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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
The Russians are Coming! by tucsonmike on 26 September 2009 3:54am
Possibly to Brooklyn. Well, there are already lots of Russian immigrants in the Brighton Beach section of Brooklyn, known as Little Odessa.
Now, a Russian oligarch wants to buy the New Jersey Nets National Basketball team and move it to Downtown Brooklyn, within walking distance of where I grew up.

For some who don't know me, for my ancestors, Russia was a place to be from. My father's colleagues from Eastern Europe (and adopted uncles) taught me early to beware the bear.

So, I apologize Mr. P, but as much as I try to be open, I can only be wary of this guy worth 9 billion dollars who can buy New York City and Mayor Bloomberg.

Re: The Russians are Coming! by Spursfan on 26 September 2009 10:46am
Why am I not worth 9 billion dollars...pah!! I am hardly worth 9 dollars hahaha!

So am I right in thinking he wants to move the basketball team to the Russian quarter? What do New Yorkers think about that?

When we were in Turkey in the Summer, one of our dearest Turkish friends were telling us about a Russian Oligarch who had wanted to celebrate his birthday (in May I think) in Bodrum, about an hour and a half away from our town, and where Hakan was working in a jewellers.

The Russian had had a special island built just offshore and a castle built on the top to hold his party in, and there were secret negotiations going on for a plane to land at the airport carrying tables and chairs etc - this alone cost thousands of pounds! (I mean the 'negotiations'!). I ask you - a special plane to bring in your tables and chairs!!

Then Hakan was telling us that his friend who is the manager of the hotel the Russian was staying at or something, was asking if he had contacts who could get this special wine he wanted. It was not available in Turkey but could be found in another country (forget which). Needless to say, hundreds and hundreds of pounds per bottle.

Of course the guests had the best of everything.

To top it all, Hakan was then telephoned by the manager, who asked if he would like a special customer and of course he said yes. The shop had to be closed except for the person. It was the Russian's teenage daughter, who walked in the shop, looked around, and then bought thousands and thousands of pounds worth of jewellery!

And then the next day the castle and island were ripped down.

Also, I don't know if it is the same Oligarch (probably) but a Russian is building (it may be finished now) a new hotel in Turkey, I think in Bodrum or if not further South, which is another 7* hotel - even better I have heard than the one in Dubai!!

Another friend of ours who owns a hotel (Hakan's Uncle) has been round it, pretending he wanted to stay there. He is quite big in politics so he could carry it off!! He says it is fantastic.

Oh dear - just found this review of the hotel!! Not good! (They say it is built by a Turkish company but I can confirm that Russian money was definitely behind it).



Re: The Russians are Coming! by johnnythemonkey on 26 September 2009 10:52am
Anne ? Do you ever come up for air ? :)
Re: The Russians are Coming! by Spursfan on 26 September 2009 10:54am
Cheeky Monkey. Literally.

Re: The Russians are Coming! by kazzzz on 26 September 2009 11:00am
Re: The Russians are Coming! by tucsonmike on 27 September 2009 3:32am
Brighton Beach is not where the arena would be, but a subway ride away.

From what I have heard from people back there, the politicians and movers and shakers in New York back it completely. There is a grassroots group, let me dig up the name.


Sorry here it is, Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn.

Here is there official site.



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