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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Who had a great Christmas? by kazzzz on 25 December 2009 1:14pm
l did! Ava had a BALL, she didn't know where to look first! I had all my family here, we ate, drank, ate, laughed, ate and just had the nicest Christmas for ages. I cooked roast beef marinaded in garlic and red wine. We had pud with brandy butter, yum. Kathryn and l have kicked back tonight and watched The Boat That Rocked (GREAT film) and also Paranormal Activity (a bit crap) and we're gonna now watch Hairspray! It's just gone midnight. Happy Boxing Day! ,
Re: Who had a great Christmas? by johnnythemonkey on 26 December 2009 8:59pm
Sounds like a lovely family day kazzzz.
Re: Who had a great Christmas? by Spursfan on 27 December 2009 8:24pm
We had a hectic, very busy (for Zak and I) Xmas!!

Our granddaughter Sophie, her partner Jason and Bethany (aged 19 months), our grandson Simon, plus a friend of ours stayed over from 23rd until today and our son and daughter-in-law (plus 'bump') came over for Xmas Day.

Tosun enjoyed opening the (13) presents in his stocking - but went a bit mad and wanted to open them all at once so we hid some for a while. Bethany enjoyed opening her presents but got tired and mardy and a bit whiney. We had bought her a Christmas Pudding outfit, complete with tights, a padded suit, and hat and she wore that for a while (well - what are Great Grandparents for if not to embarrass their Great Grandchildren hahaha!). She had this look that only a toddler can give that said "Omigod!! They expect me to wear THIS??!!"

My sister came over on Boxing Day and we played games. Correction. We actually played 4 rounds of ONE game, Beetle!! We had such a laugh, and Sophie reckoned that my sister and I have exactly the same laugh!! We would have played more games but we were too busy chatting hahaha!!

I had loads of brill presents and was spoilt rotten as usual but I won't bore you with a list. I DID, however, have a limited edition pic of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow (swoon) and 2 copies of Halfway to Hollywood (one being a signed copy. We always buy 2 copies if one is signed).

Now we are relaxing as everyone went home today...


(Actually I miss them) :(
Re: Who had a great Christmas? by mrsteabag on 28 December 2009 1:54am
It snowed and snowed and snowed. Mr. Teabag and I watched a movie and Orion helped us enjoy a turkey. Mr. Teabag's getting a software program for furniture deisgn; I have four new books; Orion has a bag of chewies. A splendid time was had by all, 12" of snow not withstanding.
Re: Who had a great Christmas? by kazzzz on 28 December 2009 5:00am
As a followup to Christmas, Missy spent the day with us yesterday. We had pressies, a nice lunch and coffee and then went for a bit of a fact finding drive around the area, including calling in to see our fried Greg, where the dog stole Ava's dummy, so she, in return, threw the dog into a big ceramic pot of slimey water. 'Twas funny! We had lots of laughs, and my gingerbread train was decorated with a Clag bottle :) No creme eggs sadly, we had to make do with thousands of calories in other forms :) Oh and we also went to a lake and didn't feed the ducks coz I forgot the bread.
Re: Who had a great Christmas? by Spursfan on 28 December 2009 12:56pm
Oh and this happened which was mildly funny - though perhaps not when it is written down!!

We had bought, amongst other things, mobiles for our granddaughter Sophie, her partner Jason and our grandson Simon. They have gone through about 6 phones each through the past year (don't ask - I don't know HOW they have managed to damage/lose that many phones either!!) and each time they have changed the sim so they are ALWAYS on new numbers!! As this is the only way we have of contacting them (except the odd visit on FB) it is MOST frustrating when they don't pass the new number on so they have been threatened with DEATH if they lose/break/or anything else these phones!!!

Anyway, Jason opened his first and was thrilled. Mainly I suppose because it is only the third time we've met him and his first Xmas with us. Sophie said 'I suppose the main reason behind this is to keep in touch with us'. I laughed and agreed.

Then later on Simon found his, and was equally chuffed. With each phone we had also included a case and a £10 top-up voucher.

Now, with Jase I had put the voucher in the box with the phone, but with Si and Soph I had put the vouchers in a special holder, and had slipped it down the side of the bag (I mostly use bags at Xmas - so much easier!!) so when Si looked in his box for the voucher - no voucher. Zak reckoned I had lost it, I said I knew I'd put it in (forgetting I'd put it in the holder down the side!) and things got a bit fraught.


Zak said

"Well I know I bought a voucher for all the phones, Jason's, Sophie's AND Simon's!!" to which Sophie said (laughing):

"Oh thanks! I haven't opened mine yet!!!"

I tried to save the situation by saying that we'd bought the phone between them and Bobba had meant Jason AND Sophie's phone, but it was too late!!

No real damage done but we all had a good laugh about it, and Simon found the voucher!!

Re: Who had a great Christmas? by Loretto on 29 December 2009 12:08am
We had a wonderful Christmas in Ireland. The first in 17 years for me. We played name that tune for nearly 4 hours after dinner. The funniest thing was when my cell phone rang and I answered it and talked away to the man on the other end wondering who it was, when I did ask who it was, it turned out to be my oldest brother at the other end of the table pranking me. I laughed hard for about ten minutes. I havr two very funny brothers, great men.The weather was cruel cold for Ireland though, went to minus 7 and 8 celcius on a few nights. I couldn't believe how cold it got, like New England weather.
Re: Who had a great Christmas? by peripatetically on 29 December 2009 12:14am
I love that story, Loretto. Sounds like you had a great family gathering!
Re: Who had a great Christmas? by suzulu on 29 December 2009 9:19pm
I am spending the Christmas holiday in Wales with my sister, brother and brother-in-law.

We went to my cousin's farm last night for a family gathering. 15 of us plus three dogs.
Re: Who had a great Christmas? by Loretto on 29 December 2009 10:42pm
We sure did peri.. hope your Christmas was a happy one too. Next is New Years, I always feel like it is such a downer, usually watch the ball drop in times square and then go to bed...no big deal.
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