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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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HAITI: JINXED?? by bIG bLOGGER on 13 January 2010 4:08pm
Q1: Has any Palinite here ever visited Haiti?

Q2: Is HAITI jinxed? In 2008,the island suffered 4 hurricanes and one tropical storm in the course of just one year.

Now in 2010,on January 13th [whoops!!],they have suffered a massive 7.0-scale earthquake which has either touched,damaged or toppled just about every concrete-built structure on the island,and only the wooden-built hillside shacks have escaped.
Buildings seriously damaged include the Main Hospital,the Cathedral,the President's White Palace,The Police Department HQ,and The UN Peacekeepers Building,and a large tourist Hotel.

HAITI is already the poorest country in the Western hemisphere,so they have barely any ambulances to send out to tend to the injured on the streets. What a terrible mess.

It's probably too early and too distasteful to start at this stage to begin making any speculations/assumptions,but is this a sign of GOD maybe telling the Haitians to quit that devil-worshipping voodoo ??

Or is it even more serious than that--perhaps a potent sign of the coming to pass of The Last Days,as visualised in the Book Of Revelations??
Re: HAITI: JINXED?? by Loretto on 13 January 2010 5:43pm
Hi bIG, I have been to the Dominican Republic...same land mass....
I worked with two Haitians when I first immigrated to America. Two nice fellas. I worked in a dry cleaners. The two guys finished work earlier than me and took a train back to Stamford, where they lived. I was getting at least one phone call per week from police picking the guys up at the train station and questioning who they were and why they were in Darien CT. Just because they were black. Maybe Haitians are into "voodoo" shit as you say, but there is also the great possibility that it is such an impoverished nation, there is comlete loss of hope, no money and lots of corruption.

The history of Haiti is very sad, Louis XIV enacted a Code Noir which permitted slave masters to beat their slaves into docility. No wonder they resorted to black magic. Anything that was worth any money at all was exported out of the country making money for plantation owners, not the people who worked the land. You could argue I suppose that Ireland endured the same type of thing during the Cromwellian Plantations, but we had our own Black Magic to keep us sane, but we called it Catholicism. Interestingly enough that is considered the official state religion of Haiti.

Anyhow, no, as much as I enjoy your jokes etc; I have to respectfully disagree with you here. Haiti is not jinxed, it has poverty, poor infrastructure and crime. If this quake happened in LA most of the buildings would have suffered half the damage that occured in Haiti. Why? Because they had the money to reinforce them when building them. They have rescue teams and efforts in place, reinforced infrastructures etc. Poor Haiti has been exporting its wealth so it has no money. Lots of crime and poverty, but no money.
Re: HAITI: JINXED?? by mrsteabag on 13 January 2010 7:33pm
I just watched noon news here...OMG.
In my mind, the question is not one of Haiti being cursed, or of their religious practices. It's what can we who have been so blessed do to help.
http://npr.org has a list of links to organizations (Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, etc.) that either have field offices there or are en route.
Re: HAITI: JINXED?? by mrsteabag on 13 January 2010 7:47pm
Another way to give, at least here in the US: text HAITI to 90999 and you can contribute $10 to the Red Cross- the charge will be on the phone bill.
bIG, dear heart, with all due respect and fondness, I don't believe it's about judgement or end of the world. One of my teachers said that evil exists so that we can strengthen our spiritual muscles. What, then, can be done to help Haitians help themselves out of this hole? Can we see this as an opportunity for them to forge a stronger, more prosperous future with some help from better-off nations? Or is this going to be the international equivelant of Katrina where the poorest of the poor are left to languish?
Re: HAITI: JINXED?? by Loretto on 13 January 2010 8:18pm
I enjoy your posts bIG, this is just a difference of opinion. That's all, we''re allowed to do that. Mrs teabag, thanks for the suggestions. My neighbor is still waiting to hear if her brother-in-law made it out of Port Au Prince safely. I'll text that number.
Re: HAITI: JINXED?? by ev on 14 January 2010 9:59am
I recently watched a TED talk about Haiti:


(Length 14:49)
Re: HAITI: JINXED?? by peripatetically on 14 January 2010 1:41pm
What makes you think it's either of those signs, bIG?
Re: HAITI: JINXED?? by ev on 14 January 2010 2:18pm
Natural disasters have always been a normal part of life on Planet Earth. One thing that makes them worse nowadays, though, is the high population concentrations in various parts of the world. Human populations have skyrocketed in the last couple of hundred years..
Re: HAITI: JINXED?? by Loretto on 14 January 2010 2:51pm
The Catholic Church needs to rethink its teachings on contraception. It sends missionarys and priest into parts of the third world and tells them that God wants them to have more children. If the Irish weren't practicising Catholics during the famine, we'd have had enough to eat, we wouldn't have starved. The official religion of Haiti is catholicism, this in a country that is seriously lacking in natal care! Look at the pictures of the houses on the news, 4 million people in Port au Prince. All these people heaved up on top of one another, because that's what they are being told to do by the Catholic priests. "Be fruitful, multiply and fill the earth." That's what they used to tell us in school!
Re: HAITI: JINXED?? by ev on 14 January 2010 11:00pm
It's not just about religion, it's also that in poor countries one's kids are like a pension plan - ain't nobody else gonna look after you when you're old...

A big family is an asset in poorer places. I think they would probably be having a lot of kids without any encouragement from the church.

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