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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Happy to travel? by Amaia on 16 June 2009 10:14am
Here's an odd question, considering that I'm posting here, the website for people who love travelling...
But, i think travelling and living in a foreign country are two different things.
Have you ever lived abroad, and really felt like going home?

I'm asking that, because I've been nearly three months in Catalunya, near Barcelona, and I can't wait to come home. Of course, it's partly because my dad's having health problems, but even before I knew that, I wanted to come back.
I guess, there are certains countries, or let's say, certain places that you just don't "feel". Even somewhere like Barcelona, a place everyone loves. I've never really been attracted to Spain (too hot for me!),and now I know that I can't spend more than holidays here.
I know I'm super lucky to live that experience, but... I'll be happier to remember it!
Is it weird, or incredibly selfish...?

(plus, the fact that I don't have any kind of social life over here doesn't help, that's for sure)

Sorry for the "negativity" (does this word exist?) of the post, but I needed to share... and to know if others have felt the same way!
Re: Happy to travel? by kazzzz on 16 June 2009 11:11am
Oh yes I can totally relate to that feeling Amaia. I've lived overseas and while loving it and loving the experiences there really is nowhere like home.
I've woken up (whwn away) almost on the verge of panic, the desire to get home is so strong, but it always passes, and remember one day you'll be back home with all the memories of your time away to treasure.
You're not weird or selfish, it sounds perfectly normal to me. Being a long way from home can be really difficult, especially with the situation with your dad being ill.
Re: Happy to travel? by peripatetically on 16 June 2009 12:23pm
Well said, Kaz. I agree wholeheartedly and before reading Kaz's answer, was thinking the same thing. I've never actually lived abroad, but I can well imagine I'd be homesick all the time, even in places I adore and feel comfortable in as a holiday-goer.
Re: Happy to travel? by suzulu on 16 June 2009 12:30pm
You are right, Amaia, being on holiday and living in a foreign country are not the same. I can understand what you are feeling, Amaia. I worked in Switzerland for about 15 months but knew that I didn't want to stay there forever, even though I made lots of friends.

Hope your dad gets better soon.
Re: Happy to travel? by kazzzz on 16 June 2009 1:23pm
Also, when holidaying overseas you're in 'holiday mode' where everything's just fun and carefree. Living there is real life, not just a bunch of laughs. It's almost experiencing two extremes of a country...living vs holidays.
I've been to London a lot of times, and the holiday London is VERY different from the living there one.
Re: Happy to travel? by Amaia on 16 June 2009 2:08pm

But, I just want to point out that even though I want to go to my French home now, I do have an Irish "home" (fictional, though). I mean, I felt awesome in Ireland (I live there 9 months), and I'm just dying to go back there, to live.
I just hope I'll feel that way about Norway... But I'm pretty confident about that.

And as far as my dad is concerned, it'll take more than a couple of months to get the alien out of his lung. But he shall be alright: in my family, we all had a possibly-lethal disease or accident, and we all got through. My dad was the only one left... :)
Re: Happy to travel? by mrsteabag on 16 June 2009 8:53pm
The concept of home...I'm still looking for mine. I've lived in this house and town for 10 years, but felt more home in Seattle and France than here.
Amaia, I'll be keeping you and your dad in my prayers.
Re: Happy to travel? by kazzzz on 16 June 2009 11:05pm
Well yes that's a good point, the concept of home. If I was truthful I'd say my home was the house I lived in when the kids were little. Nowhere has been home since.
Re: Happy to travel? by peripatetically on 16 June 2009 11:58pm
Yes, Amaia, I do hope your dad recovers without incident and that you find contentment while away.
Re: Happy to travel? by Amaia on 17 June 2009 9:35am
Thanks for reassuring me! :)
I'm leaving in a week and a half (counting days, yes, I am)(11 left), so I'm better now. Plus, it'll be "Saint John holidays" next week, so I'll have time to visit Barcelona (at last, after three months, all I have seen is Parc Guëll, the Sagrada Familia, and the Casa Pedrera!), even though I really don't like visiting alone!

And thanks for my dad as well. Things are looking pretty good right now, but it's only the beginning of the treatment.
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