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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Michael Palin`s delicacies by Nestorp on 7 December 2009 6:05pm
Is there a discussion group about Michael Palin`s experiences with food around the globe and about delicacies in general?
Re: Michael Palin`s delicacies by canaveralgumby on 7 December 2009 7:07pm
Don't think there is. Good thing you've started one!

I was most distressed (not like a PETA person but just personally) over the way the snakes were dispatched with in the restaurant in Hong Kong (Eighty Days). I eat animals myself but I felt they could have quickly killed the snakes first.

What brought this to your mind, Nestorp? BTW are you new here? Welcome!
Re: Michael Palin`s delicacies by mrsteabag on 7 December 2009 7:22pm
Hey, Nestorp, welcome. I started a cookbook thread a couple of weeks back. Something like The Palin's Travels Cookbook was the title.
Re: Michael Palin`s delicacies by Nestorp on 7 December 2009 7:42pm
Thanks mrsteabag, I`ve found it! I will get a look at it.
Canaveralgumby, I agree with you. I do LOVE meat but I don`t see any reason for animals to suffer. What brought it to my mind is that my travel memories are mostly gastronomic... and I do LOVE eat!!! Yes, I am a newby, thanks! If MP is coming to Brazil I would list Feijoada, Moqueca, Barbecue,.....
Re: Michael Palin`s delicacies by Spursfan on 7 December 2009 10:45pm
Yes I TOTALLY agree, Cori! There was no need for that. It added nothing to the episode, if anything it detracted from it.

Re: Michael Palin`s delicacies by sighthound on 8 December 2009 11:40pm
For what's it's worth, it's almost impossible to kill a snake quickly. I have dispatched a few rattlesnakes in my time and their heads are capable of biting you after they have been cut off and the eyes in the severed head will follow your movements for several hours sometimes. That's probably more than you wanted to know about snakes.
Re: Michael Palin`s delicacies by kazzzz on 8 December 2009 11:54pm
I'll say Geraldine, they take forever to die. We have also dispatched a few red bellied black snakes and as you say they just keep going. I just can't stand snakes, am terrified of them.
Re: Michael Palin`s delicacies by peripatetically on 9 December 2009 12:36am
I've killed my share of black snakes and other snakes in our yard and woods. I know they are "good" snakes because they kill rodents, but they are way too close for comfort. I hate them too, Kaz. Creepy buggers. The neighborhood has streams and forests throughout so it's hard NOT to have them around here sometimes. And indeed they are difficult to kill. And so thick and rubbery. YUCK!
Re: Michael Palin`s delicacies by Lounge Trekker on 9 December 2009 2:12am
I can understand well one being afraid of or disliking snakes when you have come in contact with dangerous ones. Myself, in my yard, the snakes are welcome. They eat rodents, insects and slugs.

Lounge Slitherer
Re: Michael Palin`s delicacies by sighthound on 9 December 2009 4:35am
One year when I was living in a place infested with rattlesnakes, a King snake moved in. King snakes eat rattlesnakes and I never saw one rattler that year. I LOVED that King snake. Unfortunately, he didn't return the next year.

Coincidentally, today someone just sent me a series of amazing photographs of a black snake swallowing a rattlesnake (and the photographer says the rattler rattled all the way down.) I don't know how to post them anywhere but if anyone wants to see them, e-mail me privately and I'll forward them to you. My address is in Vitals (but take out the spaces.) When I finally manage to move to New Mexico where I'll be around rattlers again, I'll take all your black snakes, patty, (but I'd have to figure out how to keep them alive in the desert.)
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