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  The Chatter Box : The Series
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Full Circle by Amaia on 26 August 2009 10:26am
I'm watching my first Palin serie!
I bought it in Ireland, and I bought this one mostly because they didn't have Around the world.
It is very good, it does make me want to travel more, but somehow I feel really frustrated watching this.
It's like 10 minutes for Russia, 15 for Japan, 15 for China.... It's too short!!! (Apart from the trip in North Korea. I wouldn't want the crew to spend too much time over there).
I do understand that they can't go around the Pacific and spend a BBC hour in each country, but I believe that I might enjoy the diary more than the serie itself! At least, reading, I could enjoy every country a bit longer...

So, for all the people who have watched the serie(s?) and read the diaries, do you agree? Am I missing something?
Re: Full Circle by peripatetically on 26 August 2009 1:28pm
Amaia, this was more a challenge to touch each country that bordered the Pacific Ocean ( thus called the Pacific Rim), not so much a study of each country in depth. As you might or might not have noticed, he did not venture inland so much as he did just touch the shoreline regions and regions most effected by the Pacific. He did travel inland a bit in China, Alaska and Australia, I suppose because the routes were the shortest distance to the next destination or effected by the Pacific to some greater degree tha n other areas

. It's been ages since I've seen Full Circle, so if anyone needs to add or correct me, ...... : )
Re: Full Circle by Amaia on 26 August 2009 2:02pm
I did understand that, but it doesn't make it less frustrating, does it? ;)

I'll read the books, anyway.
And go to some of the countries, some day. :)
Re: Full Circle by peripatetically on 26 August 2009 2:09pm
ok! : )
Re: Full Circle by Blairhoyle on 3 September 2009 12:28pm
there is more detail in the books than the the programmes thats for sure.

Sadly its down to those at the BBC on what they cut out.
Re: Full Circle by Thunder Rhododendron on 13 October 2009 10:33pm
As Peripatetically mentioned Full Circle was more about the challenge than anything else. It was fast paced unlike the others which were more like a stroll.
It wouldn;t be the series I'd choose to look at if I was trying to find a new hooliday destination but it was still fascinating television.
Re: Full Circle by Loretto on 16 November 2009 8:24pm
Am in the middle of Full Circle at the moment. Just finished watching Sahara, and Around the World in 80 Days, also watched great Rail Journeys last night on youtube. I would have to say so far Around the World in 80 Days is my fav so far because of the race against the clock element. I can't for the life of me get into Hemingway's Adventure, I'll watch it though regardless. So Around the World in 80 Days is in the lead. Will watch Full Cirle and New Europe this week and give you the headlines on Saturday. Alrighty then! I take it back, forgot that Pole to Pole was also on my list, and it is my favorite. I love how Palin interacts with people, that's what makes the series good. The part where he is sitting on the loo at patriot hills and his qiup about human waste having to be transported back to Sao Paolo, I just lost it with that. Very quick witted man.
Re: Full Circle by Loretto on 26 March 2010 4:39pm
My husband and I fell about the place laughing at the comment Michael makes at sec 51 in this scene from Full Circle. My husband enjoys Michael Palin's humor as much as I do now!

Re: Full Circle by kazzzz on 27 March 2010 11:23am
Re: Full Circle by kazzzz on 27 March 2010 11:34am
come again?
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