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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Cats. by johnnythemonkey on 17 August 2009 2:19pm
As some of you know, I 'adopted' McGill The Wonder Cat several months ago. He's an old cat ( his previous owner couldn't give me an exact age but I think he's 15. )
Anyway, he seems to be healthy but his behaviour has recently changed. He's an outdoor cat and he usually stays out for hours but he now just goes out and then wants in again a few minutes later. He also seems to want petted, which is unusual for him ( but the bugger scratched me a couple of weeks ago. ) He usually likes his tail being stroked and I'll say to him " Where's that old tail ?" and he'll flick it. So, we were playing 'the tail game' as I put it and he lashed out at me. Is he just old and crabbit ? He's eating ok and looks ok.
Re: Cats. by elina on 17 August 2009 2:35pm
That sounds like our Pörri; she's 15 and can't decide whether to be inside or out :) I guess they may become a little more aggressive when they get older, because they can't be as active as they used to. If he's healthy and eating, he's fine; just the old age getting at him. Does he sleep more than usual? (Except cats don't seem to know what's "usual"...)
Re: Cats. by johnnythemonkey on 17 August 2009 2:48pm
Well he seems to spend a lot of time lying in his bed but I don't know how much he sleeps. I should have said that we have never owned cats before, so we don't know what is usual in them. He's sleeping as I type and seems content. I reckon that it is just old age ( I know the feeling. )
Re: Cats. by peripatetically on 17 August 2009 3:01pm
Bartonella henselae is the bacteria which causes cat scratch fever. Be careful.
Re: Cats. by kazzzz on 17 August 2009 3:01pm
Nah that's normal for a cat to sleep 99% of the day.
Re: Cats. by tucsonmike on 17 August 2009 9:52pm
No, my cats are indoor cats and have certain habits, but little set schedule. It is to keep said human humble and hopping.
Re: Cats. by johnnythemonkey on 17 August 2009 10:56pm
Hey Patty, you really cheered me up with that warning! I'd never heard of that Patty, as I said, we've never owned cats. I find it hard to trust him now, as one minute he seemed to be playing then he lashed out in a flash. He drew blood from the top of my head and it could just have easily been my eye. He wasn't caring where he struck.
Re: Cats. by peripatetically on 17 August 2009 11:03pm
Fair warning, JTM. I've never had cats either, but it's a well-known disease, I thought. It doesn't mean you'll get sick but it can happen.
Re: Cats. by peripatetically on 17 August 2009 11:07pm
BTW, Tom Nugent sang a song by that title. Probably from the 70's era.
Re: Cats. by johnnythemonkey on 22 August 2009 3:39am
I have McGill The Wondercat on my lap as I type. He did hiss at my daughter earlier though. Maybe cats really are bright and he picked up on the fact that she has been horrid to me recently. :)
OOps....he just jumped down and went back to bed.
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