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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
What an elegant Chap:) by MelissaNIN on 23 May 2003 3:45am
I was looking through michael palin's Sahara book today and i just couldn't help notice that he just looked so clean and handsome throughout that whole journey, or well at least the pictures show that. lol. He always wore a nice outfit and was always dressed so casual/preppy. He's an elegant Englishman who looks good, rain or shine, dust or mud, he looks so handsome. does anyone agree? :) Think about it. Check out his other travel shows too, and see how he looks. I bet you that 99% of the time he's all dressed up nicely and clean. Oh and one more thing, he barely has gray hair! i mean he does have some on the side, but what a great head of hair that man has!
Re: What an elegant Chap:) by sleepydumpling on 23 May 2003 5:23am
I've got more grey hair than Michael and I am half his age!!

Re: What an elegant Chap:) by notquitenglish on 24 May 2003 1:44am
I dunno, maybe he dyes it...
nah, just kidding.

Grin grin wink wink nudge nudge
Re: What an elegant Chap:) by Dianne on 24 May 2003 3:12am
Psst! His hair is getting a little thin these days.

What I found interesting when I met him in Wellington in February is there were little differences compared to the way he looks on TV and in photos. His hair looks thicker and blacker, he looks at least 10 years younger, his nose, (he has reported it as being big), looks much smaller and most of the wrinkles are gone. Either he had plastic surgery, his hair died, hair transplant and other such things just before arriving in Wellington and then reversing everything before he arrived in Christchurch, (I saw him on Telly there) or it sounds like cameras are good at making us look older, greying, thinner in the hair department, bigger in the nose department and put on extra wrinkles.
Re: What an elegant Chap:) by merry on 24 May 2003 4:52am
I think he just aged really well, but what do I know. I'm just a 13 year old Python freak with no life.
Re: What an elegant Chap:) by MelissaNIN on 24 May 2003 7:02am
Hi merry, so you started young with your likes for Python! Fantastic!
Re: What an elegant Chap:) by MelissaNIN on 24 May 2003 7:05am
It is intersting because Michael always had lines around his eyes when he was young too. But luckily he's not close to looking like a sharpee(you know, those wrinkly dogs) anytime soon :) I'm sure he looks different in person than in pictures. Oh man, I would love to see him in person! ::dreams::
Re: What an elegant Chap:) by sleepydumpling on 24 May 2003 10:02am
Dianne - you'd look older after traipsing around the Sahara, or the Pacific Rim, or from Pole to Pole too!!

Maybe Nigel just likes to make him look older!! Heh heh!

Re: What an elegant Chap:) by Diamond on 24 May 2003 1:45pm
Merry - yes you have a life and a good one - youre a true palinite.


Re: What an elegant Chap:) by Helen on 24 May 2003 3:45pm
A Python freak at 13? That is delightful... :)

The crinkly lines around Michael's eyes: My Theory:
He has some Irish in his blood--- his great grandmother, Brita, was Irish... Anyway-- those crinkly eyes he has had since his youth is the Irish influence, I believe. Those Irish truly have "smiling eyes." I am married to an Irishman, and his eyes are twinkly and full of character and sunshine. You should see my father in law's eyes-- and his 8 siblings. Twinkle madness! :) I also had an Irish roommate in college-- Twinkle mania!
(and what a temper... impressive and awesome in its scope)(but I digress)
speaking of digressions...
That wrinkly dog is a shar-pei (pron. SHAR-pay) and and I was bitten by one when i worked in a kennel. Had to get a painful shot and take mighty powerful antibiotics.
He was guarding his (empty) food dish. Who knew?
Anyway, being a Python freak constitutes "a life" in my book. once it starts, there is no cure. I started when I was 8, and I will be 36 in July. So get set for a lifetime of silliness.
Peace and Big Friendly Dogs that don't Bite,

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