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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Obama the killer! by peripatetically on 19 June 2009 2:51pm
How ridiculous that the animal rights people are up in arms that the prez swatted a fly and killed it.
lol. Do they also protect roaches, ticks and fleas too? HAHAHAHAHA
Re: Obama the killer! by bIG bLOGGER on 19 June 2009 2:59pm
He waited till it settled on his left hand,then clapped onto it with his right. He exclaimed : "AHH! GOT the sucker!!"

(Hope they don't let Obama anywhere near the red nuclear button--there might be other 'suckers' he might fancy swatting)

Obama kills fly
Re: Obama the killer! by mrsthing on 19 June 2009 3:43pm
Flies can be really annoying and hard to get rid of. I can't believe what a case they're making out of this, with the economy wobbling and two wars no closer to being over.
Re: Obama the killer! by mrsteabag on 19 June 2009 6:58pm
PETA is an embarassment to any group working towards animal welfare. They need to get over themselves.
Re: Obama the killer! by johnnythemonkey on 19 June 2009 10:26pm
Yeah, I seen that on the news a couple of days ago and one of my thoughts was that some animal rights nutter would comment.
In saying that....my wife and daughter told me off for killing a moth which came in the back door at the same time as me ! " You could have caught it and let it go. "
Re: Obama the killer! by kazzzz on 20 June 2009 12:40am
Ray hates me killing anything. The only things I DO kill are insects that are inside the house and harmful ( as in poisonous or flesh eating spiders, things like that) Everything else I find I catch and take outside and let go.

We had a PLAGUE of ants getting into our kitchen, they were everywhere and Ray went nuts when I put some ant bait down.

Pats that IS ridiculous. Speaking of PETA, when Big Brother was on here, they got Pamela Anderson ( a member of PETA) out to make a guest appearance (or two haha) and when she got here she went straigtht from the airport to petition in front of a KFC restaurant, about animal cruelty ...it was all over the news. Then off she want to parade about on BB.
Unfortunately her PR people had omitted to tell her that her appearance on BB was sponsored by KFC.
Oops Pammy. Do your homework next time.
Re: Obama the killer! by peripatetically on 20 June 2009 1:11am
A "couple of things" got in Pammy's way, Kaz. lol.
Re: Obama the killer! by bIG bLOGGER on 20 June 2009 1:51pm
Surprisingly perhaps,Pamela Anderson is an avid reader. She doesn't need anything extra special to rest her book on....Currently she is into "CRIMES AGAINST NATURE" by author Robert Kennedy. You could argue that having your breasts enhanced with silicon so that they start to resemble barrage balloons could be counted as a 'crime against nature'...

Pamela Anderson is a committed vegetarian and supports many animal rights groups. She wrote a letter--full of spelling and grammatical mistakes-- to President Obama telling him that war,Guantanamo Camp Delta,prisons in America and meat consumption are unnecessary evils,and that in her view marijuana should be legalised. UHUH!


Pamela Anderson writes on marijuana,vegetarianism,to Barack Obama
Re: Obama the killer! by tucsonmike on 20 June 2009 9:38pm
Geraldine has mentioned this before. Many members of PETA really are crazy.

President Obama has enough pests to deal with that he can't extinguish that way. The cameras are into every aspect of hims life.
Re: Obama the killer! by canaveralgumby on 21 June 2009 5:55pm
How many of us can swat a fly bare-handed? A human cannot usually match a fly's reflexes. Further proof that Obama is a super-hero.

Sighthound and mrsteabag are right, I second their motion, PETA and their antics are detriments to actual animal welfare.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the fly had this to say:
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