18 June 2009 1:53pm
The Ayatollahs run Iran. I suspect their Presidency is really just a way to allow the populace to let off steam.

Unlike Tiananmen, this is not localized to Tehran. This is class war, haves and have nots.
Ahmadinejad & Netanyahu can always have a boxing match.
Re: Q: Who is really running IRAN? by bIG bLOGGER on 18 June 2009 2:27pm
MMMmmm is the man (God) who is running IRAN and he is the Supreme Leader and Ayatollah,and God knows what else...He thinks we should already know that.

His real name therefore is MAHMOUD AH!-MAH' DINNER JACKET! --or as they say in the Land of Uncle Sam : MAHMOUD AH!-MAH' TUXEDO! :D)
Re: Q: Who is really running IRAN? by MMMmmm... on 18 June 2009 8:58pm
shhh... bb... I'm not a man...
Re: Q: Who is really running IRAN? by johnnythemonkey on 19 June 2009 8:00am
shhh.....neither is bIG bLOGGER.
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