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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Booking flights by Spursfan on 26 July 2009 11:33am
We want to book flights to Turkey for October and are probably going to wait until September as the prices have simply rocketed (and no pun intended!!).

However, we are keeping an eye on prices and if we see something decent we'll book.

The point I wanted to bring up was the price air companies are paying for luggage!!

Having already started chargng for extra legroom seats and meals, a lot of companies are now charging per bag.

The husband thought he'd found a reasonable flight a few minutes ago, £170-something each (First Choice) but then came charges for bags.

It is £13 per bag UP TO 20kg checked in. If you wish to pay for an extra 5 kg you can, BUT you have to have an extra bag because they will only let you have up to 23 kg per case. Crafty or what.

Soooo, if you want to take 25kg, you would be paying £13 + (whatever it is for the extra 5kg) + £13 for the second case!!

What a rip off!!

Although we rarely take clothes, as we have them there, we nearly always have full cases (for example we'll be taking 3 solar-powered LED lights) and usually hover on the limit (we were in fact 7 kg over in April and had to pay £42!).

However, if you don't count people like us, how many people go on holiday without suitcases, and how many don't need to use the maximum baggage allowance?!! Not many!!

Re: Booking flights by peripatetically on 26 July 2009 3:02pm
Yes, Most people travel with luggage, but many use carry-ons and roll thier clothes. For example, my friend takes busines strips and never checks a bag. All of her needs are in her roll-on duffle. Some air companies don't charge anything. And some do but not if your final destination is abroad. We didn't have to pay from the USA when we booked a flight to the BVI's. We were to stop over in San Juan, (US territory) but it didn't count, so we didn't pay a cent. Sadly, as you might remember, Larry had the emergency heart problem and we weren't able to finish our holiday.

We are booked for two more trips, Sept. this year and April of next year. I don't know if we will be charged for the one in Sept. for Maine. Either you pay or you stay home, so it doesn't matter to me. But it would be nicer of the airlines to just bundle the cost into the plane ticket fare if they're going to charge a fee.

My friends in Scotland usually come to the USA every year, but they too are saying airfares from Europe are high. it's rather weird, because when I search prices from the USA for flights from anywhere within the US, the prices are good. Lots ond lots of "deals"!
Re: Booking flights by Spursfan on 26 July 2009 3:13pm
They are only just beginning to do this, Pats.

Going by the amount of luggage checked in by fellow holidaymakers when we fly a 'roll-on duffle' wouldn't do at all for most people!!

We could probably do without a case at all if we HAD to - but there is always SOMETHING we need to take. We ALWAYS take our cleaner some PG Tips teabags, Nescafe and Thorntons Chocs; we also take bits and pieces for ex-pat friends (incuding sachets of Whiskas or Felix for their cat as it costs the same (roughly) for 12 sachets in England as it does for 1 in Turkey!!) and then there are always things that we can't find there or are more expensive.

I have to say my dream is to not have any check-in luggage at all but I can't see it happening !

Re: Booking flights by kazzzz on 26 July 2009 3:18pm
I always pack way too much and an dragging things out of my case at the check in and giving it to my family stuffed in plastic bags LOL!
Re: Booking flights by Spursfan on 26 July 2009 3:33pm
When our son and daughtr-in-law went on their honeymoon they were 10 kilos overweight!! They would have been charged £34 per kilo but it was wavered because they were on honeymoon, they had also been upgraded.

They already HAD a decent allowance, being Emirates - 30kilos EACH - so what on EARTH were they taking?!! Knowing Kat, shoes shoes shoes!! They must have had a total of 70 kilos of checked in baggage!!

Re: Booking flights by kazzzz on 26 July 2009 3:37pm
There should be a Weight Watchers programme for luggage.
Re: Booking flights by Spursfan on 26 July 2009 5:46pm
Wouldn't it be awful if the passengers were weighed too and you had to pay for 'excess baggage'!!

Re: Booking flights by johnnythemonkey on 26 July 2009 8:14pm
You'd be fine Anne. You may look plump.....but it's mostly hot air. :)
Re: Booking flights by peripatetically on 26 July 2009 11:42pm
I don't know if they still do it, but really obese people USED to be charged extra if they took up more than one seat. Not sure that's legal anymore, but it used to happen.

No, I would never be able to travel without a good, large, heavy piece of luggage. I never know what to take and what not to take. I make sure I have everything for any conceivable weather event, day and night. lol. It's absolutely ridiculous, but that's what I do!!!!!! There's usually half a suitcase untouched when I get home. : o)
Re: Booking flights by tucsonmike on 27 July 2009 12:42am
Since jet fuel is the main cost of flying a plane, weighing everything would not shock me. (That includes carry on). You would have a base fare, say to cover basic profit, salaries, airport taxes and then weight would be added on. Face it, the lines will be such, you will have to camp out at the airport.
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