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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Any Favourite Quotes from 2009? by bIG bLOGGER on 30 December 2009 2:41pm
Here are some of my own favourites from 2009 : please feel free to add any that you particularly liked:

"I do notice that at [age] 84 your memory begins to go a bit...also,your memory begins to go a bit."
[Sir Clement Freud,who died in April just days before his 85th birthday]

"Well,these days we could not be closer. The second she got back from Mexico she pulled me into a hug and said I ought to go there myself."
[Barack Obama,slyly joking about Hillary Clinton,Secretary of State,in May,during the swine flu outbreak]

"Towards the end they were sleeping in separate gutters.."
[US comedian Jimmy Fallon,talking on troubled Amy Winehouse's divorce from husband Blake,in August]

"He's like a man with a fork in a world full of soup."
[Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher,talking in April about his 'rude','arrogant' brother Liam]

"Only 2 MP's {Members of Parliament} allowed in the shop at any one time."
[a sign in an Essex shop window,in May,during the row over MP's expenses claims]

"There probably are even more annoying things than being hectored about African development by a very wealthy Irish rock star in a silly cowboy hat and shades,but I can't think of one at the moment."
[Writer Paul Theroux,who was unimpressed in August by Bono's 'Third World' evangelism]

"Heston[Blumenthal]'s restaurant THE FAT DUCK,in Bray,is such a good restaurant that even the foxes have a 3-month waiting-list for the bins..."
[Jimmy Carr,comedian,in December,during a repeat of one of his previous shows: 'bIG Fat Quiz Of The Year']

"There are a couple of ways to avoid death and one is to be magnificent."
[Ian Dury,rock star,used in publicity advertisements for a newly-released film called: 'sex and drugs and rock and roll',starring Andy Serkis,about the life and times of Ian Dury and his band,the Blockheads]
Re: Any Favourite Quotes from 2009? by mrsteabag on 30 December 2009 7:40pm
"Because I could..." Tiger Woods on why he married Elin Nordgren.

Most of my favorite quotes are timeless. I'm racking my brains and can't thing of one specifically from this year. Hmm.
Re: Any Favourite Quotes from 2009? by kazzzz on 30 December 2009 10:13pm
Woods actually SAID that? What an arse.
Re: Any Favourite Quotes from 2009? by peripatetically on 30 December 2009 11:12pm
It's a great answer to a dumb question, though! lol. What a nerve if someone asked someone why they married a certain person? They automatically must think it wasn't for love. It might be a smart aleck way of responding, but whoever asked, deserved it.
Re: Any Favourite Quotes from 2009? by kazzzz on 30 December 2009 11:51pm
Well I GUESS so....Pats will you marry me? ;)
Re: Any Favourite Quotes from 2009? by peripatetically on 31 December 2009 12:06am
It's not yet legal here. Is it there? If so, I would be honored!
Re: Any Favourite Quotes from 2009? by Ken Dunn on 31 December 2009 7:10pm
'It's got to melt sometime.' - My comment on the longest freezing spell we've seen in Scotland for a very long time.
Re: Any Favourite Quotes from 2009? by Spursfan on 31 December 2009 7:21pm
"What snow?"

My comment on the fact that Stafford has yet to have some of the white stuff (sticking anyway).

[Well we did have about 0.5cm just before Xmas Day which was nice but not nearly enough to build a snowman and it was gone within a day]
Re: Any Favourite Quotes from 2009? by Loretto on 31 December 2009 7:29pm
Favorite quote of 2009....has to be Michael Palin accepting the Bafta special award in NY in Oct. When asked jeeringly by Cleese if he had any regrets about his career, Palin answered, "I wish I'd been born a man. It's been a right battle pretending that I like dressing up in drag all the time." I have watched that clip about ten times, and laughed heartily at his quick wit. Easily the best quote of 2009.

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